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Exercise You Should Never Execute

Whatever the trainer tells you about these three exercises, whatever the body building literature recommends in these three exercise, never ever, make them part of your workout routine. Your colleagues might be executing them, the exercises might actually be recommended to you, but if you try them, you will be risking your body building, program, your health and fitness and ultimately your life. It is that simple.

This is not a threat, not a scare even. It is the basic truth, harnessed from extensive research on how these three exercises violate the basic principles and laws of human anatomy. There are so many alternatives you can use in place of these three exercises and then be safe, so learn why they are dangerous and then keep them out. Let us consider the first so that you appreciate the gravity of the situation.

The behind-the-neck-shoulder press has a starting position placing your shoulder outside its range of motion. The behind-the-neck-shoulder presses usually place the shoulder joint at its most unstable position, stretching the joint to the outer limits of the socket. At this position, the shoulders are at the weakest position and yet you have to pull and push on the weight for the presses, further endangering the misplaced shoulder joint.

Once you have pushed the joint to extents outside the natural range of motion and then put the shoulder under the strain of a weight training exercise places, then an impingement of your rotator cuff is the next most probable thing. Besides that, the poke-neck posture encourages your rotator cuff impingement to perpetuate the joint misplacement by and by until it reaches the neck-spine meeting point and thus goes into the spine.

The second exercise is the behind-the-neck-wide-grip lat pull-down. This exercise is similar and almost as dangerous as the shoulder press. Consider this, when you lift a heavy weight at a time when you are in a poked neck posture, the stress is applied on the cervical spine, also called the neck vertebrae. The stress is even worse if the body builder slips into bad posture or among bodybuilders with less flexibility such that they have poor or minimal control of the scapula, also called shoulder blades.

The third exercise that should always be kept at bay is the hamstring curls exercise. Hamstring curls are movements that never occur in our daily activities and such considered to be extremely dysfunctional. Naturally the legs should work as a collective unit for that is how they are designed. Your joints and tendons especially on the knee are built to function together and not in isolated. So when you isolate them and then you overloaded with heavy weights, such is done by hamstring curls, you are violating a maxim of anatomy. Consequently, you pull the tibia far back into your femur until the knee joint is strained to injury. Better techniques to train hamstrings abound such as squats, lunges, deadlifts etc.

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