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The French Diet

Food and eating should be about pleasure, celebration, and certainly not about depravation. That’s why most “diets” fail, or I should say, have a short term success rate. 

You want to lose weight, so you start one of these so-called diets. It tells you to stop eating this and that, or it tells you the opposite. I’m not saying it doesn’t work; sometimes you will lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time, which might make you temporarily happy. However, you should know that it puts enormous amounts of stress on your body and consequently on your mind, which is not good either: by depraving yourself of the things you like, or forcing yourself to eat something you don’t really like, you are stressing yourself, you build up frustration, and eventually you get tired of it, you give up, and you’re back to square one. Waow that was really worth it, wasn’t it? That’s what we called the “Yoyo” effect; remember the yoyo? Up and down, up and down…

What you need is a Long Term Battle Plan. You need to change your eating habits over a long period of time, not over a week, find out what foods are good and which foods you should try to avoid. For example, we know that fries are bad, period. But if you really like fries, try to eat less of them less often, maybe once every two weeks, or once a month. 

Eating well is about variety, trying to incorporate in your diet greens, fruits, pasta, veggies, poultry, etc… The more variety, the less bored you get, and the more you enjoy eating well.

It is also about portions; portions are naturally larger here than where I am from in France. There is no need to eat that much if you don’t exercise a lot. The riders of the Tour de France burn thousands of calories a day, so it makes sense that they eat a big plate of pasta at night for the next day’s stage; but for you, it doesn’t make much sense…unless you’re riding with them tomorrow. Chances are, you’re not.

Basically, you need to control yourself; don’t overeat, and don’t over drink either: forget Big Gulps, and extra large sodas, you’re basically eating huge amounts of sugar. What happens is when the glucose level in your blood rises, the insulin kicks in which, among other things, tends to convert the glucose in your blood to fats in your body. Not good. 

How about some plain H2O? Drinking water is definitely better than the above; it’s good for you and it also makes you full before a meal.

The better you eat, the better you feel, and if you are struggling with extra pounds, you will most likely lose weight by doing so.

Julie Paquard –

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