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Podnerds Launches Community for Podcasters Offering Big Budget Resources for Little Cost

Battle Creek, Michigan (PRWEB) April 30, 2015

Podnerds Inc. launched their new social network platform, in beta Monday morning to podcasters looking for big budget consulting and tools with their podcasts, but for very little cost to the host. The service curates all podcasting news in one place on the web, provides training in editing, sound and video production and hardware, as well as provides consulting on marketing, monetization, podcast content and series planning and syndication.

Podnerds offers full time expert consulting and answers on any podcast related problem or subject. The company plans to offer a call center support line when beta has completed on May 7th. They are offering unlimited consulting at subscription fees ranging from $ 9.99 to $ 49.99 per month. There are several packages to choose from, including an always free package for free use of the Podnerds Community. Free services include a page for podcast, blogging, reviews, audio and video uploads and more.

With Podnerds Pages, a free feature of the service, hosts can have a home base for podcasts that includes blogging, audio and video uploads, and reviews for both podcasts themselves, and platforms and tools used for podcasting.

For the subscription packages which range from 9.99 for unlimited text based support and consulting to a 49.99/mo package for a full scale branded network, members have access to webinars, training, and significantly discounted pricing on ala carte editing services, graphic design and related resources. The packages offered are priced to fit most everyones needs.

The future of Podnerds looks bright. With growth, the plans for the startup include technology to podcast in video and audio format, and to innovate with podcasters to create solutions to the problems that they see across the industry.

Shannon Dingee-Kramer, CEO/Founder of Podnerds is no stranger to podcasting. She served as the Director of Customer Operations for BlogTalkRadio, and left in her 8th year in March 2015 to start Podnerds. Podnerds Headquarters is based in Battle Creek, Michigan, but has team members spread throughout the United States.

ToGoGizmo Extends Its Warranty and Reduces the Cost of New iPad Accessories

Podgorica, Montenegro (PRWEB) April 16, 2015

Its repertoire consists of any electronic device a customer would ever want including home theatre systems, GPS navigation devices, headphones, cameras and even cables. The iPad stands out as this website’s most marketed device alongside devices of its ilk from such manufacturers like Sony, Lenovo and HP. Although the site harbors several brands of the tablet, most people acknowledge it as a reliable source of accessories, especially for the iPad. Below are a few examples of the accessories a customer should expect to find on ToGoGizmo:

The first thing a genuine electronic lover will purchase for their iPad is an attractive case and, more suitably, one which shows off their personality. has several of these. The cases are from a number of manufacturers and come in different colors and print designs. Just to mention a few popular manufacturers, a customer will have options between Golla, Griffin and Fashination/Macbeth. The cases also come in different materials to suit varying applications depending on what the customer intends to do with their iPad. For instance, people who intend to do a lot of gaming will want a case which has good grip.

The next most popular item iPad owners have interest in is a stand for their tablet. Considering that most people use their mobile devices while on the go, has a selection of the best stands/mounts for use in a car. Some are designed to be used on the rear seat headrest while others can be mounted of the floor. Such accessories are very helpful for hands free-navigation or when a passenger needs a bit more comfort while using their device. An accessory like the Arkon Desktop and travel stand can be used for multiple applications.

As mentioned before, markets itself as a specialty store, which explains why the prices of its accessories are lower than those put up by general merchant stores. Besides, the online electronics shop welcomes customers to take advantage of its extended warranty on all accessories including such items like headphones and convenience cables. Important to note too, is that does not fit in as a gift shop. However, with proper communication, people can use it as a gifting platform. If a customer is intrigued by a product and decides to buy it for someone else, they just need to include the recipient’s address while submitting details for their order.