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Eating Disorder Treatment Center Launches First-Ever Healthy Weight Loss Program for Emotional and Binge Eaters in Arizona

Scottsdale, Ariz. (PRWEB) December 09, 2014

A New Beginning, the innovative eating disorder outpatient treatment center specializing in psychological and nutritional services, recently launched Arizona’s first healthy weight loss program created specifically for individuals struggling with emotional overeating and binge eating disorders.

The program, called TheHealthyWeighOut, is the first of its kind to offer a real solution to sufferers of chronic weight issues caused by emotional eating and/or binge eating behavior.

Dr. Julie T. Anné, founder and clinical director of A New Beginning, says that up until this point, people suffering with chronic weight issues have been placed repeatedly on unsuccessful diets and told by doctors to exercise, with no regard of the underlying emotional factors that are driving them to eat.

“We created a solution, a dynamic program that not only helps overeaters identify the many reasons why they overeat, but then teaches them how to stop misusing food, so they learn how to eat for nutritional value and not emotional fulfillment,” said Dr. Anné. “This emotional approach, coupled with a ‘no more diets!’ intuitive eating approach to food and a similar ‘intuitive exercise’ approach to enjoyable physical activity allows our participants to not only lose the weight – but to keep it off for life.”

A New Beginning’s seasoned eating disorder specialists, Dr. Anné and Dr. Ashley Southard, co-created the program and designed it to help people understand how their emotional issues play out in their unhealthy relationship with food. TheHealthyWeighOut teaches participants how to cope with emotional triggers such as stress, sadness, boredom, anger and loneliness, without the use of food.

“To achieve long-term, sustainable weight loss, individuals must address the emotional factors which drive them to eat, not only the physical and nutritional aspects of their obesity,” said Dr. Anné. “TheHealthyWeighOut addresses weight loss by treating the essential, interrelated areas of physical, nutritional and emotional health. We take a ‘no-diet’ approach to eating to help our participants break the diet-overeat-diet-overeat problematic eating cycle which chronic dieting creates, resulting in weight loss that is not only successful, but long-term.”

Instead, the program, recently available to sufferers in Arizona, instructs people how to eat all food in satisfying moderation by embracing an “intuitive eating” approach and teaches participants how to develop a fun, engaging relationship with physical activity, termed “intuitive exercise,” utilizing TheHealthyWeighOut’s private fitness studio. The program is designed to include hands-on learning and compassionate support through the new “Jump Start: 8-Week Emotional Weight Loss Program” which offers an innovative, research-based approach designed to help participants fully recover from the psychological, nutritional, and physical fitness challenges associated with overeating, emotional eating, binge eating and the consequential weight-related obesity. Alternatively, participants can choose to participate through individual services, working at their own pace with trained specialists.

For more information on TheHealthyWeighOut and the “Jump Start” 8-Week Emotional Eating Weight Loss Program call 480.941.4247 or visit

About A New Beginning

A New Beginning is Arizona’s premier outpatient eating disorder treatment facility, specializing in the comprehensive care of all eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, emotional eating, obesity) trauma/abuse, depression and anxiety. A New Beginning successfully combines the expertise of a highly trained, experienced staff with the warmth and compassion of genuinely caring, committed professionals. Helping individuals overcome their emotional struggles since 1994, A New Beginning believes in the ability of all individuals to recover fully from their psychological difficulties and to experience life in a fulfilled and meaningful manner.

A New Beginning offers a full array of psychological and nutritional services, conveniently located within one treatment facility. Comprehensive in scope, yet personal in nature, A New Beginning is committed to providing each client with individualized, compassionate, professional care.