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Summer Workouts: Exercise & Heat


The summer is barreling down upon us and we’re going to have to be smart if we want to avoid being scorched to a cinder as we seek our exercise fix. Where before we could simply head out for a late morning jog with impunity, now we have to worry about rising temperatures and the dangers that come with hours spent in the rays of the sun. From skin cancer to sun stroke, strenuous activity becomes a concern when the heat rises, and for that reason you have to be strategic about your summer moves. In today’s article we’re going to take a look at the different ways you can still find a way to exercise while avoiding the worst of the brunt of summer.

A great way to start your summer activities and avoid becoming burnt is to simply begin your exercises earlier in the day. Where before you might have gone for long runs around ten in the morning, you can now opt for eight or earlier. This will help you avoid the worst of the heat, and the rising humidity that often accompanies the rays of the sun. However, this might prove difficult for some if their exercise routines are longer than an hour; if you plan to run for a couple of hours say in training for a marathon, then you need to either be sure that you are hydrating properly as the day gets warmer or get up even earlier to avoid the worst of the heat.

Another simple and effective way to deal with the heat of summer is to do what millions do as a matter of course, and take your exercise inside. Countless gyms exist across this great land offering every kind of physical activity for you to partake in, from treadmills to zumba classes, and this can allow you to exercise as much as you desire without facing the dangers of UV rays.

If however you have no choice but to exercise outside during the heated hours, then be sure to protect yourself adequately. This can range from using SPF sunblock of at least 45, to long sleeved shirts and track pants with adequate UV protection sewn into them. Be sure to use sunglasses to protect your eyes, and to hydrate adequately and often as you will sweat tremendously in the summer sun. If you take these precautions, be prepared for a good but tough work out!


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