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Crossfit workout for overall fitness

Crossfit workout is a new term that is focused on fitness around all disciplines and however the main aim of the workout remains on strengthening and conditioning. This workout is widely followed in gyms and fitness centers all around the world and the popularity of this workout has been continuously increasing and it has become one of the most preferred workouts among athletes, firefighters, military and law enforcement organizations. If you are living in Houston, you will find a lot of centers that offer Crossfit Houston training that is indicated by the expert on daily basis which is called WOD (workout of the day) and everyone in the gym has to do the same exercise however, the main aim of the crossfit fitness regime stays the same and that is to make people achieve fitness in every discipline may that be cardiovascular endurance, strength, stamina, power, flexibility, speed, balance and accuracy. Most likely the workout is pretty short and sometimes it even last for only 20-25 minutes and in some cases, the timings of the workout are fixed and everyone is suppose to do as many repetitions as possible in that time span, this is done in order to achieve the goal in the minimum possible time. There are a lot of benefits that you can reap by joining Crossfit Houston training.

With the help of crossfit training you will be able to achieve fitness you aim for in a much enhanced way which will include various types of exercising in order to make you more strong and flexible. Ones you start doing these workouts, there are a lot of chances that you may find it tedious at first but they are very interesting at the same time because gym trainers develop a kind of environment which doesn’t leave people bored and they find everything new to do every day. This is the one of the main reason due to which this workout is very popular among people. Another advantage of following this training is that this is not an expensive deal unlike regular gyms that can cost you good amount of money. But in this training you don’t necessarily need high end equipments because this workout involves more involvement of body in order to make best of out of it. Crossfit fitness workout is very interesting and challenging at the same time and it will help you in your daily activities as well. The training will help you to strengthen your overall body and increase its flexibility because of which it will become easier for you to do wide range of activities.

This workout has an edge over other exercises that are practiced in regular gyms because they don’t focus on your overall body fitness which is something that you will only find in crossfit workout. It is very easy to find crossfit gyms in Houston, all you need to do is to search on internet and you will come across list of gyms that offer this workout. The next thing you need to make sure is that it’s a well reputed gym and make sure you read about the gym and check their pricing, if everything appeals right to you, you are good to go!

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Crossfit Outbreak Expands Its Selection of Fitness Classes

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) February 11, 2015

Crossfit Outbreak, Fort Greene’s first crossfit gym, is diversifying its range of fitness classes by adding classes in Capoeira, indoor rowing, yoga and boot camp exercise.

These new class offerings come as a near-direct result of the rapid growth the gym has seen since it first opened its doors last fall, says Co-President Adam Sturm. In addition, Crossfit Outbreak’s mission is to provide people with a well-rounded, comprehensive way to achieve fitness.

“We have been fortunate to experience very fast growth. In three months we have more than 150 active members,” Sturm says. “We want all our members to be well-rounded athletes. Our programs deliver a level of fitness that is, by design, broad, general and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing.”

Capoeira, a martial art originating from Brazil that combines elements of dance and acrobatics, is an increasingly-popular way for people to get fit by practicing quick, complex moves along to music. Crossfit Outbreak’s Capoeira course is led by Pena Verde, an instructor from Salvador, Brazil.

“Verde started practicing Capoeira when he was 15 years old with Mestre Sabia, the coordinator of The Association of Ginga Mundo Capoeira,” Sturm explains. “It’s incredibly exciting to have someone with such world-class experience show our members how much fun Capoeira can be.”

The new classes are already highly popular among Crossfit Outbreak’s members, Sturm says. In addition, Sturm says he doesn’t know of other crossfit gyms that offer this many different classes to their members.

“Our members are very excited,” he says. “Our rowing classes are regularly sold out and we are just rolling out the Capoeira classes. Yoga has been a big hit and boot camp is a great way to work out without weights. By offering programs that are broad and inclusive, we hope to attract and keep members longer and to keep them healthy and fit for many years.”

About Crossfit Outbreak

CrossFit Outbreak is a new gym opening in Brooklyn, NY. Catering to CrossFit athletes and enthusiasts, this new CrossFit gym can help anyone train and develop a healthy physique, whether they’re a marathon runner or a current couch potato. To learn more about CrossFit Outbreak, visit

CrossFit World Record Holder Opens New 12th State CrossFit

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) December 18, 2014

Cliff Kohut, CrossFit Regionals World Record Holder, announced the opening of 12th State CrossFit, a one-of-a-kind facility with a welcomed feature lacking in CrossFit facilities throughout the Triangle: classes capped at 15 students. For more information about 12th State CrossFit, visit:

“12th State CrossFit caters to all walks of life and all ability levels,” says Kohut.” Anyone who wants to try CrossFit out for whatever personal reason — to lose weight, to improve their physique, to relieve stress — visit our website. Try us out. It could change your life.”

Located at 807 Hodges St, Raleigh, North Carolina, 27608, inside the 440 Beltline just minutes from North Hills, Five Points, and Downtown Raleigh, 12th State CrossFit promises to deliver a fun atmosphere, qualified and caring staff, 1:15 coach to student ratios and unique programs.

“While I’ve always been athletic, it’s important for people to know that I only started my CrossFit fitness regimen nearly four years ago,” says Kohut. “Now I’m a world record holder. I’m proof that anything is possible with CrossFit.”

Along with a world record holder as head coach, unique CrossFit programs, fun atmosphere and small classes, 12th State CrossFit offers students:

Staff of knowledgeable coaches that will go the extra mile to ensure each of their athletes reach their full potential;
Sense of community as coaches and fellow athletes will cheer you on during workouts and know you on a first name — or nickname – basis; and,
Measurement of personal progress with Wodify, a virtual whiteboard and “hub” that allow athletes to track and log workouts and diet while interacting online with trainers.

CrossFit is a Life Changing Experience at 12th State

For a limited time, beginning January 2015, 12th State CrossFit is offering a month of introductory classes for a fee of $ 50 for the month. These intro classes, known as “CrossFit 101,” will allow a smooth transition into the world of CrossFit. Special attention will be paid to teaching proper mechanics and ensuring that new members feel comfortable in the gym. This is a perfect opportunity to experience a CrossFit workout with other beginners in a controlled and safe environment. No pressure to perform and no need to “get in shape” prior to arriving. If you are comfortable at 12th State after a month, you are welcome to sign up for additional classes. This is a no-risk, low stress way for athletes to become acquainted with 12th State training methods.

The CrossFit Explosion

Crossfit is exploding throughout the nation. In 2005, there were seven affiliates. Now there are well over 10,000. CrossFit has experienced a growth rate of 166% per year. Besides the results participants experience, the annual CrossFit Games has helped fuel its sports popularity. With corporate sponsors like Reebok and media deals with ESPN, participation in the CrossFit games has grown from 26,000 participants in 2011 to 2014,000 participants in 2014.

About 12th State CrossFit

12th State CrossFit strives to deliver 1:15 ratio coach to athlete maximum, energetic atmosphere, unique programs, and a community of supporters. The gym is located inside the 440 Beltline just minutes from North Hills, Five Points, and Downtown Raleigh, at 807 Hodges St, Raleigh, NC 27608. Featuring a 7,000 square foot facility and equipment from top manufactures like Rogue and MuscleDriver USA, 12th State CrossFit is owned and operated by Regional CrossFit World Record Holder, Cliff Kohut. 12th State CrossFit offers students a staff of caring, knowledgeable and qualified trainers. For more information, please visit:

About Cliff Kohut

Born in Mocksville, North Carolina, and raised in Kernersville, North Carolina, Robert Kohut grew up the son of a gym owner, and naturally became a “gym rat.” Kohut attended East Carolina University in Greenville to study Exercise Physiology and was a walk-on NCAA athlete for the university’s swim and dive team. After one year in Greenville, Cliff left to pursue a chance to compete for the gymnastics team at the University of Nebraska. Following his time in Nebraska, Cliff returned home and began coaching at a local gymnastics club where he would eventually meet his wife Hannah, who is one of the skilled trainers at 12th State as well. Through intense training, and the support of loved ones, Kohut was able to reach the 2014 CrossFit Mid-Atlantic Regional competition, where he would compete for a spot in the CrossFit Games. After two days of competition at regionals, he had successfully gathered three “Top 3” finishes, one of which was a victorious first place and regional world record in the Handstand Walk Event (410 feet in 3 minutes).

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