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Fun Fitness Camp Ideas

As a personal trainer, it is indeed very advantageous for you to set up a fitness camp. A large base of customers can be acquired when you are doing so. However you will have your hands full. Your clients will want to lose weight, keep in shape and get fit at the same time. This requires for you to schedule activities for them that has enormous benefits both mentally and physically. The important factor to remember is that your clients should have fun while they are working out.

The whole point of a fitness camp is to engage the clients in fun filled activities so that they do not feel the pinch of working out. Therefore you need to make sure that the schedule that you plan is to the advantage of your clients so that they do no stress themselves out by overworking themselves and continue on the path of self development and morale building which would help them to keep up their confidence and work out with full enthusiasm. After all, the most essential factor towards body building is to make sure that your confidence is on an all time high. Without belief in oneself, you can never workout or reflect the changes in your body. The change should first be mental before it is physical. Therefore you need to be sure that you fix their mental make ups before shaping their physical bodies. This is the secret to successfully running any fitness camps.

The biggest mind block that people have towards fitness camp is because of the myth that these camps continuously and monotonously make people workout. You have to first dispel this myth. You have to make sure that your clients are relaxed and self motivated to work out. This can be done with the help of motivational speeches and fun exercises. You have to show your clients that losing weight is an adventure and not a chore. You have to ensure that you build in their confidence and make sure that they are ready to work out and have fun as opposed to working and slogging.

The first thing that you should do is to emphasize on relaxation. You can organize massage therapies and spas to make sure that your clients get the best services and complete relaxation to get rejuvenated. Ultimately giving the best for your clients reaps several benefits for you in terms of business making. You can always organize active games where people run a lot to attain fitness. By that way they wont know the pain of workout rather they would enjoy the competitive atmosphere created by sports. In fact they would give the best and workout more rigorously than traditional exercises routine where people tend to get bored easily.

Also by developing such a regime it will bring in more reputation for your weight loss center and that is an advertisement for your company. Word will spread around easily and people will come looking forward for your services. There is no doubt regarding that as everybody in this world is conscious about health and fitness to some variable levels. All the details you would ever need regarding fitness and other development ideas are available online across several websites. Make good use of them.

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Select The Best Fitness Boot Camp

Reasons to start working out, taking care of your body, and joining a good, professional fitness boot camp. If you are unsure about working out by yourself, or need an additional push or if you have made a break in your fitness regime and need to go back in the swing of things- boot camps are a perfect solution. Fitness boot camps are created and focused to fit the needs of the individual in a small group setting or for certain goals members want to achieve.

As more and more people become more health-conscious and become conscious of their body shapes, it is no surprise that the fitness industry is having a boom due to the increased demand. Now, there are more fitness centers, gyms, personal trainers and boot camps than ever before. Obviously, most people who works out would want to be doing the right training and get the best results they can. Unfortunately, you cannot get results just by turning up in the gym. You have to know the exact program and best technique to get the best results.

Decide on how best to organize your initial team cells and appoint team leaders or coordinators (one for each cell). Then, assign one individual to support all team coordinators of all the cells and to track the programs. That individual could be the wellness coordinator, supervisor, manager or some other employee. That individual should already possess a heightened level of enthusiasm for fitness and have a desire to help others.

Even with the booming popularity of boot camp programs, many fitness instructors are still not offering a boot camp program to their clients. For those on the fence about boot camp style fitness programs, remember this: Fitness boot camp market research shows that fitness centers that do NOT offer these programs are really lagging behind market demand….and are short-changing their bottom-line. Adding a fitness bootcamp program or two to your current list of services is a smart business move in the current exercise market.

As many workout trainings provide, fitness boot camps also have various health benefits. Since an hour of boot camp training can already pack an innumerable amount of exercise, the health benefits abound, too. The strength of the muscles and their definition will surely be improved. Cardiovascular health will be augmented, too. Flexibility will also be improved, thus less injury for boot camp trainees, in the long run, of course.

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Losing Americas Extra Pounds: Fitness Boot Camp Rapidly Expanding

Chino Hills, Calif. (PRWEB) April 16, 2015

Fit Body Boot Camp is the world’s most popular and fastest growing indoor fitness boot camp brand. The fitness center offers powerful Afterburn workouts and lifestyle accountability systems that help members get incredible weight loss results.

The franchise was created by fitness industry icon Bedros Keuilian. A highly sought after business and marketing consultant, Keuilian works with hundreds of fitness professionals and businesses each year to help them grow and stabilize their profits.

Keuilian created The Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise business model after years of studying, operating and consulting fitness businesses. He sought a model that guaranteed results for clients while increasing and regulating income for fitness entrepreneurs. The Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise model is, according to Keuilian, “the greatest fitness business option for any entrepreneur or investor.”

The franchise headquarters has recently opened more locations and signed more franchise agreements than ever previously. 2015 shows an average of 7 new locations opening their doors each month with an average of 11 new franchise agreements purchased each month.

But the most impressive record-breaking numbers are that of interested parties requesting information regarding new franchise agreements. March of 2015 showed nearly 500 investors seriously inquiring about acquiring their own franchise location.

Keuilian offered an explanation as to why his franchise model has become so popular with fitness professionals and non-fitness investors alike:

“The old style of one-on-one personal training is dead,” said Keuilian. “There just isn’t enough stability or reliability in that model. Clients can’t afford to pay the rates trainers deserve and the results clients get from one-on-one training just doesn’t compare to group training.

“That’s why Fit Body Boot Camp is so powerful: it combines a personal trainer with a group atmosphere. These dual accountability systems are what keep clients working toward results. Plus, it comes at a price that most can afford.”

Keuilian also went into detail about how the company’s Afterburn workouts help guarantee results:

“It’s called Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, or ‘EPOC’ for short. Basically, it means that if you do a particular type of workout, the type we offer at our boot camps, you will burn extra calories.

“The Afterburn effect causes the body to keep burning calories for hours after the workout is finished. That means, our clients burn extra calories and they keep burning them, even when they aren’t at boot camp.”

Keuilian also explained how Fit Body Boot Camp’s group atmosphere, combined with attention from a personal trainer, allows for the best results:

“There’s no better way to stay accountable to workout and nutrition goals than when working out with friends. And whether someone brings friends or makes new ones at boot camp, the group environment, combined with the individualized attention of a personal trainer, is the best guarantee of results.”

For those interested in attending a Fit Body Boot Camp workout or making Fit Body their permanent fitness home, visit to find all locations.

For those interested in opening their own Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise location, visit to learn more about franchise cost and recommended investor assets.

About Fit Body Boot Camp:

Fit Body Boot Camp is a family of indoor fitness boot camps with the global goal of engaging 20% of the world’s population in a healthy and fit lifestyle by the year 2020. Fit Body Boot Camp was founded and is operated by Bedros Keuilian, fitness business and marketing expert.

Visit to learn more about owning a Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise.

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Camp fitness loss weight

Camp fitness loss weight Earlier people who wished to lose weight would go for workouts in aerobic studios and gyms. Heavy weights had to be lifted by men for slimming down their figures. However, gym exercises are not that easy. One will surely love a place that where he can get fun, friends and enjoyment along with workouts with visible results. Fitness camps for weight loss are not only restricted to obese people but are also for people who wish to tone or trim down their body without going to gyms. Even if a person doesn’t have time to go to a gym, he can try fitness boot camps. These boot camps for losing weight are not only targeted at adults but also at children who are very obese. These days, children are falling prey to weight gain due to their unhealthy lifecycle filled with junk food and lack of physical exercise. The main goal of these boot camps is helping them gain efficient cardiovascular conditions, lose body fat as well as increase their strength. These camps help people to get used to routine exercise. Fitness boot camps have all the elements like military boot camps. One can get a tough training and can be helped through team efforts. Fitness boot camps are not operated from actual camp sites. They can be held in outdoor places like parks or grounds as well. Participants will be put in grueling routines such as squats, pushups and suspension training. Usually, these activities involve lot of running. Sometimes, few games are organized by the trainers for putting them in the right competitive spirit. When games are organized, people are usually put in groups of three to five people. People not only lose weight and get fit but also support each other for getting same results. Fitness boot camps are gaining a lot of popularity due to their settings as well as due to different personalities that come together for helping each other. Gyms can become strict and boring at times. However, when it comes to boot camps, people are forced to participate in various exciting activities. The duration of a fitness boot camp can be anywhere in between 4 and 6 weeks. Usual exercises such as sprinting, jogging, ply metrics pull ups, pushups, lunges, squats and callisthenic exercises can be expected in these camps. The greatest advantage of this setting is that people will get the necessary motivation for getting fit.

For more information about Camp fitness loss weight visit our site. Camp fitness loss weight fitness boot camps

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Kids Fitness Camp

Fitness camp for children, designed for children who have completed their first to sixth grade. The program focuses on nutrition and physical activity choices and less weight management or development of a certain size or shape of the body. Kids Fitness Camp schedule, usually about 3 hours duration, and the child may attend 5 consecutive days. Most child fitness camp program includes a transition begins, a fitness problem with DVD-ROM drive, health activities, travel and small eats.

This is indeed a fact that children now play less and spend more time sitting in front of the TV or playing video games. This inaction is a result of advances in entertainment technology. Modern children surf the Internet, watch TV or play video games, and the people of our generation had no such points for entertainment. Lazy children can develop health problems at a later date and that, therefore, extremely important for children to attend a fitness camp.

Although the nature of the child to be active, run around and engage in fun, but now they may need motivation to do even these things. There are several machines in the fitness camps for children, and each machine is specially designed to help your child achieve a certain level of fitness quickly and safely. When using these machines, the child will never be challenged by the resistance of its current level of strength. Children’s fitness camp designed to build self-esteem of the child, the love of physical activity and skill games. Kids will enjoy access to training and guidance of experienced professional coaches, teachers and counselors.

As soon as the interest of your child wakes up, she will look forward to going to camp every year, and a wide variety of special camps, child fitness are today available. Naturally, parents want their children’s fitness camp experience, to be cheerful and purposeful, not only offering training and assistance in improving physical activity, but also opportunities for positive social interaction with other children. Kid fitness camp is becoming more popular than ever, as they offer children the opportunity to hone their skills in their favorite pastime.

It should be noted that almost all the camps fitness seriously addressing the problems of the children have the right products. The fitness camp kid, thoughtful plans the menu, along with physical exercise, helps to prevent weight gain among children. The organizers of the camp fitness know that in today’s society, priority should be given to the obesity of children and eating disorders. Experience the fitness camp can provide the structure and activities needed to sustain healthy children all year round.

Most of the camps to organize a children’s fitness to proceed to an hour of games and physical activities after the training process in the camp, gets more. Circle Chat; promote social interaction, invariably the last 30 minutes from the camp. Children may ask questions, share stories and thoughts about their experiences with exercise, nutrition and diet. In a nutshell, a fitness camp for children to become a place where physical activity and nutrition, as promoting a healthy, happy, pleasant and not a competitive environment.

Camp Kingsmont is a weight loss and fitness camp for teens combining diet, nutrition, fitness and fun.

4 Weight-Loss Strategies that Guarantee Results from Fitness Boot Camp

Chino Hills, Calif. (PRWEB) March 25, 2015

Fit Body Boot Camp guarantees its clients will see significant results. This type of claim can be rare in the fitness industry, with so many facilities merely offering access to gym equipment rather than healthy living accountability.

Here are four weight-loss secrets Fit Body Boot Camp uses to help its clients lose weight and experience life-changing outcomes. Implementing these tips can help anyone achieve their desired results.

1. Find the right program, gym, or fitness center.

Where and how people exercise will significantly affect their ability to lose weight. There is no one-size-fits-all fitness option and certain programs don’t offer the appropriate services. Many require the kind of personal attention and accountability that simply cannot be found within an ordinary gym. Individuals should look for fitness programs that provide a solution to their own specific needs.

2. No one can out-train a bad diet.

Deciding to exercise, regardless of any other changes, is always a great decision. But significant weight-loss results only come from changes in both diet and exercise. Find a program that incorporates a nutritional plan or look for programs that offer customized nutritional advice. Professional help can make all the difference when adopting a healthy diet.

3. There’s nothing wrong with getting help.

The most dramatic transformations are almost always the direct result of professional help and individualized attention. Personal trainers know exactly how to guide and direct clients to the results they want using the exercises they need. Trainers also help clients avoid injury by correcting improper technique and avoiding unsafe exercises.

4. Find someone to provide accountability.

Encouragement and accountability provided by friends or professionals will also keep people working hard and losing weight. Traditional gym memberships or solo attempts at full body transformations are easily thwarted without an outside force keeping people moving toward results. Group programs are a great option for those who enjoy to exercise with friends and professional trainers are great motivators during periods of discouragement or difficulty.

Fit Body Boot Camp employs each of these weight-loss techniques in order to ensure and guarantee client results. Try implementing these strategies or simply visit the nearest Fit Body Boot Camp to find them conveniently located all in one place.

About Fit Body Boot Camp:

Fit Body Boot Camp is the world’s fastest growing and most popular indoor fitness boot camp franchise. Home of the Unstoppable Fitness Formula™, Fit Body Boot Camp workouts are designed to shed unwanted body fat in the shortest time possible and under the supervision of qualified personal trainers.

To find the nearest Fit Body Boot Camp visit:

Personal Fitness Training At Fitness Camp

Realize that your conscious and subconscious mind are entirely separate and while they can’t speak to one and other, the can influence each other. And since we can only decide to do things consciously, this means that we can only ever INFLUENCE our subconscious thinking – but often we try to do so incorrectly using logic. You see, our subconscious does not understand logic, and instead relies heavily on impact and repetition; meaning that what it sees more often and more powerfully will be what it sees to be true. This is why you can’t reason with feelings and how a debilitating negative situation can impact similar situations in the future. Let’s say you went up to a guy or a girl and got rejected, but not just rejected, really burnt; how much is that sticking to the back of your mind the next time you even think about doing the same thing?
Keep doing this for about a week or two and then go back to your notes and see where your issues really lie. It will give you an indication of where to start. Next you devise two positive thoughts or affirmations contraindicating each negative thought written down, and next time the negative thought pops up; think about and really feel (use your imagination to increase the impact) your two positive affirmations (bring your notepad if you can’t remember). What we are doing here is creating a 2:1 ratio in favour of positive thinking and with enough repetition and impact we will outweigh the negatives over time.
From your notes you can choose a few beliefs that are more important to you and repeat these affirmations for a few minutes every morning and evening in addition to when the negatives pop up – because the more you do it the faster you will improve. But, since we can’t do them all at once, it’s better to do the extra works with just a few at the time and once you’ve improved enough you can pick others. So to recap, track for two weeks, write two positive affirmations for each negative thought and feel them every time you find yourself thinking that way – and in addition to that pick a few affirmations to work on every morning and every night. Most importantly, DO NOT stop re-affirming once your thinking improves and if a new negative comes up, quickly devise positive affirmations to that one as well and you will be well on your way. You won’t change over-night, but in time you will. But if you choose to ignore it, you’ll be stuffing up your finish time.

A simple solution at fitness bootcamp gold coast to raise awareness of negative thoughts is to bring a tiny notepad with you at all times, and every time you think negatively about anything you write down the exact thought. fitness bootcamp gold coast .

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Fitness Camp

If you were a lucky kid and had a happy childhood, you may have attended summer camp and now have many fond memories of those moments during the summers of your youth. For adults there is a new kind of camp called a Fitness Camp and these are the places to go to in order to regain part of what has potentially been lost as you got older, i.e. good physical fitness. Good physical fitness is important especially if you are overweight. Being overweight puts more stress on the body and obesity causes all kinds of problems because it contributes to the causes of many other diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and high or low blood pressure. It is very possible that a person may die much younger than they should have simply due to the fact that they are seriously overweight and do not maintain good physical fitness.

If you are the kind of a person that wakes up at sunrise, does 100 pushups and military style jumping jacks, does a round of Pilates and yoga before breakfast, and heads off to the gym after lunch, you may not need to attend a Fitness Camp (or you may want to become a personal trainer at one). But if you are like most adults, especially those that have suffered under the various life stresses of modern day living you may find that the last time you exercised on a regular basis was when you were in high school. Even though gym attendance is substantial, the majority of people over the age of 30 do not get enough exercise. As you get nearer to middle age, this trend is even worse and many people gain an extra 50 to over 100 lbs. of unwanted weight. Few of those people can pick up a 100 lb. bag of cement and carry it up three flights of stairs, yet they are carrying the same kind of burden around with them everyday every where they go.

After trying and failing at many diet attempts a lot of people give up. But there is no reason to give up if there is still a strong possibility of regaining your own health and perhaps saving your own life. That is why a Fitness Camp provides the alternative for those individuals that have a need for an intensive program and can benefit from a guided method of dieting and physical exercise in a modern and beautiful setting.

For further information please see: Fitness Camp

New Year’s Fitness Resolutions Just Got Easier: Fit Body Boot Camp Announces Record Sales for December, the Slowest Month of the Year

Chino Hills, Calif. (PRWEB) January 08, 2015

In perhaps one of the most newsworthy statements of the young 2015, Bedros Keuilian wants to let American’s know they can indeed maintain and accomplish any fitness goals set for the coming year. While such ambitious resolutions are often regarded as short-lived wishful thinking, numerous new Fit Body Boot Camp locations should make achieving these goals much easier.

The popular fitness brand is the nation’s fastest growing indoor fitness boot camp franchise with hundreds of locations worldwide and new locations opening each month.

And according to its founder and CEO, there are numerous new locations scheduled to open in the first months of 2015. With record breaking franchise sales for December, new locations around the country will be made available to many Americans and their resolutions.

But it isn’t just Keuilian who’s getting excited about the exercise brand. The analysts over at Entrepreneur Magazine recently released their list of The 10 Types of Franchises to Watch in 2015, and featured among the fitness franchise category was Fit Body Boot Camp.

Yet the growing popularity among business insiders and investors is merely a reaction to the fitness company’s popularity among consumers and its ability to produce noticeable results.

“That’s why we call it ‘The Unstoppable Fitness Formula,’” says Keuilian, “we’ve carefully developed this powerful fitness system that combines innovative and constantly changing workouts, personal attention from certified fitness instructors and personal trainers, and careful nutritional guidance prepared by licensed health professionals.

“It’s exactly this system that allows our clients to achieve such impressive results and it’s what is going to allow anyone the ability to achieve, maintain, and even surpass their New Year’s fitness resolutions.”

Exuding confidence and encouragement, Keuilian presented his vision for the company:

“As one of the fastest growing global brands in the group fitness and personal training industry, Fit Body Boot Camp’s Global Goal is to expose and engage 20% of the world’s population to a healthy and fit lifestyle by the year 2020.”

Whether Keuilian and Fit Body Boot Camp will experience the fruition of this particular resolution remains to be seen. For those seeking assistance with their personal New Year’s resolutions, however, Keuilian is certain about one thing: Fit Body Boot Camp is their best bet for transforming their bodies and lives.

About Keuilian Inc.

Keuilian Inc. (est. 2007) was founded by fitness marketing and business consultant Bedros Keuilian, who has been named the “hidden genius” behind several of the biggest names in the fitness industry. In addition, he is also the founder of the popular fitness marketing blog,, and founder and CEO of the indoor fitness boot camp franchise, Fit Body Boot Camp.

To learn more about Bedros Keuilian and his fitness boot camp franchise, please visit: and

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Lakeside Fit Body Boot Camp Announces Expansion and Grand Opening Event for January 10, 2015

Hartland, WI (PRWEB) December 11, 2014

The new Lakeside Fit Body Boot Camp location, a 5,000 square foot facility that doubles the previous 2,500 square foot building, will be opening in Hartland just a few buildings from its original position. An event will be hosted to celebrate the growth on January 10, 2015.

Fit Body Boot Camp is the nation’s fastest growing indoor fitness boot camp franchise with hundreds of locations worldwide; the Lakeside Fit Body Boot Camp’s doubling in size is a perfect representation of the brand’s global growth. The company’s founder and CEO, Bedros Keuilian, attributes the radical development to what he calls his Unstoppable Fitness Formula, a system utilized by each individual Boot Camp location.

Lesa Gutenkunst, owner of Lakeside Fit Body Boot Camp, is excited to share the news with her community and encourages anyone curios about the Boot Camp fitness style to come and check out the newly outfitted facility. “I am more than excited about the move,” she said while discussing the new opportunities this expansion will make possible, “because now we are able to have the extra space and expanded hours needed to provide the perfect environment for our members to get in shape.” She also assures her clients that the highly demanded and popular Lakeside Fitness signature program, the 45 Minute Fat-Burning workout, will be the featured service within the new 5,000 square foot Boot Camp location.

Gutenkunst explains why the move was necessary and how the new facility will allow her to help even more individuals from within her community: “Our Boot Camp members will be getting a whole new workout experience! Having a bigger studio means more equipment for more dynamic Boot Camp sessions including TRX suspension trainers, pull-ups, and much more. We are also expanding our hours to include more session times, launching both beginner and active adult sessions, and will now be offering yoga sessions with Victoria Wilde.”

The Grand Opening event will be held at the new Hartland Location and will feature a charity drive for the Soul of Africa organization. Gutenkunst and the Fit Body Boot Camp staff, along with Soul of Africa, ask event attendees to bring pairs of shoes to donate to the charity organization.

More information about the event, offered membership programs, and an entire schedule of new workouts is available on the Lakeside Fit Body Boot Camp website.

About Lakeside Fit Body Boot Camp:

Lakeside Fit Body Boot Camp is a part of the Fit Body Boot Camp family of indoor fitness boot camps, whose global goal is to engage 20% of the world’s population in a healthy and fit lifestyle by the year 2020. Lakeside Fit Body Boot Camp is owned and operated by Lesa Gutenkunst. Gutenkunst is committed to helping members of the Hartland community set and accomplish their own health and fitness goals.

For more information about Lakeside Fit Body Boot Camp, please call (262) 336-5902, visit their website at

or their Facebook page at