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10 Common Workout Mistakes

Passive lifestyles along with an unhealthy diet are the primary drivers behind obesity. Based on the obesity statistics reported recently, anyone can realize the importance of keeping fit by doing exercises.

For a lot of people, getting to the gym is the hardest step. However, some, who did hit the gym, decide to give up because they see no significant result after making long and hard efforts. The problem lies in the fact that hitting the gym is not enough. It is necessary to have an effective exercise program.

There are some mistakes which are commonly made while one gets started on exercise. Here are top 10 common mistakes that people should avoid:

1. Improper warm-ups

Warming up before starting your workout sessions is always necessary. A proper warm-up way will increase your heart rate, range of motion, circulation, and neural drive to the working muscles. Benefits of warming up are more than just loosen stiff muscles. When exercisers do it carefully, it can actually improve their performance. On the other hand, an improper warm-up, or even no warm-up at all, can greatly increase your risk of injury from engaging in exercise activities.

A good way of warming up will increase your heart rate, range of motion and so on.

2. Spot reduction exercises

Losing weight in one area of your body is impossible, it means that weight loss can never be isolated to a particular area. Localized strengthening and toning exercises will only help to firm your muscles and will have no effect on the fat reduction of the target area. As shown by many fitness specialists, “spot reduction” is an ineffective method of “burning fat.” Therefore, exercisers are strongly recommended to adopt a better alternative method of a well-rounded full-body weight reduction program.

This exercise only makes the arms more toned. You should follow a well-rounded full-body weight reduction program.

3. Working one muscle at a time

Using the type of machines that only focus on a single muscle (like the chest press) means people are losing a major chance to challenge their body and get stronger. When they combine several muscle groups such as abs & arm and core at the same time, the results will be totally different. More calories are burnt and fat is lost quicker. Thus, instead of using the machines which only stress on your shoulders do alternating leg lunches on a bosu ball while simultaneously raising 5 to 8 pound dumbbells overhead. You should feel a sign that you’re getting the great workout while you tone.

4. Low intensity cardio

Steady-state cardio has been shown to be less effective in burning fat, less useful in improving anaerobic and aerobic capacity. Actually, low intensity exercises may not be enough to really elevate your heart rate above 100 beats per minute—essential for getting in shape and burning calories. Just by increasing your speed and intensity, you’ll start to see major improvements in your fitness level, and in your body.

5. Inadequate hydration

It is estimated that 75% of people are chronically dehydrated. Accordingly, it’s critical to hydrate before you hit the gym floor because if you wait until you’re already thirsty, you’re probably already dehydrated. The consequence of this error relates to significant decrements in mental as well as physical performance. For an inactive person, it is recommended to drink six to eight cups of water per day to prevent dehydration. Realistically, most active people will need to drink twice that amount so that you can replenish and retain the fluid you’ve lost.

You should drink enough water to avoid dehydration.

6. Resting too much

It is true that every one should not overdo their workouts; however, spending too much time taking breaks between exercises can lower the workout benefits and set you up for injury. An idle time to move to the next session is about 30 seconds. Then, you should exercise intensely enough to work up a light sweat, get your heart beating at the needed rate to burn fat.

7. More is better

Studies show that it is unnecessary to spend over an hour doing cardiovascular exercise and the risk of injury overcomes the benefits after 60 minutes. For that reason, sessions of around 45 minutes most days of the week are recommended for weight loss. A complete program of well-being requires exercisers to do exercises frequently and have the spiritual and psychological satisfaction.

Over-exercising can lead to many serious consequences.

8. Stretching ignorance after your hard sessions

Many people take this mistake, when they head right to the locker room after finishing the workout. In fact, doing exercises naturally makes your muscles tighten. When your muscles get too tight, they pull on your bones and this is one of the biggest reasons people get injuries, aches and pains. It’s best to release the tension and return them to a relaxed state of tension after using your muscles and tightening them up. You just simply stretch the main muscle groups such as hip flexors, chest, outer thighs, ankles and shoulders. Doing these activities will help increase blood flow and circulation to reduce muscle soreness and attain better posture and alignment.


Stretching your body after doing exercise to loosen muscles

9. Working out every day

It’s a big mistake to work out every day as our body needs the rest and recovery time to rebuild and be at its best. Doing exercises every day will not make your body get enough recovery so your workout intensity will drop significantly and you may be easy to get bored and lose motivation. If you want to be active on your rest day, you can do some activities with a low intensity. Jogging with your dog in the park is a good recommendation.

10. Doing the same thing each time

Mentally, you’ll get bored in doing the same routine over and over again. Doing the same movement patterns consistently will result in reduced calories burned and muscle building. As a result, you should choose to shock your system and switch up your gym process. Because our bodies are smart, they become very efficient at utilizing the least energy amount possible to perform the same movement. Typically, your body has a six-to-eight week learning curve. So if you are resistant to change, make your cycles every two to three months for your best result return.

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I have been working as a doctor of a general hospital since February 1998. In addition, I am a full time writer and specialize in weight loss related issues. I also write for a number of different websites on the Internet.

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