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Standing Pilates for Flat Abs: 12-Minute Bodyweight Only Workout

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Bodyweight Only Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout + Total Body Toning: Fitness Blender Blend

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Bodyweight Flow: Review Examining Tyler Bramlett and Sylvias Exercise Program Released

Houston, TX (PRWEB) March 22, 2015

Bodyweight Flow claims people can burn 53% more calories with this method. There is no special diet involved, routines are 2-3 minutes long and no equipment is required, just bodyweight. This has caught the attention of’s Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

“Our Bodyweight Flow review shows that there are upper body, lower body and full body exercises in this product to help improve your flexibility and strength. All of these are broken up into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels,” reports Stevenson. “All of these exercises are given to you in video format where you get to watch the exercise being performed by either Tyler or Sylvia and you also hear some tips and tricks to make sure you are doing it right. The program comes with 14 different 10-minute, 20-minute, or 30-minute routine suggestions and a calendar to help you practice daily, easily.”

The Bodyweight Flow review shows it includes three different calendars labeled beginner, intermediate, and advanced that help organize monthly workouts with the exercises. There are 7 different flow routines for upper body, lower body and full body. In addition, there are 7 routines in the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of each of these areas of the body. A quick start manual helps users figure out what to do to get up and running. It also helps people decide which sequence to do first, and gives them insights that will help them get the best results. There are 14 different 10-minute flow routines with a 1-minute rest in between each exercise. There are also 14 different suggested routines for 20 minutes and 30 minutes.

“For the program, you should follow along with one routine for a minimum of 5 days per week, which means that you can spend as little as 10 minutes a day instead of hours per week doing yoga, Pilates, or stretching and see results,” says Stevenson. “You can burn more calories because you are able to do more movements and exercises with more flexibility and get more out of your workouts. Reduce aches in joints and feel more fluid and experience a greater range of motion. You can do these exercises pre-workout or just on their own.”

“Bodyweight Flow routines have been tested on everyone: young, old, men, women, and all physical states of health. Since these routines are based on biological principles, and not on how much you can do, what you can do, or how long you do it, the results will be the same for anyone. These exercises will help you become more flexible and perform your regular workout routines better, which will burn more calories. You simply do them on their own, or before a workout, and that’s it. They can help you move past plateaus, or possibly get moving altogether.”

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Bodyweight Chest Workout (GET A BIG CHEST AT HOME!!)

Build a bigger chest and ripped athletic muscle with no equipment! Everyone thinks that a bodyweight chest workout has to consist of only…

Take a quick break from sitting at the computer and try this feel-good low impact workout that will improve your mood, relieve stress, and burn off a few extra calories-All info @…

Bodyweight Workout (That WON’T Leave You SKINNY!!)

Want a bodyweight workout program that won’t cause you to lose muscle? ATHLEAN XERO – Most bodyweight workout routines result in a loss of muscle mass…

Bella Bodyweight: Review Examining Flavia Del Monte New Weight Loss Program and Body Shaping System Released

Houston, TX (PRWEB) January 16, 2015

Bella Bodyweight is a newly released course in which the Flavia Del Monte presents the truth about female hormones, the truth that was hidden from them by the “gurus” in the weight loss industry. This has caught the attention of’s Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

“Our Bella Bodyweight review shows that is a system that is specially designed by Flavia Del Monte to sculpt feminine curves without using strenuous exercises or long training intervals. All hormonal differences are all highlighted in the program,” reports Stevenson. “The author describes the two most important fat-burning hormones: leptin and thyroid. You can enjoy carbs, exercise less to avoid toxic levels of cortisol and in addition, you won’t have to spend more than 20 minutes exercising.”

“This weight loss program offers precious tips & tricks on how to shed off that stubborn fat and keep it off indefinitely. Its goal is not merely to help you lose fat, but also to help you get a perfectly toned body that looks amazing,” says Stevenson. “This is not some vanilla-flavored program full of useless exercises or diet plans. Instead, it is considered to be one of the most effective weight loss and body toning programs available to date for women. According to Flavia, you can get a perfect shape and become more attractive by melting fat stored only in certain zones of the body.”

Bella Bodyweight is a groundbreaking weight loss and body shaping system designed for every woman, regardless of age, social status or nationality. You can lose weight without having to visit a gym. All you need to do is to do certain resistance exercises and shape those muscles that give you that sexy feminine shape. You get access to a full-video series presented by trainer Mary-Pier. We believe that Flavia Del Monte has done a marvelous job putting together this very easy and affordable program. Now you can too kick start your fat-burning metabolism and get a perfectly shaped body.”

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Bodyweight Cardio Workout – 23 Minute At Home Interval Cardio Training

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Denise Austin: Abs & Upper Body Workout is an intense strength-training workout that is designed to build muscle, burn fat, and boost metabolism by specifica…
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Workout of the Week: Intense Infinity Training
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15 Minute At Home Bodyweight Cardio Interval Workout – Sweat Like You Mean It

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How to Work Out on Your Lunch Break
Time is precious, and sometimes it's difficult to find enough of those precious minutes to work out. You're way too tired to hit the gym before work, and after a long day the last thing you want to do is hop on a treadmill. There's good news, however …
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