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Ab Workouts: The Fundamentals

There may be various reasons that can help in motivating you to perform certain ab workouts. Some of these are (1) addressing your abdominal concerns such as apparent muscle weakness; (2) decreasing the instances of having mechanical low back pain; and (3) improving the appearance of your abdominal region. Whatever your reasons may be, there are various types of abdominal workouts that you may try. It is rather noteworthy to try all of the forms of the abdominal exercises if you can to see an enhanced effect.

One of the most common exercises that you can try out is the sit ups. In order to perform this exercise correctly, you should start the exercise by having a good starting position. For this exercise, it is advisable for you to assume the hook lying position. This is because the hook lying position will aid in keeping your entire body stable while doing the exercise. Aside from your trunk, your feet also serve as bases of support for your entire body. Increased stability of your entire body will lead to a more targeted exercise when you perform each repetition.

To perform the typical sit up, you should cross your arms over your chest. This allows your body to have an alteration in the amount of torque that it has. As a result, you will find it relatively easier and more efficient to use your trunk muscles to lift your back off the support surface. You can observe this with each repetition of your ab workouts. Aside from that, you will have less chance of stressing out your back and neck muscles.

Another important thing to remember while performing the sit ups is to keep looking at the ceiling while doing each repetition. This will help in reducing the degree of unnecessary strain that you place on your neck muscles. If you have done the correct movement for your sit ups, you will feel the tension of the each repetition working out your abdominal region.

You do not need to lift your entire trunk all the way, contrary to the popular belief on performing sit ups. Instead, make your shoulder blades your reference points. If you can feel that both of your shoulder blades are not touching the support surface anymore, then you have exerted enough effort in lifting off your trunk from the mat.

A variation of the typical sit up exercise is the diagonal crunches. As the name implies, you are required to twist your trunk while performing each repetition. This is done while performing the lifting maneuver of your trunk.

It is helpful if you can provide a firm surface where you may rest your entire body while doing these exercises. A rubber exercise mat is highly recommended. The texture of the support surface where you will be resting will be highly helpful in keeping you stable. Chances are, if your mat or other resting surface is not stable, you will continuously slip along the floor. This will lead to an ineffective performance of the sit up repetitions. In essence, your ab workouts will simply go to waste.

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