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How to Easily Exercise Every Day

We know the importance of exercise. It helps to improve your circulation, detoxify your body and make you more refresh.

However, most people couldn’t stick to a consistent exercise program. They get lazy over time and prefer to watch TV instead of going to gym.

What if you can make exercise part of your daily routine? Let exercise fit naturally in your lifestyle. And you don’t have to allocate a specific time for your real exercise, which seems quite impossible anyway.

Here are some tips you can try…

Take the stair instead of elevator

I often see people waiting for the elevator or lift just to go up one floor. And the staircase is just besides the elevator! Come on… where’s the leg?

If you often take elevator, why not use stair instead? Climbing stair is a good exercise. If you’re going up by one, two or even five floors, try climbing the stair. Let your leg muscles do some work and let your heart pump faster.

What if you are going up to the 20th floor? Well, you can take the elevator up to the 15th or 18th floor. Then walk some distance to the stair and climb up to the 20th floor.

Of course you use up more time. But for your own health, don’t you think it’s worth it? Just remember not to do this in a hurry. Exercising during tension or in a rush is not a good idea.

Walk back home

Of course, I’m not asking you to walk all the way back home from your work place or school if it’s very far. If you take bus or LRT (Light Rail Transit), you can choose to drop off one station before your actual destination.

And if you take taxi, you can ask the taxi driver to stop you some distance earlier. Then walk slowly from there.

Walking is also a good exercise. It involves less activity compared to climbing stair. But walking is certainly better than sitting in the bus. Well, even standing consumes more calories compared to sitting. So you may want to stand up even when seat is available.

And if you want to buy something from nearby shop, consider walking instead of driving.

Do some house work

Guys… help your wife or parents do some house work instead of watching TV or sitting in front of your computer. Simple task such as cleaning toilet, hanging cloth and even sweeping floor let you exercise your muscles.

So next time when you see your wife washing dish, go to her and say, “Honey, let me help you with this. You must be tired after cooking for our dinner. So you should take a rest now.”

Wow… can you see your wife’s sweet smile? Let her know you care for her. Just don’t tell her you are doing this just for a little exercise.

The correct way to exercise

Good exercise should increase your heart rate and make you sweat. However, you may find it hard to have that kind of exercise. Therefore, doing the above mentioned light activity seems better than doing nothing at all.

And don’t underestimate this short duration and relatively light activity. If you make it a habit to do some every day, it adds up significantly.

However, no matter what exercise you do, take note of the following:

1. Do it in a clean environment. If walking back home lets you inhale lots of vehicle exhaust, you can forget it. Staying in the bus or car is safer and healthier. Also avoid walking under hot sun.

2. Do it in a relaxing manner. Do not rush. Do not worry about your work. And do not grumble. Enjoy your walk. Enjoy the scenery. And enjoy the gentle breeze. Appreciate everything around you, things you often overlook in your busy lifestyle.

3. Do not overdo it. Some sports and games such as tennis, badminton and football are only suitable for young people. If you are above 40 years old, please avoid these rough exercises. Your chances of injury are quite high. And your heart may not be able to take too much stress.

If you have knee pain caused by degenerative arthritis, avoid climbing hill. Your knee cartilage wear and tear may get worse, especially when you climb down the hill. Go for brisk walk instead.

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