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Bodies by Pilates Is Expanding and Moving to a New Location in Phoenixville, Pa.

Phoenixville, PA (PRWEB) February 07, 2015

Bodies by Pilates has moved to 235 Bridge St. in Phoenixville, PA in order to expand the number of classes offered to customers. The 3,500sf space has been completely refurbished and has transformed into a world class Pilates studio. The lay-out allows for three classes to be run at the same time, therefore keeping up with the demand of loyal clients. Bodies by Pilates will also become the Peak Pilates Education center for the Mid-Atlantic region for students to get professional training (Peak Levels, 1, 2 & 3) and enable their own career as a Pilates teacher. Bodies by Pilates will also be the first studio to offer “Body Shred” an all new HIIT that involves Boxing/Kickboxing into targets, mixed w/calisthenics in a soundproof music filled room that will get the heart pumping.

What is it? — Pilates is a form of exercise that has been around since the 1920s. Not until recently has it been brought to the masses in most communities and people from every walk of life are getting addicted. Place your hand a few inches above your belly button, then suck in your abdominal muscles by pulling the belly button back and down into the spine. This movement is the very core of the principles of Pilates. Joseph Pilates developed his method in the early 20th century as a way to help sick patients rehabilitate their bodies from illness or after an injury. It has evolved from there into a great program for athletes, dancers and people from all facets of life to stay injury free and operate at their best level. Quite simply Pilates is the most effective exercise for our modern day sedentary lives society has transitioned to as a result of industrialization & office work.

“Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit!” ~ Joseph H. Pilates

Pilates’ method uses apparatus — the Cadillac and Reformer being the most well-known — with springs that provide the resistance and assistance needed to work the entire body from the core, or the Powerhouse. Pilates movements are controlled by engaging the abdominal muscles while making sure to not tighten the neck, lose the stomach contraction or hunch the shoulders. In time, the body will lengthen, tone, realign and increase in flexibility.

Who can do it — Pilates is not age, gender, or fitness level specific! Pilates is for everyone. There are more than 600 exercises, so as students get stronger they can increase resistance or increase the intensity of the movement. Pilates is also great for those recovering from injury, who are postpartum, have scoliosis, multiple sclerosis, cancer and even people going through chemotherapy.

What to Wear — Nonrestrictive clothing like leggings and tank tops is recommended, to allow for full upper and lower body movement. Clean socks are required at all times. Jewelry, watches and rings should not be worn and long hair is best tied back.

What is the Cost — Purchase one of the various club memberships for monthly group class participation. All classes are open to the community and do not require a membership. Bodies by Pilates offers class “tickets” in packages anywhere from 8 to 30 classes.

Why Bodies by Pilates: “Transform your Body…Transform your Life.” After many years in the fitness industry Deb Lemon has established herself as one of the top trainers in the Fitness industry and has created Bodies by Pilates due to her love for this form of fitness. Deb has created a space folks will call a second home, built a team of professionally trained teachers and adapted the most effective form of exercise into an affordable business model for all customers. The studio offers an affordable luxury that everyone needs. Please visit the website for more information visit our webpage.

Pilates for Real Results — Don’t settle for any workout session that doesn’t deliver results. Every person has different and very specific needs and goals. Bodies by Pilates teaches “real” Pilates….not something sort of like Pilates. Whether it’s a mat class or an equipment class, classical Pilates gets you results. The transformation is not only physical, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Quality Staff — “The Body Achieves only what the Mind Believes.” The mind body connection is an essential part of learning and practicing Pilates. It takes an experienced and well trained teacher to help achieve this. All teachers have taken the Peak Pilates comprehensive training program and have a minimum of 200 hours of training (most have over 1,000 hours) in Pilates that encompasses anatomy, kinesiology and program design, and all teachers maintain a dedicated personal practice. The teachers treat every class as an investment in yourself and are dedicated to making students get the most from it.

Pleasant Environment — The Studio environment at Bodies by Pilates is uniquely comfortable and makes all feel at home. A serene atmosphere away from the noise and disruptions of the outside world, the facility is fully equipped with top of line Peak Pilates reformers, chairs, barrels, towers and more. Bodies by Pilates provides private sessions, small and large group classes designed to accommodate every level of fitness and experience. No matter what class everybody will leave feeling accomplished, more fit, stronger, maybe even taller…which Pilates has become known for.

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