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Diet Doc Has Created New Diet Foods to Complement the Companys Low Fat Diet Plans

Austin, TX (PRWEB) April 16, 2015

For dieters, finding satisfying foods while on a low fat diet is often the lynchpin of success. A lack of satiating diet foods is a common reason that dieters abandon their diets. With satisfied dieters in mind, Diet Doc has released a new line of diet foods, available nationwide, to complement the company’s hormone diet plans and assist their clients in feeling satisfied while losing weight. This approach, offering a full range of weight loss aids to clients, helps dieters feel more satisfied with their diet foods, preventing boredom and ultimately diet abandonment.

The company’s approach to weight loss is multipronged, combining satiating diet foods and snacks with powerful prescription weight loss aids and doctor supervision, which provides clients with the full support necessary to reach their weight loss goals.

With Diet Doc’s exclusive, prescription strength hormone treatments, patients are able to control their temptation to indulge in unhealthy foods and, instead, are able to choose healthy diet foods that help them to lose weight fast. While this medication is helping clients to feel less hungry, the new Diet Doc diet foods allow for healthy snacking and optimal health, providing the much needed nutrients during dieting, as well as satisfying hunger between meals without wreaking havoc on the low fat diet.

Among the new diet foods released are decadent diet New York cheesecake pudding or shakes, nutritious and filling premade omelet packs including bacon and cheese, vegetable, and southwest style, new soup bases like cream of broccoli and cream of chicken, and finally new between meal protein bars in flavors like caramel brownie, chocolate coconut and soft baked brownie.

How to get the Diet Doc diet foods:

Those interested in losing up to 20 pounds per month, safely and healthily, need only contact Diet Doc and schedule a consultation with one of the company’s licensed weight loss doctors, conducted easily and quickly over the telephone or via video conferencing like Skype. During their initial physician consultation, patients will be evaluated for the Diet Doc hormone diet plans, as well as receive special offers for the company’s new and existing delicious foods, making up the most successful low fat diet in the industry.

If a Diet Doc physician determines that prescription diet aids are also applicable, they can be prescribed during this initial consultation and shipped directly to the patient’s door, without hassle, physical visits to a doctor’s office, or embarrassing weight loss clinic visits.

Once patients complete their initial consultation, they will receive a copy of the Diet Doc workbook, completely detailing the effective weight loss system and how to successfully incorporate weight loss foods into a low fat diet. Diet Doc understands that many of their clients may not know which low fat diet foods are the best for losing weight or which taste good and work best with a successful weight reduction program. Diet Doc provides clients with an all-inclusive weight reduction package necessary to give them with the skills to lose weight and sustain their weight loss over time. By following this protocol, thousands of Diet Doc clients have successfully lost weight, some losing up to almost a pound per day.

About the Company:

Diet Doc Weight Loss is the nation’s leader in medical, weight loss offering a full line of prescription medication, doctor, nurse and nutritional coaching support. For over a decade, Diet Doc has produced a sophisticated, doctor designed weight loss program that addresses each individual specific health need to promote fast, safe and long term weight loss.

Diet Doc Contact Information:

Providing care across the USA


San Diego, CA

(888) 934-4451


Twitter: Here

Facebook: DietDocMedicalWeightLoss

Linkedin: Here

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HERdiet Promotes New YouTube Channel- The Diet Pill for Women That Was Scientifically Formulated for a Lady’s Body, Has Created Their Own Channel for Clients

Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) January 15, 2015

As the ball has dropped on 2014, the New Year brings thoughts of resolutions, none more popular than losing those dreaded pounds each of us pack on over the holidays and throughout these cold winter months.

Women only truly believe what they see and hear. HERdiet brings this to their clients in the form of video testimonials on YouTube!

Finally, there is a diet pill for women that is scientifically formulated for a lady’s metabolism called HERdiet. Men and women are simply made differently and not all diet pills can target both sexes without missing the mark. HERdiet focuses on the mind and body through the use of a proprietary blend that targets fat and the problems that women face when trying to manage their weight.

Backed by the 100% satisfaction guarantee, HERdiet takes a 3-step approach to dieting by focusing on the main factors women struggle with. Her metabolism, her mind, and her appetite are the main contributors to weight gain, and a diet pill for women must target each of these effectively to work well.

HERdiet works fast; ladies will feel the energy effects kicking in within minutes after the first pretty pink capsule is taken. This energy is due to the caffeine and synephrine-hcl ingredients, which helps burn calories and has a boost similar to a triple espresso in the morning without the crash. A second capsule is taken around lunch that helps the body get through the rest of the day while continuing to work on that stubborn metabolism by keeping it in high gear.

Chocolate right, what woman doesn’t love chocolate? One of the prime ingredients found in chocolate also happens to be in HERdiet. Why is it there you may ask? Phenylethylamine is a feel good ingredient that has been shown to improve mood, focus, and concentration. This edit pill contains enough of this to enhance the mind and work with the other ingredients in synergy to boost the effectiveness of each serving.

Snacking and binge eating is the toughest thing for women to avoid when dieting. Appetite suppression is a must have attribute for a diet pill. Finally, HERdiet targets the appetite with each and every serving. By eating less, consumers not only save money for that purse they’ve been wanting to buy forever, but will finally get a lady to the right side of the scale of how much food and calories her body is taking in so that she can beat the battle of the bulge. The combination of the proprietary blend found in HERdiet works to beat back the hunger and food cravings that cause so many women to quit their diet before they even begin to see any success.

Unique… HERdiet is so unique, it features a serial number that is embedded in a QR code, from, that is on every single label. Just like that Gucci purse, consumers don’t want a fake. HERdiet protects their clients, and authenticity is part of that picture. In a world full of crime, protecting the brand and the consumer should always come first. This means HERdiet can’t be duplicated by a counterfeit artist that may want to make a fake version of the product. Shoppers can always verify authenticity of each unit sold. This code also helps to track and trace where each purse goes and to help maintain the retail price point for stores. Isn’t it nice to know a company cares enough about its product to make sure consumers can verify it is exactly what they paid for? Not some “knock-off” fake drug made in an overseas plant, which in the case of a dietary supplement, something consumers are putting in their body that could cause harm. How many diet pills care enough to do this? Now there is at least 1.

At a cost of less than $ 1 a serving, HERdiet takes the cake as a premium diet pill, yet won’t break the bank. Think of all the money one can save from the food they won’t be eating. The cute pink embossed purse of HERdiet contains 60 custom pink dotted capsules, a 30 day supply, which really attracts attention, but it’s the effectiveness of the product that really sells.

HERdiet is being sold in beauty and nail salons, spas, tanning salons, boutiques, and anywhere that women tend to focus on their body. What better fit than to pick up HERdiet with those perfect pair of heels or when paying for that must-have manicure. Wholesale inquiries can be directed to HERdiet through their website or using phone and email.

HERdiet features many promotions and diet tips on their Facebook page and through their Twitter feed @HERdiet. Be sure to subscribe to the feeds to stay informed of free and promotional opportunities. The company also offers consultant sales opportunities for those ladies looking to expand their income earning potential by introducing the product to businesses that women shop at in their area.

Finally, women have a weight loss pill they can turn to with trust in HERdiet. A product so sound in its formulation and reputation that it is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Not too many products come risk free these days, but HERdiet knows there is nothing to lose but weight and a whole new life to gain.