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When you are attempting on trying a new diet regime, the most important aspect to consider is the impact of the diet on your health. Many types of diets are constantly advertised in the media to help promote weight loss. Of the many new concepts of diet prone to excite body weight watchers, non carb diets are highly followed. The core believe of this diet is that you are not to consume any kind of food rich in carbohydrate while following the diet program. Although many programs instruct their followers to either reduce or totally stop any kind of carbohydrate rich food, it is not something healthy to be done. In health studies, cutting out carbohydrate on a regular basis from your daily nutrients intake would affect your physical health in long run.

All weight loss success stories contribute their success to the adequate exercise and proper eating habit through advice from professionals. When following any diet plans, the most important thing you should do is to educate yourself about the routine as to not do any harm to yourself. A wrongly advised diet would certainly cause more harm. Health department approved diet consists of nearly 300 grams of carbohydrate rich food for daily consumption. When you’re on non carb diets, this is a very big ‘No’. However, a diet cannot be followed equally by everyone as the nutrients required by an individual depend on their body mass and muscle weight. It is vital that while restricting yourself from eating carbohydrate, you should know what kind of carbohydrate you’re avoiding.

For instance, eating a slow acting and complex carb food such as whole grains, green leafy vegetables and fruits would cause you to feel full faster therefore stop eating even if the consumption level is not high. But if you’re eating a fast acting carb product such as rice, pasta and biscuits, you would feel full very fast and probably eat more than advised or permitted. Non carb diets do not allow any kind of carbohydrate but the body certainly requires carbohydrate if not it can cause health deficiency. Most importantly, you should add slow acting and complex carbs in your diet as it would ensure a small yet satisfying meal.

In order to promote a long continuous amount of weight loss, it is very important to listen to a professional’s advice before attempting the diet. Being restrictive in your diet is not always a good thing as it can lead to many health complications. Non carb diets should not be something done as a long term process.

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Protein Low Carb Diet

High Protein Low Carb Diet – Proceed With Caution

If you follow the high protein low carb diet, proceed with caution. Too much protein is very bad for your body although various weight loss gurus recommend it; because it is more effective than fat or carbohydrates at filling us up. So if you can eat protein you don’t feel deprived and are more likely to stick to the diet. However, the side effects of a high protein diet can range from bad breath to digestive disorders and serious kidney diseases. There are much healthier ways to lose pounds without having to risk your health.

Protein is a very necessary part of your diet but it shouldn’t make up a huge portion. We need essential amino acids it produces to repair our bodies, and it also figures in metabolic reactions. It helps us to keep alert. It is found in a wide range of products from meat to dairy products.

You should start every day of your diet with a high fiber breakfast. Your energy stores have been depleted overnight so you may be tempted to fill up on carbohydrates. Eating a lot of fiber will kick start your digestion system and help to release energy and relieve constipation which often times can cause stomach bloating.

You should include high quality protein in your diet. Buy high quality meats and remove all of the visible fat. Eat plenty of fresh fish, low fat dairy products such as skimmed milk and cottage cheese. Beans are high protein, low in fat and high in fiber. They will help to make you feel fuller for longer. But they can cause unpleasant side effects in some people; so you may want to gradually increase your intake. Eating more legumes may be the secret to achieving longer life. They have been proven to help fight disease particularly breast cancer.

The amount of protein you eat per day should be spread across all of your meals and not just concentrated in one. Most of the western world eat their protein allowance in the evening. As it provides essential amino acids which the brain needs to function properly, you would feel more alert and capable if you were to eat your protein allowance at the start of the day. Adding protein to every meal will help your food to release energy slowly. Eating little and often also helps to increase your metabolism rate which helps you to lose pounds faster. Try adding chilies to your diet as they also help to increase your metabolism rate.

When you start to follow the low carb diet, avoid drinking caffeine. We all know that too much coffee is bad for you but do you know that it can make you fat. Caffeine affects insulin production and we need to keep our insulin levels low to inhibit fat production. So cutting out our regular coffees will not only save us money, and save calories; but it will also help us to keep our insulin levels low. The end result will be a healthy weight loss.

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