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Give Your Brain a Workout

The epoch of memory loss is getting closer by the minute! With the modern lifestyle that people live, memory loss or the inability to remember things for long is getting more and more common. It’s not just the aged people who complain about this problem now, but, we also find children and teens complaining about being unable to remember their studies well. Most of us think it is just another trick they employee to get rid of those books, but we never know, it might just be really difficult for them to retain what they read.

Just like your car needs to be well maintained if you want it to function well and you also need to give it regular fuel to keep it going. Similarly your brain also has some requirements that you just need to fulfill. Let’s take a closer look at what really could be the reasons for these problems with building a powerful memory and how can we resolve it.

Don’t Compromise on Sleep & Exercise: A car cannot run for days together without a break! The engine will heat up and it will stop functioning. Your brain needs its break too. A good amount of sleep allows your brain to take some rest and revive its abilities to think well, generate solutions and create ideas. Sleep deprivation is a recipe of disaster. To allow your brain to function in full capacity, you have to nurture it with some good sleep.

Exercise is equally essential to improve your memory and make the best of your brain. Exercising sends more oxygen to the brain and reduces the risk of mental disorders. It is a definite trick to enhance the ability to recall information and process it.

Keep The Stress Levels Low: Stress can be the worst enemy to your brain! If ignored for a long time, stress is gifted to destroy the brain cells and damage its ability to make new memories and retrieve the old ones. To improve memory, you need to ease out all that stress and take some time off. Do what keeps you away from stress – meditate, dance, listen to music or just hang out with nature. Your brain needs a little bit of joy, happiness and laughter to keep all its functioning smooth. Like we all know, laughter is the best medicine!
Challenge Your Brain: Being an adult, over all those years, your brain has built millions of neural pathways that facilitate you to recall information quickly, solve familiar problems and deal with the normal situations. However, your brain needs to be stimulated to keep developing!  You have to bring your brain to deal with new situations and problems that will aid in improving your memory. Give your brain an activity that’s completely new and unfamiliar. This will give your brain the much needed workout or mental exercise. The activity should also be fun to do because the more it interests you, the better your brain will respond to it. Besides, without a doubt, it’s got to be challenging! Your brain needs to stir up and shake things within to keep growing and maintain an amazing memory!
Store The Brain – Boosting Foods: Just like a car needs fuel, so does your brain. The fuel to your brain is a nutritious and healthy diet. To Improve memory, your brain needs several vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. Vitamin B6, Vitamin 12, vitamin C, Iron, Calcium and omega 3’s are a must! If your diet is not blessed with all these nutrients, you must consider reply on a few supplements. Fish is ideally the best food for all those omega 3’s and vitamins, and in their absence you definitely need to rely on some fish oil supplements. Besides, treat your body to loads of fresh fruits and vegetables that will process the nutrients for your brain to develop faster.

Keeping in mind these instructions and following them religiously, you will soon take pride in flaunting your newly Improved memory power and turn around the wheel of success in your life that will take you to some new heights. Pampering your brain is all you need!

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