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LCI Brands Releases Flat Cloth Tape

Elk Grove Village, IL (PRWEB) May 29, 2015

LCI Brands™ newest product, Flat Cloth Tape, is another must have item for the adventure traveler. It is available in a multitude of colors – including orange, camo, silver, black, and yellow – to allow items to blend in or stand out depending on one’s preferences.

With over 3 yards of tape in each roll, Flat Cloth Tape can be used many times. On camping trips, it comes in handy to fix minor abrasions like a leaky water bottle or a hole in your tent. For travel, you can create a bright handle wrap to distinguish your luggage at the carousel, and it is always useful to repair belongings on the go.

“It is the perfect addition to Lewis N. Clark®, which strives to provide travelers and outdoor enthusiasts with everything they need to make their journeys less stressful,” said Franz Wieshuber, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Flat Cloth Tape can fit into the side pocket of a bag, in an emergency medical kit, in a purse or briefcase, and more. It is light enough to carry around without noticing it, but also durable. All colors of Flat Cloth Tape are available immediately.

About LCI Brands

LCI Brands (formerly known as L.C. Industries, Inc.) is located just outside Chicago and is home to brands such as Lewis N. Clark®, Belle Hop®, and UrbanGear™. With the luggage caddy as its core offering, LCI Brands began operations in 1971, and since then has expanded to offer hundreds of products in categories such as security, comfort, organization, and health. For more information, visit

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Flat Stomach Diet Book

Some people think if they purchase a flat stomach diet book, they will have the keys to perfect health. However, this is not always the case. Some of these guides are incomplete, or simply do not provide the right information that you need to get the body you want. There are many reasons why these books can be ineffective. All is not lost, however, as there are other resources that you can use if you want to learn the best ways to shed body weight.

The problem with a flat stomach diet book is that it may be too general for many readers. A dieting plan needs to be tailored to the person using it, and no one else. Some people lose weight in different ways thanks to how their bodies respond to the altered eating. Therefore, a generalized program may not be the best for you. This can really frustrate many once they have paid money for a book that turns out not to help them.

Another downfall of a flat stomach diet book is that it can eventually become outdated. Researchers are working on new weight loss programs all the time, and may find something new to help you shed unwanted weight that works better than previous information. Therefore, a dieting guide bought a couple years ago may not be as effective in helping you gain the body you want as it once was. This can become extremely frustrating if you have many weight loss books and they have all be outdated due to new information.

Some books on weight loss may only cover one aspect of healthy living. For example, a flat stomach diet book is likely to focus on the dieting aspect of losing weight. Exercise is also an important component, so you may have to find yourself a separate book to learn more about proper workouts. This can make your plan to lose weight expensive if you have to buy a book for each section of your program.

A personal trainer can be more effective to your weight loss attempts than a flat stomach diet book. They can provide you with a personalized approach for getting the body you desire. Information on dieting and exercise can come from one source, and one that will be around for any questions that you have. Personal trainers should have up to date training on the best ways for you to increase your metabolism and shed fat.

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