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FSBO Workout

How does a real estate agent prospect for FSBOs? First things first, realize not many realtors are going after FSBOs. There may only be a handful of agents with the skill set to convert these sellers into sales. Most agents cringe at the thought of calling an FSBO. Realize that to be successful with these people, staying in front of them is key. Your campaign per person should be about 60-90 days long; each is situation-based and sometimes longer. Somehow keep track of them, revisit them every so often with a call, note or a visit.

100% of FSBO’s want to sell, not 100% are reasonable with their expectations of what the market can do for them. You need to educate them as to what is realistic. Instead of telling them what they want to hear, be frank with them. Mr. FSBO, if you’re serious about selling your home I would love to help you, but for me to take the listing we’ve really got to be priced here in this market. It’s not always going to work, but if you leave on good terms, listing or no listing you could have a future client. In fact they will more than likely list with some other agent who promises them the world on price. After a few months they will be frustrated, keep an eye on that listing, the moment it expires, do what you can to contact them.

A typical seller campaign should consist of letters, phone calls, notes, maybe even a gift or two. Let them know you’re they’re for them. If you tell them you will call them on a certain date, by all means do it. More future prospects and business is botched by the inexperienced agent, not the seller. Don’t be afraid to get shot down, if you think when you call or knock on the door, every FSBO is going to smile and say, “I’m so happy you stopped by, you’re just what I’m looking for!” No, they won’t, in fact I’ve never had that happen. You’re going to have to prove your worth as an agent to them. Remember, what’s in it for them? I’m an agent myself, we all know that it doesn’t take a lot to get a real estate license. It does take a lot to be successful in this business, to produce extremely high volume, you have to be willing to do what it takes.

You’re your own worst enemy in this business. The choices you make to begin and end a day are what make you successful. When you’re in business for yourself, you are always responsible for your results.

Work on your business in the morning for several hours. Conduct your business in the afternoon. – Ninja Selling

We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are – Max De Pree

Alexander Reedy