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The Difference Between Exercise Programs for Women and Men

The main goals for female workout programs are almost the same as the ones that are designed for men. Most of the main muscle groups worked and exercises done are identical. The real difference lies in the results. Mens and womens bodies change differently after doing exercises. This is because of a characteristic called physiology.

Men and women produce testosterone. The real difference is the amount both produce. Men make lots more testosterone. When choosing a womans exercise program, the anabolic effect that testosterone has on the body must be recognized. Muscle strength, muscle mass development, as well as bone strength and density are enabled by testosterone. The fact that men secrete more testosterone goes to show that they have an easier time developing muscle mass than women.

Women are still able to gain well toned bodies though. They will just get different looking bodies and many competitions feature this as well.

What Exercises does a Female Workout Include?

Women and men will often have identical workout routines: workouts for the chest and shoulders that include exercises such as presses, chest and shoulders isolation, and shoulders and triceps isolation; exercises for the lower body to work the quads, gluteus, hamstrings, calves, and lower back; workouts for the biceps and back to develop back thickness, back width, shoulders, and central back muscles.

Weight loss is one of the main components of an exercise program for women. A trainer or a professional is very helpful to make a bodybuilding schedule. Begin exercising with simple exercises and get into more difficult ones as you progress slowly.

Program Suggestions

Females usually tend to store more fat in their body naturally than men do. Females usually have more cardio exercises in their regimen for this exact reason. Cardio exercises keep the heart rate up which enables the use of more energy, which in turn burns more calories.

Resistance training is very important for women and muscle needs resistance to grow. The more the weight used for exercises, the more the resistance and thus, the more muscle growth. An increase in weights must be done gradually and progressively, however.

Everyone must always do warm up exercises correctly before doing a workout. This allows a boost in performance, avoiding injuries as well as to get the blood flowing. Lots of good programs for women start off with some running on the treadmill. This is a great way to get warmed up prior to the workouts.

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