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OGS Capital Announces Major China Campaign to Assist Businesses


To assist businesses with successful market entry, OGS Capital is announcing a China Campaign that will bring in local business leaders from China to assist entrepreneurs and business leaders with effective strategy development.

OGS Capital has a team of consultants providing a wide range of services that include business plan writing, market research and plan development, feasibility studies, financial planning, and more. In the first six months of 2015 the company has experienced a 35% percent increase in business plans for startup and expansion into China, and a 25% increase in request for assistance with market research and feasibility studies to explore the China market opportunities. To support the increasing interest in doing business in China, OGS Capital launched the China Campaign to bring in local leaders from China to assist businesses with planning for successful market entry.

In June 2015, the OECD projected average GDP growth of 6.7 percent by 2015 with continued robust domestic consumption, urbanization, and services industry expansion. These factors represent enormous opportunities for U.S. and other Western businesses interested in entering the China market, either operating locally or importing goods and services produced in China. When the National Bureau of Statistics of China published the first quarter 2015 GDP statistics (last official statistics published), the economy had increased at a rate of 7.0 percent year-over-year. For the same period, China continues to experience steady growth in online and store front retail sales of consumer goods (10.8 percent) and industrial production (6.4 percent). Household per capita disposal income grew by 9.4 percent.

“Though there are reports that China’s economy grew at a slower than expected rate through June 2015, China’s economy remains robust, especially in comparison to Western economies,” says Alex Silensky, the Founder and CEO of OGS Capital. China has a strong interest in foreign investments that bring innovation and/or serve the domestic consumption market.

There are risks to entering the emerging China market, so it is critical that businesses, whether interested in starting local China enterprises or acquiring materials and goods, complete in-depth market research, strategize to address changing market opportunities, and address specific risks. “How the business enters the Chinese market is a major factor in long-term success,” says Silensky. To support the efforts of businesses interested in expanding into China, OGS Capital initiated the China Campaign to assist business startup and expansion efforts in which local industry experts from China share cultural and business knowledge to strengthen market entry strategies.

There are many challenges businesses must overcome to successfully conduct business in China, and all of these issues are addressed in the business plan.

The challenges and risks include successfully establishing local Chinese partnerships and alliances; maneuvering through a complex bureaucratic process; establishing an effective communication system that fits within established Chinese cultural norms; developing a staffing plan that recognizes local ethnic and cultural practices; sourcing materials and manufactured products for import/export within a complex regulatory system; and many others.

OGS Capital has a team of business consultants with expertise across industries and business functions. The company offers a range of services from business plan development to financial planning, and also conducts in-depth market research and feasibility studies for startups and business expansion. Each consulting project provides customized services based on client needs. OGS Capital also assists businesses with raising capital from private and public entities.

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Vioras Receives CFDA Approval for Reaction, Multi-RF Technology Bi-Polar Device in China

Jersey City, NJ (PRWEB) May 28, 2015

Viora is proud to announce that Reaction™, a leading bi-polar multi-RF technology device has officially received CFDA approval by the China Food and Drug Administration. This achievement now opens the doors to the expanding market in China, allowing medical aesthetic practitioners and medical spa clinics to offer non-surgical treatments with Reaction. Powered by Viora’s proprietary, groundbreaking CORE (Channeling Optimized RF Energy) technology, effective skin tightening, body & facial contouring and cellulite reduction procedures can be performed quickly, painlessly with no downtime or surgical intervention.

New users of Reaction in this burgeoning territory can now benefit from the underlying CORE technology which delivers RF energy using three treatment modes and a multi-channel mode that incorporates all three frequencies simultaneously. This allows for greater penetration depth and increased treatment accuracy and flexibility, thereby reducing chances of damage to surrounding tissue and increasing the outcome efficacy to receive superior results.

In addition, due to the implementation of CORE, Viora’s clinical team has developed advanced treatment concepts that are unachievable with the use of single-frequency RF devices. One such protocol was developed based on the unique characteristics of Asian facial structure. ReLift addresses the effects of aging and gravity on loose and sagging skin around the lower jowls.

Other advanced protocols include:

ReFit – Treat sagging and lax skin following extreme, rapid weight loss, whether by childbirth, diet, exercise, or surgical procedure
ReVive – Non-invasive alternative for stretched and lax vulval tissue, for women suffering from loss of strength and tone in the tissue, whether from childbirth, genetics, trauma, age or loss of weight

“Acquiring CFDA approval for China for Reaction provides a tremendous opportunity, as China is one of the fastest growing markets for non-invasive aesthetic treatments,” said Meital Ben-Tovim, General Manager, Viora Ltd. “We’re excited to be able to provide Chinese aesthetic practitioners Viora’s advanced solutions for skin tightening, body & facial contouring and cellulite reduction.”

The Reaction™ system has gained worldwide recognition and is available in over 65 countries through subsidiaries and local distributors. In China, Viora China’s representatives are based in Beijing. For more information, visit or contact Vee Lee, Viora China General Manager at +86-10-87514039.

About Viora

Celebrating its 10 year anniversary, Viora is an award-winning medical aesthetics solutions company that’s established in over 65 countries. Viora’s skilled and knowledgeable clinical and technical teams, working with clinicians around the world, have produced innovative, proprietary technologies such as CORE, SVC™ and PCR™. These technologies have revolutionized non-invasive treatments to improve control and increase opportunity for practitioners, while enhancing patient experience in numerous applications. Viora’s in-house expertise has been at the forefront of implementing new developments in response to market demand, improving upon treatments using existing RF and light technologies. Viora builds time machines, so our customers can shape their future. For more information, visit

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