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Three Components of a Successful Fitness Exercise Program

Three Components of a Successful Fitness Exercise Program

Many people like to start a new year with fitness goals, but those goals will be much more likely met with the proper fitness exercise program. A complete fitness exercise program will work the entire body, and produce a myriad of healthy results. It’s not enough to simply want to tone the torso or build the biceps; working the heart, lungs and complete cardiovascular system should be a consideration as well. We have the three components that will help you design a successful fitness exercise program that will get you fit and trim from the inside out.

Aerobic Exercise
Aerobic exercise is any type of activity that will get your heart pumping, and may include walking, running, swimming or cycling. All of those machines at the local fitness center that require you to get up and get moving, like the treadmill, stair master, Nordic track and stationary cycles will work for this purpose. So will a brisk walk or jog around the neighborhood or a workout video in the family room. Aerobic exercise is essential for a fitness exercise program because it assists with weight loss and maintenance and will keep your heart and lungs healthy. Most experts will recommend at least 30 minutes four or five times a week to reap the greatest benefit.

Strength Training
While most don’t consider strength training as a part of a fitness exercise program for weight loss, this activity will actually help you burn fat more efficiently and lose weight more rapidly. It is also good for strengthening bones and muscles, which may prevent diseases like osteoporosis later in life. Strength training can be as easy as adding a few free weights to your home workout routine. Or you can opt for joining a gym or fitness center that will offer access to the many great machines that can tone and bulk you up. Three times a week is the general recommendation for a strength training fitness exercise program.

Flexibility and Balance
This component of a complete fitness exercise program is often achieved through a few yoga or Pilates sessions each week. However, you can also incorporate flexibility and balance through simple stretching exercises that you can do at home each day. These exercises will keep your joints and muscles healthy and less prone to injury, making this an important part of a fitness exercise program well into the later years of life. Flexibility can be done almost daily for greatest benefit.

A complete fitness exercise program is the best way to maintain a healthy weight, increase energy and ward off some diseases. By incorporating these three types of exercise into your daily life, you will be on the road to better health and a higher quality of life.

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New at Summit Racing Equipment: Tanks Inc. Fuel Tanks and Fuel System Components

Tallmadge, OH (PRWEB) November 07, 2014

The fuel tanks in classic GM musclecars are pushing 50 years old and are not set up to handle an in-tank fuel pump for use with electronic fuel injection. A brand new Tanks, Inc. fuel tank and matching GPA fuel pump module from Summit Racing is practically a drop-in solution to fuel delivery issues.

Tanks Inc. fuel tanks are made from die-stamped heavy gauge galvanized steel with a protective silver powdercoat finish. The tanks have EFI style internal baffling and an extra large internal fuel tray built in to prevent fuel pump starvation. The optional fuel pump and sender are recessed in the tank for easy installation with no modifications needed—the tank will look like OEM from the outside. Tanks Inc. even includes mounting straps with most fuel tanks, plus O-ring gaskets and screws for the fuel pump and sending unit.

Summit Racing has fuel tanks for these vehicles:

1964-72 GM A-body
1967-73 Camaro and Firebird
1962-72 Chevy II/Nova
1955-57 Chevy
1964.5-68 Mustang

The GPA Series Fuel Pump Modules are designed for use with Tanks Inc. fuel tanks, put can be retrofitted to other tanks. They feature Walbro high-performance electric pumps in 190, 255, and 400 liters per hour (lph) ratings. The heavy 10-gauge, zinc-plated mounting plate contains fittings for the supply, return, and vent lines plus the electrical connector. The internal wiring harness, supply line, return line, filter sock, and insulator sleeve are included.

You’ll also need a fuel level sending unit. The Tanks Inc. sending units work on fuel tanks that are six to 24 inches deep—simply cut it to length. The sending units have a high-quality ceramic board rheostat for durability and work with all 6-24 volt electrical systems, positive or negative ground. The units are available in 0-90 ohm (1965-up GM), 0-30 ohm (pre-1965 GM), 240-33 ohm (Stewart Warner and other aftermarket gauges), and 10-180 ohm (VDO) versions.

Summit Racing has those from Tanks Inc.fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter, and fuel rail adapters for enthusiasts building a fuel system from scratch.

There are solid tech articles and installation videos on Tanks Inc. website.


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