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Designing Successful Aquatics Programs for Seniors Topic of HydroWorx Webinar

Middletown, PA (PRWEB) February 20, 2015

Turning 65, 75 or even 85 is different for individuals today than it was only one or two generations ago. After all, it’s no longer uncommon to find seniors in the gym, on the track or on the court. In fact, aging in America can now be referred to as “active aging” thanks to the desire for individuals to stay healthy as long as possible. Of course, the normal process of getting older can make it increasingly difficult to engage in a variety of athletic pursuits, especially those that jar the joints, or put stressors on the upper or lower extremities. Yet for most people who crave the opportunity to freely move their bodies, giving up the pleasure of working out is not an option; instead, they seek out alternative methods such as aquatic programs where they can get all the benefits of regular exercise without the risk of injuries, increased pain or falling.

A webinar-based discussion of this topic, “Road Map to Creating a Successful Aquatics Program for Seniors”, will be offered by HydroWorx, the leading provider of therapy pools, on Tuesday, February 24, from 1-2 p.m. E.S.T. Presented by Rachel McDermott, PTA, former Director of Rehabilitation, and Paul Osterberger, Wellness Director, of Stonehill Care Center in Dubuque, Iowa, the one-hour event will cover a variety of topics including:

The successes of Stonehill Care Center’s aquatic therapy program for their senior living wellness and therapy center residents and clients.
Strategies for starting and continuing an aquatic-focused therapy and wellness program, including marketing tips and techniques to increase community engagement.
Methods to improve the return on investment of an aquatic therapy pool.

Both speakers have extensive backgrounds making them well-suited to explore this discussion with attendees. McDermott has been a director at multiple clinics, where she has continuously been able to utilize her training in nursing rehabilitation and aquatic therapy. She has been the Director of Rehabilitation at Stonehill Care Center for the last 5 years. She recently made the transition to Unity Point Hospital and is now the Director of their Acute Rehab Unit. Osterberger develops all-inclusive programming for fitness classes and workshops to enrich the lives of the members at Stonehill Care Center. Her professional degrees and experiences are in recreation management, health and wellness and mass communications.

Attendance for “Road Map to Creating a Successful Aquatics Program for Seniors” is free, but registration is required prior to the start time. Registration can be made at

About HydroWorx®

Since the late 1990s, HydroWorx has manufactured aquatic therapy pools with built-in underwater treadmills to enable clinicians to more effectively offer their patients the opportunity to increase range of motion, decrease risk of falls and joint stress and remain motivated through the rehab process.

Products such as the HydroWorx 2000 and 500 Series therapy pools have revolutionized the face of aquatic therapy; in fact, HydroWorx technology is used by world-class facilities like the renowned Kennedy Krieger Institute and The Andrews Institute, as well as physical therapy clinics across the country.

HydroWorx offers a wide range of underwater treadmill pools and peripheral products and services. Every day, more than 23,000 athletes and patients use HydroWorx technology to recover from injuries and health conditions.

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Designing An Effective Exercise Band Workout Program

With a very simple cable or exercise band you can do three particular types of workouts. Each of these does something different for your body and will deliver different results:

Circuit Training
Power Training

An effective exercise band workout program may include all of these exercise types or just one of them. You may also want to incorporate other types of exercise equipment such as an exercise ball, but that is not necessary. What equipment you use and which types of workouts you incorporate depends on the results you want to see from your workout program.

Exercise Band And Recovery Workouts

One of the worst things you can do is over train your body. Your muscles benefit from workouts that are very challenging, but if you have too much challenge in a short period of time you risk injury from the overuse of muscles. That is where recovery workouts come into the picture.

A recovery workout won’t be as challenging as the other workouts in your program. They stretch out your muscles and help your body recover from your more intense training sessions. An exercise band is perfect for this, since it is by nature gentler on the body than other types of exercise equipment.

The benefit of an exercise band recovery workout is to stretch and ease the muscles while picking up blood flow throughout the body. This is done by moving slower and extending the body fully with every motion. You should do 15 or more slow reps of every movement.

Though recovery workouts and circuit training workouts have different benefits and goals, you can easily turn a recovery workout into a circuit training session.

Circuit Training with Exercise Bands

The benefit of circuit training is that you can strengthen and tone the body while burning fat. You alternate between muscle building exercises and rounds of cardio movements so your heart rate stays high and your muscles are challenged at the same time. This option is great if you have limited amounts of time to workout and can’t do cardio and strength training separately.

The best movements for a circuit training session will incorporate the upper and lower body at the same time. You should also change between different muscle groups in the body so you can move from one exercise to the next. You don’t necessarily rest between sets like you would with a straight weightlifting program. The goal is to keep moving so the heart rate remains high, but at a safe level, for cardio benefits.

Exercise Band Power Training

Power training helps your body improve speed while becoming more powerful. The exercise band is perfectly suited to this type of training since the goal is to move fast with explosive power whenever possible. Exercise bands allow faster movement without threat of injury, so they are used over dumbbells or other hand weights.

You have to rest between sets and follow proper form with this type of exercise band workout.

Think about what results you want from your exercise program and then determine which of these workout types you should include in your exercise band program.

Mandy Gibbons
Virtual Fitness
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