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Determine Running Exercise in Different Weather

Running is a popular sport. We would exercise to different extent to different weather, this not only exercise will, but also body healthy.
To the cold weather, because of the cold air, body has some special reaction to the cold by change hematopoietic, which enhances resistance to disease. So runners running in winter are not likely to trouble with anemia, colds, bronchitis and pneumonia. Cold generally with weaker sunlight; outdoor running can make up the sun. The sun can promote the body’s calcium and phosphorus absorption; will help bone growth and development. Sun’s ultraviolet rays can kill the bacteria on the clothes and body; the human body can act as a “disinfectant”.

Under cold temperature, the surface of the blood vessels contract when cooled, blood flow slowly, flexibility and reduces the flexibility of joints, muscle and ligament is reduced. So running in winter should be totally prepared, make warm-up exercise to avoid sports injuries. In addition, you must pay attention to body, hands, ears warm in cold weather running and prevent freezing.

Running a hot day: To hot days, the temperature is high, incorrect run methods are easy to heat stroke. Running in cool morning and evening is the best choice for hot weather. Daytime running should try to avoid strong direct sunlight, wear a hat to prevent sunstroke.

Run in windy days. It is harder to breath in windy days, you would control the rhythm and depth of running in this situation. Do not mouth breathing, cold airs may stimulate the throat and trachea bring with cough. If the wind is too large, dusty, it can be changed into the indoor sports.

At parks or outside, the air in fog days is almost same as the fog-free days, still be fresh, only more humid, absorption into the body will not affect the physical health. So you may run as usual, but fog days will with poor visibility, so you would slow down to avoid injuries or accidents. Where there is air pollution, fog prevents the spread of harmful emissions into the air, this will make air more bad, so do not run at those places.

Rain running: If the rain is not heavy, you can wear a short raincoat to run on asphalt. Do not run too fast, it is dangerous to run fast in rainy days. After the run, wipe the sweat and rain on the body, change dry clothes. Take some special running shoes for rainy weather.
Snow running need to put on his hat and gloves, run on the flat road or sporting ground. The steps shall be shorter and more frequently, step in place to prevent a sprained ankle on uneven. Snowy days will be brighter, especially in the sunlight, so do not run in sunny snow days, this is easily to cause snow blindness disease.

Different weather needs different preparations. So you would to learn more with experience, running is a long-term activity, you would learn more as you run more.

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