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Facts About Exercise For Weight Loss

The process of losing weight is something that requires more than just one facet. There is the diet component where all caloric intake is important and there is the activity level of your body that will contribute to the burning of calories resulting in pounds lost. When planning to exercise for weight loss it is important to concentrate on two types of physical activity that will support your goal of a slimmer body.

The first type of exercise is aerobic. The aerobic exercises are weight bearing activities like walking or jogging or any sustained physical movement that continues for at least twenty minutes to get your heart rate up and your oxygen intake increased. The aerobic exercise is your cardio workout and is going to condition your body to be able to do even more with each passing day.

Another type of exercise for weight loss is resistance work. This refers to any type of exercise that works the muscles with resistance such as weight lifting or push ups or even isometrics. This type of working out can build muscle tissue and that is important since muscle tissue is metabolically active body tissue and will burn calories even when you are at rest. The more muscle tissue you have in the body, the more calories you will burn even when you are asleep.

When you are choosing to exercise for weight loss, a good mix of the two types are your best bet. An aerobic program of walking or perhaps an aerobics class at a health club will keep your heart rate up and help burn calories during the workout itself, while the muscle building resistance work will create more lean muscle mass in the body which will keep your calorie burning at an increased level twenty four hours a day.

The key to successful exercise for weight loss is to be consistent. A structured program of some aerobic time plus time each day to work different muscle groups with resistance training will result in the fastest possible results for you. Keep in mind that muscle tissue does weigh more than fat so you may not see the pounds lost but the inches you lose will be very obvious.

One way to think of it is to imagine what a pound of steel looks like, it is a very small compact bit of metal. Now imagine a pound of feathers, that would be a large trash bag to equal one pound. Muscle mass is like steel and the feathers are like fat tissue, this is why the pounds may not fall but the inches will be melting off.

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