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The Newest Fitness Craze

If you’ve seen a bunch of mad lunatics running around your local park lately, don’t be alarmed. Boot camps are taking the fitness scene by storm.

The last time something hit as big as this, most of us were wearing spandex and wrist warmers.

So what’s the big deal? Well, there is a lot really. Where to start is the real question. Boot camps get you outside first of all and that’s an awesome thing during the summer and fall months. I mean really, who wants to be cooped up inside on a treadmill when you can be running around in the hills and doing situps while looking at the sky?

Another great thing about fitness boot camps is the workout itself. Highly effective stuff. You hit all your areas of fitness including but not limited to cardiovascular capacity, muscular endurance and strength, speed and agility and even flexibility as well.

Of course that being said, your class will only be as good as the instructor and the people creating the environment around you. Most classes are filled with like minded people however so it’s usually not an issue at all. The only thing you might want to watch is the fitness level of the class in general.

Some boot camps are designed for those that are out of shape and want to lose some weight. However other boot camps cater to a more intense crowd. These are the groups that are working out because they actually enjoy the sensation of working out and the specific outcome is actually a beneficial side effect.

These classes are geared for those that like a physical challenge and seeing what they can accomplish. It’s just something to keep in mind because if you are an ex-football linebacker you’d probably like a more intense challenge than the yoga mat touting foo-foo classes that you see around so much these days offer.

No matter what group you fall into, the newest fitness craze that is boot camps will offer you a great change of pace and at a price that you can easily handle, while still getting the benefits of close supervision of a qualified personal trainer.

Ray Burton is a personal trainer and fitness author that runs a Calgary Boot Camp called Commando Cardio.