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Facing the Realities of Cancer Head On

Madison, Wisconsin (PRWEB) April 17, 2015

Reviewer Craig Stephans highlights Dr. Jack Westman‘s four aims in his book The Cancer Solution: Taking Charge of Your Life with Cancer: 1) to give a broad overview of cancer treatment and research, 2) to provide technical and referential details about cancer specifics, 3) to stimulate interest in complementary cancer care and 4) to encourage readers to become fully informed advocates for funding to target preventing and treating the underlying causes of cancer. Dr. Westman intends the book to be both readable and an ongoing reference.

Dr. Westman writes as a medical professional and as a widower who lost his wife to a long-time battle with breast cancer. More recently two other close relatives were diagnosed with cancer; these recent diagnoses inspired him to author a book to make available his plethora of research into all aspects of cancer. He presents it in an accessible and helpful manner that is beneficial for readers from any background.

The book is especially relevant and helpful to those dealing with cancer as a victim, caregiver, helping professional, medical professional, researcher or policy maker. The information is enlightening, instructive, honest and realistic. The author’s research is vast and deep in all of these areas. As the author himself suggests, some areas of the book apply to some readers and not to others or are for reference and can be skimmed initially and referred to later.

For the average reader, the chapters on cancer prevention and complementary solutions will be most interesting. The natural solutions of diet, exercise and lifestyle provide clarion calls for any person to respond to immediately to reduce the risk of cancer. Additionally, Westman highlights the treatment methods and outcomes for cancer patients. He looks at the underlying causes of cancer in the behavior of the body and normal cells. There is much we can do in the areas of prevention and treatment that is simply overlooked for various reasons that Dr. Westman cites.

Dr. Westman’s tone is compassionate and helpful throughout the book. His motive is clearly concern and urgency that we do all we can to overcome cancer and that we do it intelligently and altruistically. Because cancer has an impact on all of us in some way, this book will benefit everyone.

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