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As there are lots of diet menu alternatives you could ever read, possibly you’ve learned that Dukan Diet is an effective diet plan plan to lose your weight. Dukan Diet strategy has gained a high popularity in France and nowadays people in other countries are obtaining comprehend the effectiveness of this diet plan program.

In details, Dukan Diet plan comes with a number of menu alternatives that have been proved to give satisfying result due to the fact in the matter of truth you will find a lot more than 1.5 million folks have made use of the diet in France. Surely, you will know what precisely you can eat or the certain menu you are able to take throughout the diet plan.

The crucial factor about Dukan Diet strategy is that it doesnt suggest you any strict menu as you enduring the diet plan program, but lots of people who have ever utilised the diet delivered positive testimonials about it and they achieved the result they expected. In general, Dukan Diet program delivers you four phases that every of them consists of special guidelines and purposes.

In details, Dukan Diet plan plan suggests you to go for full-protein foods at the very first phase. It means you need to consume protein food only during the days on this phase. You will find some food options recommended, such as seafood, chicken, beef, veal, eggs, ostrich, and low fat dairy products.

Everybody can follow the diet plan phases in this Dukan Diet plan as this strategy comes with four primary phases that demand you to follow the special guidelines or instruction as well as the food preferences. Nonetheless, the biggest challenge will come to vegetarians who are impossible to consume protein foods like meat, seafood, or fish. But they can pick the dairy merchandise and eggs as their protein food alternatives. If you’re one of the vegetarians and you even do not eat dairy goods or eggs, you need to be really creative to create you own menu.

Occasionally, a great deal of vegetarians cant eat all the foods recommended by Dr. Ducan who’s the creator of the Dukan Diet Plan Menu. They all uncover it difficult when you have to eat the food of animal protein. Even so, Dukan Diet Plan Menu can supply the best solutions to overcome them.

In conclusion, Dukan Diet Plan Menu is really a answer to help somebody in running a diet program. However, Dukan Diet Plan Menu may also give several tricks in avoiding some difficulty of obesity.

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Dukan Diets Head Nutritionist Simone Gloger Offers Tips to Help Dieters Maintain and Even Lose Weight During the Holiday Season

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 25, 2014

During the holiday season when festive dishes packed with carbohydrates and fat are typically offered in abundance, it’s very easy for dieters to cheat, overindulge and pack on the pounds. According to Simone Gloger, head nutritionist for the best selling Dukan Diet, when it comes to dieting successfully during the holidays it’s important to plan head, make healthy choices and focus on eating Dukan-friendly lean protein and vegetables, but to still enjoy yourself.

The Dukan Diet is a lean protein, low-fat, low carb diet that encourages dieters to eat real foods in order to reach and maintain their True Weight. Dieters can eat as much lean protein and vitamin rich vegetables from a list of 100 approved foods until they are full, no weighing food or counting calories. Since the Dukan Diet allows dieters to enjoy lean protein and vegetables, many popular holiday dishes are already Dukan-friendly such as turkey, fish and vegetable dishes. You can also modify recipes to make them Dukan-friendly such as making mashed cauliflower or turnips instead of mashed potatoes, or making a pumpkin pie without the crust.

Here are fives tips from Gloger for sticking to your diet during the holidays:

Don’t Skip Meals: This is the time for work parties, gathering with friends and big family dinners where you know there will be endless food options, many of which are not on your approved diet! Skipping meals to save up for these calories later in the day is not the solution and could potentially lead to headache, fatigue and of course over eating. The key is to eat small meals or snacks throughout the day that are high in protein and low in fat so you can eat as much as you want, get full and not over indulge later on.

Trim Back On The Trimming: Most traditional holiday dishes are really not that unhealthy, but adding in all the additional trimmings to the dishes are what make the calories add up. Simply eliminate extras such as gravy, cream sauces, butter and crust on pies and most all of the bad calories and fat are gone!

Plan The Attack: Before you even grab a plate and start piling on your favorite holiday foods you look forward to all year round, browse your options and pick out which items are the healthiest and then choose just a few items that you want to indulge in. Planning before you actually start piling on the food allows you not to be rushed into making bad eating choices and makes you more aware of exactly what options you have to work with.

Focus on the Main Dishes: We always spend hours planning and cooking the main dish at holiday dinner’s such as the turkey or ham but end up eating more of the sides like bread, potatoes and stuffing, which are typically the least healthy items. Eliminate some of these unhealthy smaller dishes and instead cook a few additional main dishes such as a fish, roast or grilled chicken, which have more protein and will fill you up more, leaving less room for side dishes. Plus, these main dishes are better for leftovers!

Keep Up Your Healthy Habits: In addition to watching what you eat, its also important to stay on top of your other healthy habits like daily walking and exercise, as well as making sure to drink plenty of water. Doing this will help keep you in your healthy routine and you are more likely to succeed and not gain those few extra unwanted pounds during the holidays.

About Dukan Diet

The Dukan Method is a high-protein, low-fat, low-carb diet designed for healthy eating and lifelong weight management. Created by Dr. Pierre Dukan, a French medical doctor with over 40 years of experience in clinical nutrition and author of the #1 New York Times bestselling book The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight. 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever, the Dukan Diet program offers unique and personalized weight loss coaching, as well as a variety of food products and all natural supplements at The Dukan Diet book has sold more than eight million copies worldwide. To learn more about the Dukan Diet, please visit or find Dukan Diet on Facebook or Twitter.

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