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Frozen Shoulder Exercise Program For a Fast and Effective Recovery

A frozen shoulder exercise program during the thawing phase of the disorder can help cut down significantly recovery times for a disabling condition that can last up to 2 years or more. Adhesive Capsulitis, the medical term for a Frozen Shoulder, owes its name to the adhesions, scarred and thickened tissues of the membrane capsule surrounding the rotator cuff. While is not totally clear why the disorder develops, it is established how this can be cured.

A Frozen Shoulder affects people over 40, more women than men, and it has been linked to being over weight or having diabetes, though not necessarily so. Whatever the reason, a Frozen Shoulder is one of the most disabling and long lasting shoulder disorders, as it severely restricts the shoulder affected range of movement, making every day activities that are normally taken for granted an impossible task.

Reversing the car, steering the wheel, reaching for the cupboard or shampooing become impossible or severely restricted, and sharp pain is the norm whenever the person affected “forgets” to have an arm lock. The block is caused by the adhesions restricting the space within the shoulder joint, making it impossible to perform full over head movements.

There is a variety of treatments available for this condition, including anti inflammatories, cortisone injections, ultrasounds, hot packs, manipulation and a specific frozen shoulder exercise program to speed up recovery times. A Frozen Shoulder develops in 3 phases called freezing phase, frozen phase and thawing phase.

The freezing phase is the shortest, lasting only few weeks, but also the most painful. In this stage full range of movement is still possible, however the shoulder affected presents symptoms common to other shoulder disorders, mainly a subtle pain growing worse with time into a strong, dull ache, especially at night. The usual remedy is resorting to painkillers and anti inflammatories like ibuprofen or aspirin.

The frozen phase is the worst, as arm range of motion become severely restricted with all the implications that this brings to quality of life. The pain is now less severe, however the stage is set for a long, unpleasant run that can last up to 1 year. During this phase prescription anti inflammtories may be administered, as well as ultrasounds and hot pack. The last 2 remedies are free of side effects, but require multiple applications and are only partially and temporarily effective.

Anti inflammtories become the main component of the treatments available, and only manipulation under general anesthesia could break the adhesions radically and fast, followed by a rehabilitation program. A stretching and range of motion program offers the opportunity to recover much faster from the disorder, as the adhesions naturally break down with time. A specific frozen shoulder exercise program speeds up the process, significantly cuting down recovery times. It is a fact that even a thawing phase can last up to 1 year if left resolving naturally, during which time more anti inflammatories, painkillers, ultrasounds and hot packs will again be administered. Fortunately, a frozen shoulder exercise program can eliminate medications and pain, strengthening the rotator cuff and naturally loosening up the adhesions.

If you are in the unfortunate situation of being affected by this very restricting and long lasting disorder, do not hesitate to check out this professionally devised frozen shoulder exercise program. It could help you slash a thawing phase recovery times to a fraction. There is no need to put up with disability and discomfort for longer than it is necessary. Check out this frozen shoulder exercise program now.

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Corona to bring a Snow Storm of Music to Miami with its Electric “Frozen” Beach Event February 7th, 2015

(PRWEB) January 19, 2015

What:    Corona’s Electric Beach is bringing some winter weather for just a few hours in Miami at The Clevelander. Headlining the event will be DJ ICEY, who is making his Corona Electric Beach debut after touring the world playing at some of the biggest and best venues/festivals in the industry. The Clevelander South Beach will provide the perfect atmosphere to bring some flurries to the sunshine state. Nicknaming this event “Frozen Beach”, Corona is set to transform The Clevelander South Beach into a winter wonderland filled with soul shaking house music and ice cold drinks.

When:     Saturday, February 7th, 2015

4-8 PM

Where:     Clevelander South Beach

Pool Patio

        1020 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139

RSVP:     RSVP to info(at)findyourelectricbeach(dot)com for complimentary access.

Website:    For more information, visit

Social Media:    Instagram: @Findyourelectricbeach

Twitter: @ElectricBeach


Additional:     This event is 21+

About Corona’s Electric Beach

Known for bringing a fun in the sun vibe to legendary dance clubs, Electric Beach is an EDM focused concert series sponsored by the legendary alcohol brand Corona. In 2014, Electric Beach had weekly residencies in Las Vegas and New York City among other popup events in Los Angeles and Chicago. These events have attracted large followings among dance music enthusiasts and conventional partygoers alike. By creating an authentic on site consumer experience, Electric Beach is a party atmosphere synonymous with the laid back music entertainment. “This is a party experience that is not only about the DJ but also about the ambiance.”

About Clevelander South Beach:

With a history dating back to 1938, the Clevelander South Beach has become a world-renowned icon amongst Ocean Drive hotels, restaurants, bars and entertainment venues as an ultimate one-stop destination experience. Located in the center of Miami’s historic Art Deco District, Clevelander includes a hotel with 60 rooms and five ROCKSTAR suites. Guests have access to two rooftop terraces with sunny oceanfront and city skyline views, daily live entertainment shows on the world famous pool patio stage, and four poolside bars with the tastiest food and thirst quenching drinks on the beach.


Twitter:    @clevelandersobe

Instagram:    @clevelandersobe

About DJ ICEY:

DJ Icey, The Merchant of Boom! For well over a decade Icey’s trademark sound of bass and beats has sound tracked dance floors worldwide. His indie label Zone is a top player in the worldwide Booty Bass / Breaks /EDM scene. Icey’s passion for the music is undeniable and on display in his constant touring from major festivals to intimate club spaces, where his goal is to deliver an booty shaking good time to the people on the dance floor

U.S. based DJ Icey developed his passion for the beat by his steady diet of Miami Bass, 90s Hip Hop, Freestyle and Acid House back in the day. On the strength of his late 90s singles and album output, championed by DJs the world over, Icey burst onto the global scene with his award winning Essential Mix compilation released on FFRR in 2000,. This EDM legend’s dedication to DJ’ing and Producing has earned him high acclaim from music fans to industry professionals.


Twitter:    @dj_icey

Instagram:    @dj_icey

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