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In the nutrition field there’s a great divide between the researchers and the people in the field that are helping clients burn fat. This is where the arguments over which diet work best for fat burning results happen. You’ll see the latest studies quoted on internet chat boards and individuals trying to prove each other wrong but when you look at all of the research you see one alarming trend that can not be ignored. This is the burn fat diet.

Being a nutrition consultant to many serious athletes and bodybuilders, I’ve had to work with various diets to help them burn fat. I’ve used moderate to high carbohydrate diets with athletes who train multiple times a day and have good genetic potential. I’ve used moderate carbohydrate, moderate protein and moderate fat with the majority of individuals looking to lose some weight and gain some muscle but the only diet that has been proven to work for people that want to burn fat time and time again is a high protein, moderate fat, low carbohydrate diet.

The science of fat burning has proven that this diet works the best over and over again. Every fat burning diet will tell you that you need to remove something but both science and my real world results with getting to 6% bodyfat myself and getting some of my clients lower is that carbohydrates don’t belong in any diet to burn fat. Carbohydrates, regardless of the quality, raise blood sugar which creates an environment where you can’t burn fat.

This fat burning diet has you eating foods that burn fat such as almonds, walnuts, peanut butter, almonds butter and protein sources such as whey protein powder, lean ground beef, turkey and chicken and heart health fish that is high in omega-3 fish oil. These principles make up a very effective burn fat diet that gives you boundless energy. Most people think that they need carbohydrates for energy but that is very misplaced. Of all the ways to burn fat out there, eliminating carbohydrates is the best. So how do you get more energy? Well fat is more calorie dense then carbohydrates so you’ll actually have more energy after the first few days of the diet.

What makes this fat loss diet so effective is that we eliminate the unhealthy fats and add the top fat burning foods. This diet will lower your blood pressure, bad cholesterol, blood sugar and various other markers of cardiovascular disease. Plus, you create a fat burning environment because you’re taking in more protein. This is without a doubt the best diet to burn fat.

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Wish To Burn Fat? – Your Exercise Program Needs To Be Right

For the previous few decades the fitness business has focused all of its attention on the amount of calories being burnt throughout an exercise session and have ignored the when effects of exercise. But the when effects of exercise and therefore the way it relates to metabolism (the bodies engine) might be the most necessary side of improving fitness and body composition (muscle/fat ratio). The reason for this can be that it relates directly to the balance of fine and not thus sensible hormones and their effect on body weight and health.
Through analysis we tend to currently apprehend that what you do throughout an exercise session directly impacts where the body burns fat or stores fat and incorporates a way reaching impact long once the exercise session has finished. After all it will mean that you can easily lose weight otherwise you get no weight loss results at all.
The right type of exercise performed at the proper level of intensity (degree of effort) releases hormones in the body, and these chemical messengers translate physical movement into metabolic action to help you get stronger and leaner faster.
Your resting metabolic rate is the number of calories the human body needs to function while resting or sleeping. The new way to lose weight and improve fitness is to extend this rate thus that a lot of fuel (calories) is burnt every minute of the day and night. There is only one sort of exercise that can try this and that’s strength training exercise.
When a person puts some effort into an exercise session operating their muscles, the tissue sends out hormonal signals to the remainder of the body to provide them with as abundant fuel and nutrients as possible. It’s necessary that the exercise be intense enough to stimulate this hormonal effect.
There are many tools, techniques and ways to come up with this effect with exercise, but none of them embody long duration or “fat burning zone” activity. No surprise that low intensity recreational activities like walking, jogging or cycling etc have little result on the stimulation of the hormones necessary for a metabolic effect.
This new understanding of the hormonal effects of vigorous activity dictates that the real fat burning zone exists at higher intensity levels than was previously believed. A strength coaching program that uses compound exercises utilizing huge muscle teams simply matches the intensity needed within the muscle tissue to cause a metabolism boosting result lasting long once exercise has ended. This has been proven with measurements of fat burning enzymes which will ‘teach’ the body to become additional efficient at fat burning.
If you request the assistance of a fitness professional to set up your program you’re more probably to access this optimal state of hormonal balance. The key benefits of a properly designed and effective strength training program are metabolic and hormonal in nature and when you achieve this you’ll be getting the most ‘bang for your buck’ together with your exercise program. A sturdy, lean, slim and healthy body will slowly become yours.

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Burn Fat Workout ? The Greatest Workout To Burn Fat

With nearly two-thirds of America overweight (according to body mass index) and one-third of the American population obese, people are becoming more health-conscious than ever. Many people are finally trying to shed some pounds by taking proper diet and exercise into consideration. There are many different ways to perform a burn fat workout, and some exercises are better than others. This article will discuss the best workout that will burn the most fat. But before we get into the burn fat workout, it is important to understand exactly how fat is actually lost.

When the body reaches a certain temperature above the normal body temp, it begins to burn off its fuel, also known as fat. Yes, that is right – fat is just stored energy. Now think of your body as a furnace or a fire. Just a fire needs to be hot enough to be able to burn a log, your body must also reach a certain high temperature to be able to burn fat efficiently. Make sense? Ok, good – let’s move on to the burn fat workout.

Now that you understand how fat is burned at a physiological level, you can put this knowledge to use. All you need to do is bring the body up to a certain temperature for it to be able to shed fat. And the best type of burn fat workout for this would be any sort of cardio workout (as opposed to lifting weights). By cardio, I mean anything that gets your heart rate pumping and your body sweating. The greatest type of cardio burn fat workout is running. It sounds so simple, but it’s so true. Have you ever seen a fat runner? Of course not!

Running is one of the hardest workouts for people because it gets your heart pumping at high rates and can make you sweat all over. This is a good thing! Running is the best possible way to bring your body temperature up to the heat that it takes to burn fat. Not many other workouts have this effect on the body.

Though running is the best burn fat workout, it is not the only one! Remember, anything that will bring your body temperature up and make you sweat is a good burn fat workout. You can walk, hike, play basketball, ride a bike, or even jumping rope!

After losing fat by doing various cardio exercises for at least 30 minutes a day for 3 days per week, you can then begin a weightlifting routine in addition to the cardio. This way, you can begin to build and shape muscle if you choose.

By using the simple burn fat workout above, you can lose as much fat as you want if you have the will power and commitment. By doing this, you will minimize your chances of heart attack, stroke, high cholesterol problems, and you will look and feel better too!

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Expert Fitness and Personal Training Franchise GYMGUYZ to Burn Calories in Georgia

PLAINVIEW, N.Y. (PRWEB) January 12, 2015

GYMGUYZ, the mobile fitness and personal training brand, recently announced its expansion into Fayette and Coweta Counties in Georgia through an inked deal with local fitness buff and veteran, Aaron Anthonsen. In order to meet the growing demand for quality personal training in the area, Anthonsen will be joining the GYMGUYZ family of franchisees to provide convenient wellness services to more clients and will begin serving his territory on January 12, 2015.

“Our expansion into Georgia represents a major milestone for GYMGUYZ, as the first location to open in the Southeast,” said Josh York, CEO and Founder of GYMGUYZ. “Through our partnership with passionate franchisees like Aaron, we are excited to continue growing with like-minded individuals dedicated to running a business and helping clients of all fitness levels achieve their goals.”

A former Navy veteran, Anthonsen joins GYMGUYZ with a passion for fitness, which began when he started serving in the military. He gained an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy and graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor’s of Science in systems engineering. He was then commissioned as an officer and became a Naval Aviator flying Navy SEAHAWK (H-60) helicopters. For the next 10 years, he deployed and flew missions, while still maintaining an active fitness regimen through avid running and participating in marathons. After settling in Fayetteville, Anthonsen began working at a Silicon Valley-based nonprofit research institute while still remaining active in the Navy Reserve. During this time, he helped organize the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon FORWARD, a race for deployed troops overseas. It was while he was training with a group of friends for the physically ambitious Tough Mudder obstacle course, a 10-12 mile challenge designed to test strength and stamina, where his interest in pursuing fitness full time began. After searching for different fitness franchises, he came across GYMGUYZ with the intention of bringing the very first location to Georgia.

“The ambition and culture of GYMGUYZ was really important to me when seeking opportunities in the wellness market,” said Anthonsen. “The brand’s ability to remain fresh, and its focus on innovation, is exactly the type of business I want to bring to my community to help members achieve their fitness goals.

Anthonsen’s veteran status comes on the heels of GYMGUYZ’s partnership with the International Franchise Association’s VetFran program. As part of the brand’s commitment to the initiative which helps returning military members access franchise opportunities, GYMGUYZ offers honorably discharged former service men and women the opportunity to join the brand as franchisees at a $ 5,000 discount. By joining the brand, veterans can take advantage of the rewards and benefits of entrepreneurship, while still receiving strong corporate support from a growing national brand.

“It gives me great pride to welcome Aaron to GYMGUYZ as the first veteran in the system. His experience, strong values, dedication and hard work are the type of characteristics we look for in prospective franchisees when expanding,” said York.

GYMGUYZ brings state-of-the-art fitness technology, equipment and expertise to the doors of its rapidly growing customer base. GYMGUYZ coaches use their expertise to structure workouts that will help each client meet his or her individual needs, tracking progress over the course of a 15-week program.

“Georgia expansion is a great way to start off 2015 and be the catalyst for further brand growth this year,” said York. “With the positive momentum from the new location combined with an aggressive growth strategy in place, we hope to add more units across the state and close out 2015 with an additional 30 signed new territories.”

Entrepreneurs interested in learning more about opportunities available through GYMGUYZ are encouraged to visit The in-demand company is set for expansion across the United States and is currently looking to develop territories in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Florida.


GYMGUYZ is a mobile fitness and personal training company based out of Plainview, N.Y., bringing their premier health and wellness services to the comfort of a customer’s home, office, or setting of choice. Founded in 2008 by fitness specialist Josh York, today the brand employs a full fleet of trucks to bring state-of-the-art fitness equipment and expert personal trainers to their customers’ doors. Whether providing one-on-one training or inclusive group sessions, GYMGUYZ helps equip individuals with the resources to reach their fitness goals. Propelled by a unique take on an in-demand service, and fueled by a passionate corporate team, GYMGUYZ is pushing itself toward significant expansion through franchising. For more information on GYMGUYZ, visit To learn more about franchising opportunities with GYMGUYZ, visit

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