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3 Key Elements to Enjoy Exercise

There are three key elements to any exercise program that should be considered before starting your physical fitness. These elements are safety, effectiveness, and enjoyment. Nine times out of ten people will quit an exercise routine because they do not enjoy what they are doing. Although exercise is not intentionally meant to be enjoyable, if you don’t enjoy what you are doing you won’t get far in achieving your goals. No matter what your goals are with your workout routine, weight loss, muscle gain, or to become fit and healthy, maintaining safety, effectiveness and enjoyment is essential to accomplishing your goals.

When exercising most people have the mindset of “No Pain, No Gain”. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking can lead to injury, set backs and ultimately abandoning your fitness program. It is important to understand the difference between pain and muscle soreness to be able to continue on your path to better health. When you engage in exercise, especially when you first start, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is bound to occur. Muscle soreness is due to weak, unused muscles adapting to the start of exercise or activity. Muscle soreness can occur during activity or after activity and can last any where from 12-48 hours. The intensity and length of muscle soreness is determined by the intensity of the workout and the strength of the muscle. Everyday activities only exert a small amount of force on our muscles. If we don’t use our muscles then they become weak and overtime will atrophy, causing the body to breakdown muscles and use the oxygen and proteins in other areas of the body. Once our muscles get used to exercise muscle soreness will dissipate. However, muscle soreness can reappear at any time during a workout or fitness routine, when you change exercises, or increase time, distance and intensity.

Unlike muscle soreness, pain is a signal from our brain to our body telling us that there is something wrong. Pain signals are normally a sign of injury or trauma within the body. There are two different types of pain that can differentiate where the pain is coming from. Acute or sudden pain suggests injury to the body such as a muscle sprain, or strain. The pain is usually abrupt, specific to a part of the body and varies in intensity. This type of pain is usually associated with swelling, inflammation and bruising. Acute injuries while exercising are usually related to improper form or technique. Never bounce or force movements, whereas this can cause muscle strains or tearing. If you continue exercising after all your energy is depleted your form, accuracy and technique will suffer making injury more likely. If you are unsure of an exercise technique ask a health professional such as a personal trainer.

Delayed pain usually is caused by a deeper, underlying problem such as disease, disorder or condition in the body. Symptoms can range from dull to sharp, achy, numbness, tingling, or burning sensations. When experiencing pain symptoms rather than muscle soreness, fatigue or stiffness, it’s important to stop exercising. If the pain subsides, restart exercise with less intensity but be cautious. If pain persists, have a doctor check out the problem.

The effectiveness of ones exercise routine should be based upon ones personal fitness goals. If you are looking to lose weight, low to moderate workouts are the best exercises to burn fat. Every level of exercise has its own exercises, intensity and weight, repetitions and rest periods. Therefore if you have never worked out before or are just returning to exercise after a long break then you need to start out with lower intensity, and weight and higher repetitions and rest periods. As your body adapts to the exercise your muscles will acclimatize and your program will adjust. Make sure your goals match the type of physical activity that you are doing. Personal trainers are a great guide to developing an effective and efficient workout routine. Based on your goals they can tell you the best types of exercises, how long you should workout, the intensity, the repetitions and the rest periods. Not to mention they can monitor your technique and push you towards your goals.

All effective workout routines have three additional components that maximize the effectiveness of exercise. Warm up, cool down, and stretching are three key elements that not only reduce the risk of injury, but assist the body in achieving the best performance while exercising. The warm up increases the blood flow throughout the body and allows the muscles to prepare for physical activity. Stretched muscles not only increase performance but also improve flexibility, agility and mobility. A proper cool down that includes stretching reduces lactic acid buildup in the muscles, which has been known to cause muscle soreness. In addition, the muscles are able to repair and grow, faster.

Although some people can effectively workout and maintain proper physical fitness without enjoying their fitness routine, for most people if they don’t enjoy what they are doing while working out, they ultimately won’t stick to it. Enjoyment while exercising is possible if someone is motivated and driven by the actual activity, by friends or family, or by the goals they set for themselves. Many people enjoy exercising through the act of exercising itself. Whether you play a sport that you love, or you like to run the act of that type of exercise is a motivator that makes you want to perform that activity. Women, more often than men, prefer to have a companion when working out. When women get together they talk and encourage one another, which helps especially while exercising.  Plus even if they are doing an activity that isn’t particularly enjoyable, the company of a friend gives them enough enjoyment to complete the activity. Setting goals is the biggest motivation for people to want to workout. Whether your goals include losing weight, building muscle or becoming more fit and healthy, setting accomplishable goals can keep you on the right track to achieving your ultimate goal. Through exercise you stay on track to realizing your goals, which is a great feeling. The more motivated you are the more enjoyable your exercise will become. More enjoyment produces more consistency and greater results!




SEEDs of Change Coming for Miami Beach Wine & Food Festival Seekers The 2nd Annual SEED Food & Wine Festival Returns to South Beach – Eat. Drink. Enjoy. Consciously.

Seed Food & Wine Festival 2015 Logo

The culinary tides are changing for foodies and oenophiles up and down the hot, sexy shores of Miami Beach this November. The 2nd Annual SEED Food & Wine Festival will be ushering in a new era of conscious culinary innovation, by serving up sustainability one conscious bite at a time, to South Beach festival fans this Fall. This unique culinary event is perched upon the apex of a new foodie era, offering up the only plant based food and wine festival in the United States. Event Co-Founders Alison Burgos and Michelle Gaber, are pleased to announce the return of the Festival.

“We are excited to be bringing the Seed Food and Wine festival back to Miami for its second year, and look forward to showcasing to the world the powerful conscious community that is alive and thriving in South Florida,” says Alison Burgos, SEED’s Co-Founder and Director.

In its inaugural year, SEED impressed festival goers with a literal green bounty of tasty tidbits accompanied by a plethora of high profile celebrities and healthy living icons. Last year’s festival was attended by food lovers of all kinds; from omnivores to vegans to Paleo eaters—SEED welcomes everyone who enjoys amazing food and exciting culinary events. This year’s Festival will continue to ride on the wave of food based conversations that are a trending topic within the culinary community.

“We are grateful that Seed has had the opportunity to elevate the conversation about our health, our planet and the welfare of animals. This year we have even more events designed to celebrate conscious plant based living from dinners to fitness to film to art,” says Michelle Gaber, SEED’s Co-Founder and Director.

SEED Festival guests can be sure to expect a selection of experiences to satisfy any tasty craving or vino fixation. The Festival weekend kicks-off on Wednesday night with a compelling Film Screening. Thursday night will premiere the 1st annual Burger Battle; complete with ‘green carpet’ this is a throw down not to miss. The return of the Farm to Table Dinner will grace Friday’s Eve, hosted by five celebrity chefs and local farmers that have planted specifically for this culinary veg-out event. A 5k SEED Run kicks off Saturday morning, which is followed by the Outdoor Yoga Experience in the afternoon. The flag ship Festival Day and Grande Tasting starts Saturday afternoon and will showcase an unparalleled display of food, wines and spirits, served with a side of celebrity at the culinary demo’s stage. Artfully closing Saturday night is a Modern Dinner Experience. Sunday morning begins with a new Mantra Yoga Brunch presented by Mantra Yoga & Healthy Magazine. Concluding the Festival is a celebration for the wee consumer at Sprouts Kids Day.

“Plant based living and veganism is a hot topic today and SEED is just the place to experience that conversation in a fun and sexy atmosphere. Having the opportunity to bring a conversation about conscious living to our community has been a transformative experience,” adds Alison Burgos.

National travelers are invited to stay at the official festival host hotel, The Thompson – Miami Beach. All attendees are invited to continue their conscious excursions at the Thompson Hotel with a luxury spa treatment, partake in a yoga class, walk on the white sandy Miami beaches or stop by the SEED Welcome Desk to pick up tickets and get tips on fun outings and sustainable, plant friendly options.

Tickets for the 2015 SEED Food & Wine Festival go on-sale on August 1st, 2015. Visit for tickets and more information.

About the SEED Food & Wine Festival

Seed Food & Wine, is the first plant-based food and wine festival in the country. SFWF celebrates delicious plant-based foods, fine wines, craft beers, spirits, and lifestyle products and companies, while raising health awareness. Events include upscale dinners, film screening, garden parties, and a Southern brunch, all leading up to a large-scale outdoor festival and grand tasting featuring food, wine, juices, music, gifts, organic body care, clothing, yoga, and everything that celebrates conscious plant-based living. The Festival will gather some of the most talented speakers, chefs, celebrities, athletes and authors for a fun, educational, sexy, hip – and most of all – delicious week of food, cocktails, film, parties, and events.More information on the Festival can be found at


Seed Food & Wine Festival


Nader Keshvaris new book helps readers Enjoy Better Sex

LONDON (PRWEB) January 12, 2015

From 1985 to 1990, author Nader Keshvari became sexually impotent after a traumatic kidnapping experience. With traditional doctors unable to help him regain his sexual passion, he turned to holistic therapy for answers. What he found was startling – holistic healing helped him overcome impotence and regain his appetite for sex with greater desire than ever before.

In his new guide to sexual healing and self-improvement titled “Enjoy Better Sex” (published by AuthorHouse UK), Keshvari details the ways in which any person struggling with impotence can improve his or her sex life following simple changes to diet, exercise and attitude.

“If you are impotent, suffer from premature ejaculation, are overweight or have a diabetes problem, read and do what is in this book to the letter,” Keshvari says. “You have a life of joy to gain at no cost to you. Compare the results from just a few days to a few weeks and you will believe miracles exist, just as I do.”

Enjoy Better Sex

By Dr. Nader Keshvari

Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 118 pages | ISBN 9781496979230

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 118 pages | ISBN 9781491895429

E-Book | 118 pages | ISBN 9781491895436

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Nader Keshvari was a man who never experienced intimacy problems. He was a healthy, married, happy business owner in a small town in the Alpine region of Europe. But over the course of five weeks, he was kidnapped, drugged and raped. He then carried the stress of this traumatic experience with him and suffered in his career, his marriage and his sex life. After gaining his life back, he still struggled with impotency. After researching treatments for impotency for two years and joining the Institute of Holistic Therapists in 1991, he learned how to treat his impotency without the use of drugs and have a better sex life than ever before.

AuthorHouse UK Ltd., an Author Solutions, LLC self-publishing imprint, is a leading provider of self-publishing, marketing, and bookselling services dedicated to serving authors throughout the United Kingdom. AuthorHouse UK is committed to providing authors the best self-publishing experience through a wide array of products and services designed to help individual authors realise their unique creative vision. AuthorHouse UK assigns each author a personal publishing, marketing, and book consultant to provide professional guidance throughout the self-publishing process. To date, AuthorHouse UK has released more than 6,500 titles. For more information or to begin publishing a book today, visit or call 0800 1974150 or follow @AuthorHouseUK on Twitter for our latest news and updates

Boston Hotels like Boston Park Plaza Welcome Winter Guests Who Come to Enjoy the Many Holiday Boston Events

Boston, MA (PRWEB) October 31, 2014

Boston Hotels prepare to welcome holiday visitors who come to enjoy the charm of Boston during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many Boston Events mark the holiday season, including those described below. Boston Park Plaza Hotel has impressive special offers to welcome holiday guests. View offer details >

Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker

November 28 throught December 31, 2014

Boston Opera House | 539 Washington Street Boston, MA 02111

For some, attending a performance of The Nutcracker is a must during the holiday season. The Boston Ballet’s version is well-loved. It runs for more than a month, so visitors who come at any time during the holiday season can enjoy this winter favorite.

Boston Christmas Festival

November 7 through November 9, 2014

Seaport World Trade Center | 1 Seaport Lane Boston, MA 02210

Tel: 617.385.4000     

The gingerbread house competition is one of the highlights of this Boston event. The competition benefits local charities, and the celebrity judges add to the excitement. Those who attend can get into the holiday spirit as they browse the offerings of 300 vendors.

Craftboston Holiday Show

December 5 through December 7, 2014

Hynes Convention Center | 900 Boylston Street Boston, MA 02115

Another must-attend holiday show is the Craftboston Holiday Show. The Boston event takes place in the Back Bay near Boston Park Plaza Hotel. More than 175 artists show their work and attendees can find that perfect treasure to display in their own home or to give as a gift during the holiday season.

Holiday Tree Lighting at Faneuil Hall

November 15, 2014

Tel: 617.523.1300

Many tree lighting events take place throughout Boston, and this is one of the most popular. A giant tree is adorned with more than 20,000 lights. Before the big moment when the tree is lit up, visitors can enjoy live music, activities for the kids, and fabulous food.

About The Boston Park Plaza Hotel – A Boston Hotel:

The Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers is part of the rich history that defines Boston as one of the most beautiful cities in America and a top travel destination. This historic Boston Hotel is located in Back Bay, one of the most beautiful areas of the city – just yards from Boston Common, America’s oldest public park.

The Boston Park Plaza Hotel – A Boston Hotel conveys class and elegance throughout its exceptional concierge and guest services, 1,053 finely-appointed guest rooms and guest suites, premier dining with 8 on-site Boston restaurants including Melting Pot and the Statler’s Lounge. Other guest services include a 24-hour fitness center, 24-hour business center, and 65,000 square-feet of exceptional Boston meeting space.

Visit the Boston Park Plaza Hotel website.

View current special offers.

Visiting Boston? Consider The Boston Park Plaza Hotel – Check rates, make reservations or call toll free: 800.225.2008.

Browse the Boston Park Plaza Hotel Photo Tour.

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