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STX Expands Ice Hockey Protective Line

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) May 15, 2015

Baltimore-based STX, LLC, a global sporting goods leader, today announced it has added six new products to its elite ice hockey protective equipment line.

STX expanded the elite-level Stallion 500 and Surgeon 500 lines to include shoulder pads, elbow pads and shin guards in both Junior and Senior sizing. The Stallion 500 line is developed for the power player seeking protection and mobility. The Surgeon 500 line is designed for the precision player requiring a sleek and more responsive fit.

“When developing the new protective gear, our decisions were driven by direct feedback from our NHL athletes and elite level players all over the world. These players demand protective gear that moves easily and doesn’t impede performance,” said Matt Hoppe, Senior Global Brand Manager at STX. “With advancements like our 360+ strap system, the introduction of HD Foams throughout our lineup, and game changing additions like our cut resistant sleeve in our shin guard, our new equipment allows athletes to truly focus on their game.”

The new Surgeon 500 and Stallion 500 equipment feature STX’s PUREFORM™ technologies, designed specifically for ice hockey to increase articulation, retention and comfort for players. Highlighted PUREFORM™ elements and other technologies utilized in STX’s new protective include:

HD Foams, which are also included in STX’s best selling lacrosse products, are used to create a moisture management system that forms a water-repellant barrier to keep the protective gear dry during games.
STX’s patent pending 360+ Strap™ provides increased customization to secure the elbow pads and shin guards to the player’s body for maximum retention.
The Stallion 500 shin guard’s Cut-Resistant Sleeve provides increased protection against cuts to the Achilles tendon.
Stretch Mesh creates targeted zones in the shoulder pads to match player movements.
The Surgeon 500 elbow pad’s unique 3-Piece Design allows for a fuller and more natural range of motion for the player.

“My partnership with STX has allowed me to be a part of the development of these new pads which has been a great experience,” said Buffalo Sabres’ left-winger Matt Moulson. “With this new gear you don’t have to worry about something slipping out of position before blocking a shot or delivering a hit in the corner. The pads have a full natural range of motion while maintaining full protection.”

For more information about STX’s new Ice Hockey protective gear including its elite-level Stallion and Surgeon 500 gloves, visit

About STX:

STX is a global sporting goods leader in the sports of lacrosse, field hockey and ice hockey. With its 1970 introduction of the first synthetic lacrosse head, STX ushered in the “modern era” of what is now the fastest growing team sport. Based in Baltimore, the home of lacrosse, STX has been universally recognized for innovation in product design and development. STX continues to strive for new performance standards in sporting goods equipment at the highest levels of competition. For more information, visit

Crossfit Outbreak Expands Its Selection of Fitness Classes

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) February 11, 2015

Crossfit Outbreak, Fort Greene’s first crossfit gym, is diversifying its range of fitness classes by adding classes in Capoeira, indoor rowing, yoga and boot camp exercise.

These new class offerings come as a near-direct result of the rapid growth the gym has seen since it first opened its doors last fall, says Co-President Adam Sturm. In addition, Crossfit Outbreak’s mission is to provide people with a well-rounded, comprehensive way to achieve fitness.

“We have been fortunate to experience very fast growth. In three months we have more than 150 active members,” Sturm says. “We want all our members to be well-rounded athletes. Our programs deliver a level of fitness that is, by design, broad, general and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing.”

Capoeira, a martial art originating from Brazil that combines elements of dance and acrobatics, is an increasingly-popular way for people to get fit by practicing quick, complex moves along to music. Crossfit Outbreak’s Capoeira course is led by Pena Verde, an instructor from Salvador, Brazil.

“Verde started practicing Capoeira when he was 15 years old with Mestre Sabia, the coordinator of The Association of Ginga Mundo Capoeira,” Sturm explains. “It’s incredibly exciting to have someone with such world-class experience show our members how much fun Capoeira can be.”

The new classes are already highly popular among Crossfit Outbreak’s members, Sturm says. In addition, Sturm says he doesn’t know of other crossfit gyms that offer this many different classes to their members.

“Our members are very excited,” he says. “Our rowing classes are regularly sold out and we are just rolling out the Capoeira classes. Yoga has been a big hit and boot camp is a great way to work out without weights. By offering programs that are broad and inclusive, we hope to attract and keep members longer and to keep them healthy and fit for many years.”

About Crossfit Outbreak

CrossFit Outbreak is a new gym opening in Brooklyn, NY. Catering to CrossFit athletes and enthusiasts, this new CrossFit gym can help anyone train and develop a healthy physique, whether they’re a marathon runner or a current couch potato. To learn more about CrossFit Outbreak, visit

Atlanta’s ColdLife Organics Expands Offerings, Becomes Elephant Grocers

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) October 17, 2014

ColdLife Organics, Atlanta’s premier organics grocer, has expanded its offerings and adopted a new identity – Elephant Grocers. The company, now offering more than 1500 items including specialty and traditional groceries, has grown beyond just organics to meet the needs of its customers. These new offerings include delicious prepared foods from the Elephant Grocers’ kitchen, farm fresh meats & cheeses, local artisan items like soaps and lotions, and even household products like Coca-Cola, Bounty, Windex, and Tide.

“We have long been dedicated to delivering the best organic produce and meats in Atlanta, but we know our customers buy and use more than just organics,” says Chief Operating Officer Jason Sherman. “Through our expansion and change in brand identity, we are able to offer our clients not only the top quality products they love, but also the essentials every home needs.”

Even though the company has expanded, they have not changed their commitment to quality, sourcing products from local farmers and local vendors like Brasstown Beef, Spotted Trotter, and White Oak Pastures. Staying true to its roots, Elephant Grocers will continue to offer a full-line of organic products as well as cater to specialty diets like gluten free.

And, because Elephant Grocers is not simply a delivery service, they guarantee the quality of each item purchased with a 100% unconditional guarantee. “We’re a grocer, not a delivery service. We own this food, and we believe that our clients want and deserve the best,” says Sherman. Moreover, Sherman is concerned with the safety of his customers. “Our drivers are our employees, not contractors. We know exactly who’s coming to your door.”

Elephant Grocers will be offering next day delivery to customers in Atlanta Metro and surrounding area. Simply complete your on-line order by 8pm and Elephant Grocers guarantees next day delivery. It is not necessary for customers to be home to receive their orders. Elephant Grocers’ industry-leading packing and cold-storage process allows for groceries to sit outside for up to 12 hours in the elements without impact.

Elephant Grocers plans to continue ColdLife’s legacy of philanthropy. The company is passionate about doing its part to reduce the number of food-insecure citizens in Metro Atlanta, making monthly food donations to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Elephant Grocers is proud to serve the Atlanta community and is dedicated to being a good corporate citizen.

For more information, please feel free to contact the Elephant Grocers’ team:


Phone: 678-705-0900

Media contact: Andrea Rizk, 404-316-0251

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