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Catalyst Golf Performance Opens The Corazon Golf Performance Center in Dublin, OH

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) December 11, 2014

Catalyst Golf Performance — a comprehensive and integrated golf instruction, coaching and fitness operation — is opening its first facility outside Chicago at The Club at the Corazon in Dublin, Ohio on January 3.

The Corazon Golf Performance Center, powered by Catalyst Golf Performance, will bring a new level of detail, comprehension, technology, and coaching expertise to the Columbus golf community. Catalyst Golf Performance offers integrated programs that involve a personalized blend of golf coaching, fitness training, equipment fitting, and other services such as diet and nutrition coaching, sports performance coaching, and rehabilitation. Catalyst satisfied golfers are of all ages and ability levels from beginners to top PGA Tour and ReMax World Long Drive champions.

“Our coaching programs at Catalyst Golf Performance are the most effective way for any golfer to improve because we take the time to truly figure out why each specific player is not accomplishing their goals before we develop that players personalized program, “ says Mike Napoleon, Managing Partner and Director or Golf Instruction for Catalyst. “We then use specific and structured practice strategies to help the player improve any deficiencies we find during our assessment process.”

The Catalyst Golf Performance game assessment process involves much more than a typical golf lesson:

    The process starts with a detailed interview with the player to determine his goals and history with the game of golf.
    After this, the player undergoes a comprehensive physical fitness assessment to determine all the characteristics of that player’s body.    
    Next is an assessment with the TrackMan Launch Monitor System to find exactly how the ball and club interact on a typical shot for the player.
    A 3D biomechanics assessment determines how a player’s body moves in detail and how the player transfers energy during the swing.
    The player’s short game skills and equipment are also assessed during this process.

“Catalyst is one of the most exciting offerings we can provide our members. The organization has a proven track record and stellar reputation for improving its clients’ performance no matter their skill level or age,” says Andrew Brennanwoods, Director of Sales and Marketing at the Club at Corazon. “We are thrilled to open this performance center so our members can get a head start on their golf season.”

Catalyst has enjoyed a number of successes this year:

    In January, it opened its Lincoln Park Performance Center, the first and only all-encompassing, world-class and Tour-caliber indoor golf performance center in Chicago featuring virtual golf simulation. The Center is a one-stop operation for golf instruction, coaching, physical fitness and rehabilitation, club fitting and repair, practice and indoor virtual golf simulation, all housed in a 7,500 sq. ft. facility.
    One of its Catalyst Long Drive team members and student Connor Powers, after only seven months of Catalyst training, qualified for the Elite Eight in the ReMax Long Drive Championship Finals. Long Drive team member Eddie Fernandes won a regional ReMax championship.
    One of the company’s newest trainers – Jeff Flagg – won the ReMax Long Drove Championship.

For more information about Catalyst Golf Performance and the Catalyst Long Drive Team, visit, or contact Mike Napoleon at 224.619.8537, . For more information about the Club at Corazon, visit , or contact Andrew Brennanwoods at andrewb(at)vitafitclub(dot)com


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