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CreateWriteNow Introduces 21 Days Declutter Your Life Journaling Challenge

Boston, MA (PRWEB) February 12, 2015

CreateWriteNow has just announced launch of the 21 Days Declutter Your Life Journaling Challenge, a new 21-day program that uses the power of journaling to address clutter in the home, scheduled to begin Sunday, March 1st, 2015.

Aimed at helping participants adjust behaviors that lead to disorganization and clutter in the first place, the course uses daily journaling exercises to get to the heart of related personal issues and psychological roadblocks—and offers alternative ways to think about cleanup and organization on a day-to-day basis.

Developed by Mari L. McCarthy, journaling therapy specialist and founder of CreateWriteNow, the 21 Days Declutter Your Life Journaling Challenge is modeled after 27 Days of Journaling to Health & Happiness, the company’s most successful program to date, now in its sixth year.

Through a series of daily journaling exercises and prompts, participants are encouraged to explore personal habits and patterns of behavior, strengths and weaknesses, and to develop fresh goals that more closely align actions with personal priorities, and tackle organization in small steps.

In addition to daily writing exercises, the program’s related eWorkbook offers helpful suggestions and tips, while an optional Facebook group provides a platform for interaction with other participants as well as encouragement and support delivered by Mari McCarthy herself.

Said McCarthy, “Physical clutter creates mental clutter. And for many, clutter turns our home environment into a source of stress rather than what it should be—a place of refuge. Of course your journal can’t do the actual decluttering for you! But it can help individuals adjust their behavior, let go of the past, and create a new path to a more orderly future.”

Added McCarthy, “The program is an ideal course for experienced journalers ready to use journaling as a tool for organization, self transformation and growth. Those who are truly prepared to make a commitment to a daily, pen-to-page journaling practice will reap the greatest rewards.”

The 21 Days Declutter Your Life Journaling Challenge is provided free of charge to participants. The related eWorkbook—and a pen!—is all that is needed to take part. The eWorkbook can be purchased in the CreateWriteNow store

( and is available as an eBook as well as other formats including an audio book and downloadable versions for iPad, Kindle, NOOK and Sony Reader.

About CreateWriteNow

CreateWriteNow teaches individuals how to use the power of daily journaling to achieve self-discovery, personal transformation and perfect health. Founded by Mari L. McCarthy, who has used the power of daily journaling herself to overcome many of the debilitating effects of Multiple Sclerosis, the company publishes regular articles, journaling prompts, videos and eBooks and holds a number of interactive journaling challenges throughout the year.

Learn more at

Learn more about the 21 Days Declutter Your life Journaling Challenge here:

Contact: Mari L. McCarthy


(781) 635-5175






Kiko Labs Unveils New Neuroscience-Based App for Children to Challenge Critical Skills Every Child Needs for School Success

San Carlos, Calif (PRWEB) January 15, 2015

Kiko Labs, alongside neuroscientists, today announced Kiko’s Thinking Time for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, a unique adaptive suite of games for children based on neuropsychological exercises to challenge the foundational skills needed for school success. By playing the app, children exercise critical skills like executive functions and reasoning in fun workouts.

As 90% of a child’s brain develops in the first 5 years of life, the early, formative years are the ones that matter most. *Children with stronger working memory, inhibition and attentional skills have been found to make larger gains on tests of early math, language and literacy development. Early research shows promise that these skills can be trained. Kiko Labs collaborated with neuroscientists from Harvard and UC Berkeley, and with support from the U.S. Department of Education, to design Kiko’s Thinking Time from behaviors and evidence-based techniques drawn from scientific studies showing early promise in improving the critical cognitive skills related to learning capacity.

“At Kiko Labs, we believe that every child deserves to fulfill his or her potential. Our learning experience called Kiko’s Thinking Time is a training program designed to help them do that,” said Grace Wardhana, co-founder and CEO, Kiko Labs. “This app for children targets fundamental skills like executive functions and reasoning that are the necessary groundwork for learning in kindergarten and beyond. Our goal is to make mental exercises fun.”

About Kiko’s Thinking Time

In just 10 minutes, children aged 3 – 7 can go on a customized adventure with Kiko the Fox to help her in her quest for treasure. They play a series of 10 games where they meet cute animal characters in Kiko’s village and help them with their activities. Through fun mental exercise, children who play Kiko’s Thinking Time challenge skills like memory and focus that will help them become more attentive, focused learners in school. After the child is finished playing, the app provides reporting tools for parents to chart progress over time.

“Kiko’s Thinking Time gives kids training wheels to practice critical skills like working memory and reasoning. It does this by providing a structured environment, and by designing progression in a rigorous, hierarchical way.” – Dr. Jenny Thomson, neuroscientist, former associate professor, Harvard University

Reaction from Parents, Teachers, Clinicians

Today’s announcement builds upon a successful beta version of Kiko’s Thinking Time, which recorded nearly 700,000 sessions of training activity. The response from children, their parents, teachers and clinicians has been impressive:

●    “It is a great mix of a playing and learning app – it includes the perfect skills while keeping kids interested.” – Rebecca Brian, parent of three

●    “Every classroom should have this app. I think it is wonderful and will really benefit the classroom. The data is excellent and will help me lead my instruction.” – Jaquetta Wallace, head teacher, Oakland Unified School District

●    “I am an ABA therapist and work with a variety of children on the autism spectrum. I have been using it with my clients to help them improve their focus, ability to switch between tasks, etc. I find it very useful and I love that they enjoy it as a game!” – Yohanka Allen, clinician

Availability and Pricing

Kiko’s Thinking Time is available for free in the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch or at When parents are ready for more content they can upgrade for unlimited access to all 10 games and a new game added monthly for $ 7.99/month or $ 49.99/year.

Follow Kiko’s Thinking Time at Kiko Labs

●    Blog:

●    LinkedIn:

●    Twitter:

●    Facebook:

About Kiko Labs

Since 2013, Kiko Labs has been creating adaptive games for children based on neuroscience. The company came out of the edtech accelerator co.lab created by and NewSchools Venture Fund, and is also backed by 500 startups, the SBIR grant from the U.S. Dept of Education, and angel investors, including Guitar Hero co-founder Kai Huang. The new Kiko’s Thinking Time is a neuroscience-based app designed to challenge cognitive learning skills such as memory, focus and reasoning, the necessary groundwork for learning in kindergarten and beyond. Download Kiko’s Thinking Time for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Learn more:


*Center for the Developing Child, Harvard University

30-Minute Full-Body Workout to Burn Calories | Get Fit 2015 Challenge

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Brighton, MA (PRWEB) January 02, 2015

Orangetheory® Fitness Brighton, a fitness studio that focuses on heart-rate based interval training, will participate in the company’s National Weight Loss Challenge. This six week competition starts on January 15th and ends on February 26th. The registration deadline is January 14th. Orangetheory uses heart rate monitors to push exercisers through five heart rate zones in structured, strategic workouts, backed by the science of “post-exercise oxygen consumption”, or EPOC.

The National Weight Loss Challenge is open to all Orangetheory studios in the U.S. and Canada and the total monetary prize pool for contestants is $ 50,000. As a national contest, the first place male and female that achieves the highest percentage of weight loss will each win a grand prize of $ 10,000. Additionally, males and females that win up to fifth place will receive monetary prizes.

Orangetheory® Fitness Brighton will offer a local prize to the winning male and female who loses the highest percentage of body weight. In order for participants to qualify both nationally and locally, he or she must pay a $ 25 enrollment fee, attend at least three classes per week and participate in all weigh-ins and photos.

“It’s the most motivating national fitness challenge considering the amount of people participating–with over 170 Orangetheory Fitness studio locations, there’s going to be more than 2,500 contestants sharing the same self improvement goal. It’s a great way to start the New Year,” said Kerri Thomas, Fitness Director of Orangetheory Fitness Brighton.

At the end of the contest period, the Brighton studio will celebrate all participants for their achievement and participation.

For more information about the National Weight Loss Challenge, including details about participation or to register, contact Orangetheory Fitness Brighton at 617-208-8378 or visit the studio’s Facebook page at

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Fitness Challenge

Fitness has come a long way over the years. Fitness and gaining muscle use to be this long drawn out regiment that took weeks and even months to see any results. But here lately, fitness has become a science. Whether you put fitness first or not, your going to love this. A fitness challenge that’s fun and affordable.

It used to be that fitness was joining a fitness center and paying huge fees to be a member along with taking expensive vitamins. Although some people still today are members of fitness centers, the numbers have declined because muscle and fitness can now be achieved through the right affordable protein shakes and vitamins. And people are buying fitness centers and exercising at home now.

With the right exercise and the proper protein shakes and vitamins, fitness can now be easier and more fun then ever before. No more spending your hard earned money for a membership at the gym or on expensive protein shakes and vitamins and then having to wait several weeks to see results.

There’s a new fitness first challenge sweeping the globe and it’s one of the fastest growing health phenomena in the world today. The fitness challenge is about people like us transforming our bodies over the next 90 days. Whether we have a certain weight we’d love to reach, want to live a more active lifestyle, build muscle, or are more fitness focused, The fitness challenge is to set a personal goal and make our health a priority for at least 90 days!

Take the fitness first challenge with family and friends and have fun doing it. When we go to the fitness center, we always want someone to go with us because it’s more fun. By taking the fitness first challenge, not only will it still be fun, but you’ll save a lot of money as well. No more expensive memberships, protein shakes and vitamins. Now a fitness challenge is fun and affordable.

Great tasting affordable protein shakes and vitamins focus on what your looking for, whether it be to lose weight, build muscle, have a more active lifestyle or you just want to be more fitness focused, there’s protein shakes and vitamins for each.

Take the 90 day fitness first challenge with your friends and family and get ready for a new you. A fitness challenge that is fun and affordable and gets results.

Charlie took the 90 day fitness challenge with a couple of his friends to become more fitness focused and to build muscle. He started seeing results almost immediately. He is in is second month and is getting very close to the goals he set for himself. Body by Vi Muscle and fitness has never been easier or more fun.

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Beachwood Fit Body Boot Camp Fitness Boot Camp Announces Biggest Loser Challenge Starting November 15

Beachwood, OH (PRWEB) November 05, 2014

Beachwood Fit Body Boot Camp is known for their intense, fat-burning fitness boot camp workouts and has garnered a loyal following in the community for their fast results, affordable prices and tight-knit community among members. Now they’re inviting the rest of the community to find out why they’re so popular and shed some fat and inches before the holidays.

Beachwood Fit Body Boot Camp is holding their latest 6-week fitness challenge, the Biggest Loser Challenge, at their location at 23645 Mercantile Road, Suite E, in Beachwood. Their 6-week transformation challenges are locally famous for getting incredible results in an incredibly short time.

“The Biggest Loser Challenge is a great way for people to really kick start their weight loss goals,” says owner Lisa Schulze. “It includes unlimited workouts, nutrition counselling and a weight loss plan, fitness testing and a lot of great support that can make the difference between reaching your goals and falling short.”

The fitness boot camp workouts are a specially-designed combination of fat burning and muscle toning exercises that help clients get results very quickly by boosting their metabolism and triggering the afterburn effect.

“The afterburn effect is a result of taxing your body to the point that it continues to burn more calories throughout the day, for as long as forty-eight hours,” says Schulze. “If you’re doing a thirty-minute workout every day or even every other day, that afterburn effect never shuts off. That’s why our workouts are known as such awesome fat burners.”

Participants in the Biggest Loser Challenge won’t just win the war against fat; they may also win cash prizes. The half of each entry fee for the challenge goes into a winnings pot and will be divided among the “biggest losers” in the challenge, which might go a long way toward that necessary new wardrobe.

Participants must attend a mandatory orientation and weigh-in on Saturday, November 15th at 8:00 am in order to take part. The registration fee for the challenge is just $ 97 and everyone will need to attend the final weigh-in on Saturday, December 27th at 8:00 am. Space is limited to only 20 participants, so the fitness boot camp urges everyone to sign up quickly by going to

About Beachwood Fit Body Boot Camp

Beachwood Fit Body Boot Camp is part of the Fit Body Boot Camp family of indoor fitness boot camps, whose global goal is to engage 20% of the world’s population in a healthy and fit lifestyle by the year 2020. Beachwood Fit Body Boot Camp is owned and operated by Lisa Schulze. Schulze is committed to helping members of the Beachwood community set and accomplish their own health and fitness goals.

For more information about Beachwood Fit Body Boot Camp, please call (216) 333-9490, visit the website at or their Facebook page at

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