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Leah dissan diet: onion diet

Leah dissan diet: onion diet

Onion Method: Peel the onion, cut into thin slices. With cold water for a while, then drain in addition to water. Vinegar and salt into the pot, heated to 36 degrees Celsius. Flame, add honey, stirring slowly, it dissolved, add the onion. Cools after the onions and vinegar in a sealed container, into the p57 hoodia refrigerate week later, you can start eating.

Kelly Lin Diet: Papaya

Kelly Lin often eat papaya. Because breast papaya weight loss is a saint yet. Papaya contains a unique protein enzymes, can eat the meat and the removal of fat accumulate in the lower body. In addition, papaya pectin contained in the meat quality of colonic cleansing agent is, can reduce the accumulation of waste in the lower body.

Who do not want to have an angel face and devil body? Angel face is natural, if not Mom and Dad do not blame it, but the devil’s body is to exercise out of their own.

 Elva will usually soak almost every day in the gym two or three hours “to study in Canada, the emphasis on the girls side of the boys overall body lines, not only pay attention to where the boys around the big girls on the ramp. Elva face graceful, flowing body lines, this is by eating, so that training, before they get it! so, we also do not envy the stars stand bright light, or quickly start a real exercise it!

Vivian exclusive weight loss trick: dancing + running

The devil has an angel face Vivian, to make himself look more radiant, continued to exercise every day, running 30 minutes a day, in exchange for good color, the people seem more dynamic. As for the belly fat, Vivian sit-ups to help eliminate places, but does not like to do repetitive movements, she believes that meizitang the best way botanical slimming soft gel lose weight slim forte is to dance.


the p57 hoodia refrigerate week later, you can start eating.