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DietGeniusMD Presents Ways to Alleviate Asthma

(PRWEB) February 18, 2015

Managing Asthma With Better Indoor Air Quality

While there is no easy fix for someone who suffers from asthma, there are a few ways to curb asthmatic episodes and inflammation. Taking inventory of the indoor air quality in a home can be the first step in lessening the severity of attacks and number of occurrences. Here are a few ways the air breathed in a home can be alleviated.

Smoking Ban

Smoke is the first contaminate to banish from the home completely. Secondhand smoke has been proven to be detrimental to the respiratory system of those exposed. It irritates the bronchial airways and can cause inflammation. While smoking outside the home is a better alternative, be aware that smoke is still easily absorbed into clothing, coats and hair, allowing it to be brought into the home even if the actual smoking is done elsewhere.

Chem-Free Cleaning

Many people do not realize that the chemicals used to create common household cleaners can be a major trigger to those with asthma, leading to a tightening of the airways. Instead opt for more natural alternatives such as plant based cleaners that include anti-bacterial ingredients like tea tree oil, citrus or lavender. Choose surface cleaners with a vinegar base, which is gentler on the lungs.

Out With the Mold

Be wary of any areas where moisture may have entered the house, such as with a slow leak along a basement wall or a carpeted area that may have been flooded. Even the smallest amount of wetness can offer a breeding ground for bacteria, which can become airborne. These mold spores can infiltrate the home, creating irritants easily breathed in by unaware recipients. Do regular checks of basements and hidden away corners of the home where water may be entering unnoticed.

Filtering Fido

Having pets in the home may be non-negotiable, but having their dander floating through the living room doesn’t have to be part of the package. Many people who suffer from asthma can be sensitive to the dander produced by pets. This dander is extremely lightweight and can be sent into the air with the slightest movement. Invest in a home filtration system that can remove the dander and allergens from the air and reduce their impact on both family members and guests. A bonus to a home filter is that it can also reduce pet odors at the same time.

Living with asthma does not mean it cannot be managed. Take inventory of air within the home and make necessary changes, increasing the quality to reduce the number of asthmatic attacks and severity.

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