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Love Handle Workouts

Are you tired of having to wear baggy shirts to cover up your love handles? Then some simple love handle workouts are what you need. If you have ever tried to get rid of love handles then you know how stubborn they can be to shift. You can spend all day running on a treadmill and doing sit-ups, and still they won’t budge.

The problem is that most regular exercise techniques do not work on the area in question, instead they tend to focus on the look of your abs and flat stomach. Believe it or not, underneath your love handles, there are muscles (somewhere:)). These muscles are called obliques. By doing some love handle workouts that focus on these muscles you can tone them up and transform how you look.

In order for you to benefit from love handle workouts, you need to be both doing the right exercises AND eating properly. Your love handles are just excess fat that can be shed by a combination of healthier eating and burning more calories.

Once you are eating a healthy diet you will be halfway there to losing your love handles. Exercising whilst eating unhealthily WILL tone up your oblique muscles, but they will still be hidden under a layer of fat! By eating a healthier diet, you will be reducing your calorie intake whilst the exercise wil be burning it off quicker.

As for love handle workouts, the first thing you should be doing is cardiovascular exercise. The purpose of these is to get your heart rate up and keep it there for a minimum of half an hour at a time. You can do this by simply jogging, cycling, swimming, tennis, aerobics etc. It can be any rhythmic activity that gets your whole body moving for a sustained period of time.

Whilst not specifically targeting your love handles, cardio exercises are good for overall health and an excellent way to burn off calories. Remember the war on two fronts: burning off the excess fat built up in your love handles, and sensible eating so they don’t come back!

Now your love handle workouts are burning off those unwanted flabs of fat through cardio exercise, the next step is to work on your obliques. Any regular ab exercise will keep your midsection fit, whilst focusing on toning up the obliques will create a girdle-like effect that will pull the sides of your waist together. This will give you something to show off once the fat has gone!

Here are a few simple love handle workouts that you can try at home. As with any exercise, please do not over stretch yourself:

Love Handle Workouts – Technique 1:

Lie on your side in a straight line, with your arms folded across your chest. With your legs kept together, raise both of them off the floor whilst your top elbow moves down toward your hip, then return to the starting position. Repeat 10 times (for a beginner) then move onto your other side. Whilst there isn’t a great deal of movement in this exercise, it does focus directly on your obliques where you should feel an intense contraction.

Love Handle Workouts – Technique 2:

Stand up straight and hold onto the back of a chair or something firm with your left hand. Hold your right hand in the air. Simultaneously move your right arm down and your right leg up. Your right leg needs to be sticking out to the side as you raise it, not out front. Your right knee and right elbow need to meet at waist height, then return to starting position. Repeat 15 times then change to the other side. Once comfortable with this technique, start holding the position where your knee and elbow meet for about three seconds.

Love Handle Workouts – Technique 3:

Lie on your back with your knees bent. Cross your left leg over your right knee. Place your right hand under your head and your left arm stretched out to the side palm down. Keep your lower back pressed against the floor and lift up your shoulder blades. Curl your upper body diagonally across your torso toward your left knee. Contract your abs and obliques and hold, before slowly lowering your shoulders back to the starting position. Repeat 15 times then switch sides.

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