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High School Football Workouts

High School Football Workouts to Increase Strength, Speed and Explosiveness at the Same Time

Football training for high school needs to be centered around workouts that address strength, speed and explosiveness at the same time. The outdated model of working on strength for 4 weeks, then speed, then peaking is a waste of time. It may work for the rank beginner, but after a few months, you’re spinning your wheels. Any kind of weight training workouts for high school football players must address all these elements concurrently!

Football is a game of speed, power, and strength. Your football training should address this. High school players especially have to continually build their max strength. Simply doing more reps won’t cut it. Nor does increasing strength in your 6, 8 or 10 rep sets! It all comes down to max strength.

All workouts should be structured like this:

Start fast, then go heavy, then do some reps…rotate exercises and include very football specific movements. The key is in knowing how to rotate and which exercises to pick.

When you rotate exercises, start fast, go heavy, then do reps, you are building strength year-round while also getting faster and more explosvie. Why would anyone want to waste all that time? Waste 4 weeks and your opponets have a 4 week head start on you!

While the average gym rat can get away with wasted movements, exercises that don’t do a damn thing and literally weeks wasted training on do-nothing movements, we football players can not. Our off season is short and there is no time to waste. So, while your non-football buddy can go F-around with Rear Facing Reverse Hammer Cable Kettle Curls, we have to get down to the business of getting faster and stronger. If he wastes time? No big deal. If WE do? The competition now has an advantage.

High School Football Workout – Upper Body


Jump Rope – 3 x 30

Kneeling Chest Pass-Throw – 5 throws

1-Board Bench – 45 x 3, 95 x 3, 135 x 3, 160 x 3, 185 x 3, 200 x 3, 225 x 3, 185 x 8 (back-off set for extra volume to help gain weight)

DB Incline – 4 x 6

Low Cable Row – 4 x 8


Shrugs – 3 x 8

DB Front & Lateral Raises – 3 x max reps (super set with Shrugs)

Thats one front raise, then one lateral raise.

Medicine Ball Chops – 2 x 12, each side


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Fitness And High Tech

The fitness craze is a multibillion dollar industry. People are more concerned than ever about staying fit, watching their weight and leading a healthy lifestyle. Nonetheless, there are times when this need conflicts with other aspects of a persons life. Jobs, children, errands, even friends and personal activities can all take away from the time that an individual would normally use to workout. Fortunately, the world of high tech understands these dilemmas and is working hard to help people to be able to work out in more places, and to exercise more efficiently.

It used to be that if you wanted many of the high tech options such as heart monitors, interval timers and calorie counters, you would have to do your workout in a specialized facility. However, with many of the options on the market today, you can now use these electronic gadgets to work out almost anywhere.

You do not have to squeeze time in your busy day to drive to the gym. Instead, you can go for a quick walk or run first thing in the morning and use a portable heart monitor. You can grab your special interval lap counter and run laps at the local track or anywhere else you would like to go. In fact, you can even combine your fitness efforts with taking the dog for a walk and still be able to keep track of the number of calories that your body is burning.

With the time constraints that most of us face, it is very important that we make the most out of the time that we have available for fitness activities. By using many of the high tech electronics now available, you will be able to monitor exactly how many calories you are burning and how fast your heart is beating. By knowing these factors, you can then determine which exercises are giving you the best workout.

Any good fitness trainer will tell you that it is important to work out smarter and more efficiently than more often. If you do not have an accurate account of these activities, all your efforts may be for not. If you are trying to get a cardio workout, you have to get your heart beating at a certain rate, but if you have no idea of what your heart rate is, you may be working out for little in return, or worse, you may be over exerting yourself.

Make the most of the time that you have to exercise. Incorporate the world of fitness with the world of high tech electronics to get the optimum physical work out.

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Insanity workout and high intensity exercise programs

For a number of people, this usually put a great deal of strain about their knees. If you do the Insanity Exercise should you have negative knees?

With exercises such as dance workouts it really is quite possible in order to expect swaying together with dancing, however buyers never receive down amidst the bushes. With exercises such as excessive strength interval exercising nevertheless, you can regularly be twisting and even flexing those knees, and then the problem is the fact that this Insanity Exercise typically is a 2 period workout. That would mean every single day there are your self possibly aggravating all those joint capsules.
The particular answer is actually particularly simple. In the event you purchase various kind of yoga mat that would exercise on, in the event you shop for excellent cross coach shoes, and should you stay super aware of the knees because a person exercise, should you consume a lot of fish oil medications together alongside wear a wrap around your knee, us ought to be fine. If which doesn’t operate, consequently you ought to look see a doctor due to the fact that knee joints tend to be everyday components delicate and in addition significant joints inside a person.

With regards to injury, nothing is worth your individual obtaining it trouble via abuse not to mention pain. You ought to make sure you are exercising in a sustainable manner, and also you can be capable to continue preparing at that degree for years to come. Pushing yourself too difficult only usually happen in your individual burning out quickly as us aggravate your joints or hurt yourself and tend to be forced to be able to sit out found on the side lines, unable that would compete or continue exercising when anyone had wished.

That’s precisely why within regards to be able to intense exercises for example being the particular Insanity Exercise you may need to be sure which your injury can maintain the entire raw amount of strength and also demand you’ll be placing on it. You must check in with your own doctor should you have any kind of doubt just what so ever, and additionally your needs must ensure which they come with offered buyers the actual go-ahead and in addition that your needs hear in order to any information the two is going to regularly come with.

Yet, many adults ought to be exercise in the event that the two take the actual basic safeguards indexed above, and in addition take pleasure in the benefits of Insanity for years within the future without having be concerned and / or wellness issues. You only have to stay careful and hear for the body.

Total, the particular Insanity Exercise program typically is a wonderful exercise routine should you usually are upwards for the actual challenge. It guarantees rapidly results, plus it delivers. Buyers become a well-shaped and also slim human body within because brief a particular occasion because sixty days. It may be difficult work, nevertheless at the particular terminate of sixty days you’ll see that all which hard work paid off. Dramatic results is supposed to be observed. Should you are generally inside suitable physical condition subsequently this particular may be the entire exercise system for people. Not an would like for health center memberships, then other exercise programs which don’t have definite body weight reduction objectives. Should you happen to be equipped for a tough exercise and also want to see results rapidly, then by all the would mean receive your self a great Madness Exercise set plus work your option to that fit human body you have been dreaming involving.

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DeMatha Catholic Is the First High School Baseball Team to Use The Right Profile’s TAP 360 Pro-Level Mindset Assessment Tools to Better Develop Its Athletes

Hyattsville, MD (PRWEB) March 19, 2015

Although the Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP) has been used by NFL, MLB and NBA teams for decades to better evaluate, coach and develop their athletes, it was not offered to college and high school athletic programs until late 2014. Many pro teams, including the Kansas City Royals, Washington Nationals and the New England Patriots, use the TAP as an integral part of their organization’s talent pipeline, development and mental conditioning programs. The Right Profile recently interviewed DeMatha Catholic high school’s head baseball coach, Sean O’Connor, about being the first high school baseball coach nationally to use the TAP in its athlete development program.

At the heart of the interview lies the main question for any prep-sport baseball fan – with a proven track record like that of DeMatha Catholic and a personal coaching resume that has earned Coach O’Connor an upcoming induction into the Baltimore Boys of Summer Hall of Fame later this spring, why add a pro-level system like TAP 360 to their program? Coach O’Connor was direct. “As I coach, I need to figure out what makes a player tick, what makes a player move on, and what is a great characteristic of an athlete and of an alumnus, that’s what sold me on the whole process.” Even though the coach says he knows these kids really well, he confessed that “the TAP takes it to a completely different level.”

Coach O’Connor has had all of his players take the TAP and is planning to use the TAP 360 reports to enhance player development and communications with his athletes. “If we have the tool to identify (player weakness and development opportunities) and help them, we are going to make them better citizens, better people, and better athletes.” That holistic approach extends to basic communications and trust. “If the players have a trust factor and we have a trust factor, we can be very successful.”

The full text of the interview is available on The Right Profile’s press and media page.

About The Right Profile

The Right Profile’s TAP 360 System is an athlete development & coaching system for the mental game. It is based on the Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP) taken by nearly 20,000 elite athletes. The TAP 360 System is used by teams in the NFL®, MLB® & NBA® to evaluate and develop professional athletes, and there are specialized TAP 360 versions for collegiate, high school and club athletic teams. The goal of the TAP 360 system is to help athletes develop a champion’s mindset. The system also includes athlete development reports and suggested exercises and activities to improve an athlete’s mental game. For more information, visit To take the TAP assessment, visit TAP 360 is product of The Right Profile.

About DeMatha Catholic High School Baseball

DeMatha Catholic high school’s baseball team continues its tradition of excellence. The team and its individual athletes have achieved the following accomplishments, among many other:

● 10 Washington Catholic Athletic Conference Championship Titles

● 19 Players in Major League Amateur Draft

● Major League Baseball Player : Steve Farr, Brett Cecil

● 3 Alumni Currently Playing Pro Ball: Brett Cecil, Connor Oliver, and Mike Perez

● 21 Alumni Currently Playing College Baseball

The Academy of Home Staging Finds Dual Certification Courses to be in High Demand

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 06, 2015

The New York Course is a 6 consecutive day, DUAL DESIGNATION COURSE starting on March 30th 2015. According to owner Kim Kapellusch, everyone loves the second designation that can be earned in one course. Along with the core designation of Advanced Home Staging Certification, earning the Staging Design Pro designation is included, showcasing luxury staging talents to the world. The Staging Design Pro designation, unique to The Academy, covers design techniques for the luxury design and staging market that can be applied to a home staging design business. Learn how interior decorators charge and work with clients and how to be fully prepared to add interior decorating to a Home Staging business.

The Academy of Home Staging is pleased to announce there are a few seats left for its upcoming Advanced Certification for Home Staging class that will be held in New York City, on March 30th 2015. This class will be taught by Kara Woods, owner, Staged to Move and recipient of many honors and awards in the Staging Industry.

Students that enroll in this class will learn the art of home staging from an award winning owner of a leading high-end Staging Company. In the past year, Kara Woods of Staged to Move has won 4 top industry awards:

     2013 “International TOP 100” Magazine’s Staging and Design recipient
     “Real Estate Staging Association’s 2014 Top Ten Best Occupied Stagings” North America
    “Real Estate Staging Association’s 2014 Top Ten Best Occupied Stagings” North America
    “Real Estate Staging Association’s “United States 2014 Top 10 Professional Real Estate Staging”

This is a six-day class that has additional special activities students will benefit from, including, special field exercises and speakers at the New York City Design Center.

Class sizes are limited to ensure teacher to student mentoring as needed, so sign up today by calling 1-800-574-5576. Students will learn everything they need to know to start and run their own Home Staging Business.    

Home Staging is a rapidly growing industry. The real estate industry across the country has seen significant growth in listings, prices and sales in the past year.

The Academy of Home Staging offers industry leading training that is unmatched by other Home Staging Training courses. Several key factors set The Academy’s training program apart from the rest:

     The only Advanced Home Staging Certification available
     Limited class size (8 maximum students) to provide personalized coaching and mentoring to our students by our Instructors
    Over 10 hands-on exercises including a minimum of 3 in-field exercises. These exercises are crucial to providing students a complete education and insuring the ability to successfully start and manage their own Home Staging business.
    Student and Instructor experience together, apply and discuss all solutions and approaches for all areas of the design and business aspects to a Home Staging Business.
    Student discovery and questions are encouraged in every session.
    Complete Business CD for each student upon successful completion of the class, and passing the Certification exam at the end of the class    
    Committed to the success of every student that comes to The Academy of Home Staging. Ongoing education, regular Alumni newsletters chock full of new information and tips and access to one-on-one coaching.

Interested students should call 1-800-574-5576 today to register and secure their seat in our limited enrollment classes and realize these fantastic savings! All students will be eligible to apply for our finance program.


The Academy of Home Staging was founded by Kim Kapellusch in 2005 in the LA, area, and has quickly become the Industries’ premier Home Staging and Redesign Certification Training Program. Today, The Academy operates in California; Dallas, TX; New York City, NY; Seattle, WA; Tampa Bay Area, FL; and Washington, DC. In addition to its leading classroom certification classes, The Academy offers a full CD based course, ongoing education and one-on-one business counseling.

For more information, call 1.800.574.5576 or visit The Academy of Home Staging.

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High Blood Pressure Exercise Program

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