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Exercise Workout: Best Practices


The role of health and fitness exercise in our life cannot be over emphasized as it keeps you active and brings about longevity. If we want to live long, be in good shape and stay in healthy condition, then we must learn to live a healthy lifestyle. With a growing awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, more and more people seek knowledge on how to stay fit and healthy. Below are some tips that will be useful for your healthy living.

One of the most important things that help maintain health and fitness is the food we eat. We should ensure that our diet combines the three most important categories of nutrients the body needs to function properly. We should eat more of plant based protein (beans, nuts etc) than animal protein (meat) as it contains a substantial amount of fat that can further complicate your health issues. Carbohydrates and vitamins are also essential nutrients needed by the body and should be consumed in large quantities.

Another sure way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is for you to develop a routine exercise plan. Your energy level and the amount of time you have to spare will go a long way in determining your exercise program. Basically it needs not be extreme but any exercise that will put your heart under pressure thereby increasing your pulse for at least thirty to forty-five minutes on a daily basis is good enough. Some of the programs comprise long walk, jogging or aerobics.

Life can be really stressful especially if you do a routine job and have a family to cater for. You need to take time out to relax without any form of disturbance even if it means you have to be alone for the whole day just makes sure you do so because your health depends on it

Drink lots of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables (the greener the better) on a daily basis as it helps detoxify your system and aids the process of digestion. We also need them so as to be able to supplement the food we eat as most of our food choices are limited to what is closest to us. More so lifestyle and terminal diseases can be avoided by cultivating a healthy eating habit which will in turn help maintain the correct body weight and rid us free radicals. Smoking and excessive drinking should be completely eliminated if we want to lead a healthy life.

For the fact that we cannot cheat nature it is highly recommended that you sleep for at least six to eight hours since it is during moments of sleep that the body is able to revitalize and replace most of the worn out cells. The body is able to recreate the strength that was used up during the day and one wakes up feeling revived.

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Best Workout Plans To Lose Weight

If you have seen your doctor, the first thing he or she will be suggesting are light to moderate exercises like aerobic and gym trainings. According to them, those are the best workout plans to lose weight and help in maintaining your heart rate at moderate level. 

They suggest you spend about half to one hour on those exercises for about 3 to 5 times weekly.

Before beginning this routine, you might want to consider some recent scientific research for concrete facts to prove whether  those workouts are really suitable for you based on your body condition.

If you observe most sports, you will discover that they require sudden bursts of exertion followed by recovery and then continuity. 

This is called go-stop-and-continue movement which our bodies do through various physical activities. Such as football, martial arts, swimming and tennis.

Other than that, you also need to vary whether your physical workouts have any effects on your body physically and internally. 

After years of research and studies, scientists have discovered that any excessive steady state endurance exercise – ranging within 30 minutes to an hour – only trains the heart rate at a specific level.  In simple terms, you will not get your heart fully involved.

Such workouts result in muscle wasting and may result in your body being infected with chronic diseases. However, if you try stop-and-go type of exercises, you might find your body reacts better. 

Not just in increasing anti-oxidant production but also providing a more anti-inflammatory effect and increasing your metabolic rate. That way you will be able to recover faster and respond better to various demands and stress levels.

This is all you ever need. Exercises – that trains your heart rate to increase and decrease at your pace without exerting too much of your strength – will benefit you more. Such as simple weight lifting, slow jog or walk, taichi and cycling. 

As much as it is important to exercise to lose weight, you also need to take your body condition and fitness levels into consideration. Exercises that work for others may not work well for you. To understand what works for you, it is advisable to see your doctor first before taking the next course of action.

With that being said, you should be in the better frame of mind to make wise decisions for your long-term health and wellness. Those are the best workout plans to lose weight.

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Best Fat Loss Workout Program For All

Finally, the gym goers and the fitness freaks can skip their boring cardio workouts and take up Turbulence Training, the best fat loss workout. Paying regular visits to the gym and carrying out strenuous workouts do not result in the desired fat loss. This requires special high intensity cardio workouts that can be provided only by Turbulence Training. This 76 paged e-book is crammed with vital guidelines for workouts that requires only 3 days a week, duration of each session being only 45 minutes.

So 3 days of high intensity workout per week and you are on the right track of losing fat within an unbelievable short period of time. The main advantage of this best fat loss workout program lays on the fact that it also helps in building muscles in your body in right proportions. On the other hand, extensive back dated physical workouts may affect the lean muscles not good for the health. Turbulence Training serves both the purposes of fat loss along with building of new muscles.

Most of the workouts carried in gym miss out the strength training, an important factor in muscle building. This best fat loss workout involves strength training and interval training in a single session. The exercises described in the e-book can be comfortably carried out at home or in the gyms. The workouts are designed in a manner that enhance post workout metabolism burning more calories than the usual workouts.

You start your workout session of Turbulence Training with a five minutes warm up accompanied by strength training lasting for about 20 minutes that involves the use of heavy weight equipments. The 20 minute interval training follows after this, which is the most important part of this best fat loss workout program. This regimen results in the fastest weight reduction building a perfect physique. The MP3 audio provided with this program narrates the details of the Turbulence Training program with special reference to the fat loss mechanism. This program has been highly acclaimed by the doctors, athletes and body builders as it guides towards the right type of workouts based on sound reasoning.

This unique fat burning and muscle building program created by Craig Ballantyne has created a lot of buzz in the fitness industry. Being a certified strength and conditioning specialist, his long tested experience and methodologies applied have created a revolution in body building procedures. He has introduced advanced modes of workouts rejecting the back dated physical workouts that produced better results. Separate workouts and nutritional factors meant for women are also included in this program. The Fusion Fat Loss Program incorporated in this best fat loss workout has created a magic drawing more overweight persons and fitness freaks to take up this program.

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The Best Exercise to Relieve Back Pain

As a back pain sufferer and someone who has tried all kinds of treatments from yoga to surgery I’m sometimes asked:” What are the best exercises to relieve back pain”? The correct answer is it depends. To accurately answer this question one needs to know the type of back pain. Is it lower or upper back? Is it a result of an injury or deterioration? Is it a muscle pull or a herniated disc. Of course before beginning any exercise program and especially one dealing with the back it’s vital you first check with your doctor.

Be aware that not all exercises are beneficial, some can do more harm than good. What works for one person may not work for you.  The best exercise are going to be the ones that are designed specifically for you by a trained professional. That being said here are some general exercises and methods that may help.

1. Stretching: Slow steady stretching can bring relief to back pain. Again not all stretching is good your doctor or physical therapist can show you which ones you should try.

2. Walking: This is one that anybody should be able to handle. Get a good pair of walking shoes and find a level area to walk. Walk with your head up and shoulders back. Start slowly and increase your pace as you loosen up.

3. Swimming: A great exercise because the water takes the weight off your back and you use all your muscles. Be sure to take it easy and use strokes that don’t involve a lot of twisting.

Of course maintain an exercise program though out your life can help prevent back problems and speed recovery if you are injured. The best back pain exercises strengthen core muscles. It also important to have balance when you exercise so all the major muscle groups are exercised evenly. Muscle imbalance can be a source of numerous back conditions. Remember not all exercises are going to be good for you. The best program of exercises to relieve your back pain are the ones developed just for you. The Healthy Back Institute has developed a program called Lose The Back Pain System. This system designs a program of movements and exercise to address your specific needs.

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Best Chest workouts for men

5 Chest workouts for men

Below, is a quick breakdown of my favorite chest workouts for men in the gym. The following pec workouts for men should be used for a 4 – 6 wk period. I like to do reps anywhere from 6 -12 for 3 – 4 sets. If you’re looking for a more lean toned look stick with higher reps (12-15) and sets (4-5) with less weight. If your after the bulk or big look then stack on the weight with less reps (4-6) and less sets (3).

1. Bench press – Lay down on a flat bench — ensuring to not arch your back — and grasp the barbell placing your hands shoulder-width a part, palms facing your feet, and push the weights straight up and down again. If you do this while on an incline, you’ll position more focus on your upper chest muscles, in contrast to the decline places more focus on your lower chest.

2. Flat flies – Lying down on the flat bench, take one dumbbell in each hand and flex your elbows so your hands are by your shoulders along with your palms facing in. Push your arms straight up and lower the dumbbells by your sides, maintaining a small flex in your elbows, and return to the beginning position. This approach works both your inner and upper chest.

3. Dumbbell press – Lay down on a flat bench, get one dumbbell in each hand, flex your elbows so your hands tend to be by your shoulders with your palms facing your feet, and use your pectoral muscles to push the dumbbells upward and down again. , you can try these having a slight incline with the bench, which will place extra focus on your upper chest, or with a decline, that places more focus on your lower chest muscles.

4. Push-ups – Go into push-up position, with all your weight distributed between your toes and your hands with your legs, hips and back in a straight line. Lower and lift up your body by bending your elbows, ensuring your arm position is 90° at the bottom of the motion.

If you prefer a greater challenge, attempt doing decline push-ups with your feet elevated using a bench or a balance ball, which will place increased strain in your upper body muscles. For even more intense of a workout put your hands in a diamond shape on the floor to do diamond push-ups.

5. Chest dips – Support your body up on the dip bar ensuring to keep your head down and your legs directly beneath you. Lower yourself by bending your elbows, and come back up to the starting position. I love the burn on this one and be sure to focus your movement on your chest muscles vs. your triceps. You can bend your knees and have a spotter help you on your last couple dips.

Stay after it and happy lifting to you all! Pete


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Follow the Best Fitness Exercises

Fitness exercises equal salvation when it comes to the struggle with the extra kilos. When individuals lastly turn out to be aware of what the sedentary lifestyle is performing to them, they undoubtedly finish up within the gym, working hard, perspiring and perspiring to reduce their excess weight. Nevertheless, the ‘wonder’ does not happen over night, and you cannot remove fat away to reveal a slimmer self. You need dedication, nutritional changes, a solid training program and support team to actually turn out to be fit.

You also need to remain alert towards the barriers and problems of fitness exercises.

Working out excessively with a poor diet plan can have serious effects on your health. With out natural and adequate meals, right here are the troubles that can result from too intense fitness exercises:

-low blood sugar level;
-poor focus and memory troubles;
-limb trembling and so on.

Only a few of these are most likely to appear, however you may experience one or more weakness signs and symptoms after fitness exercises. This is exactly why meals, rest and water are so essential for the good results of one’s fitness endeavor.

Another problem that appears as a consequence of malnourishment is the excess weight loss plateau. The metabolic process adjusts to the reduced meals intake, functioning at a reduced rate, that means that the fat burning up rate decreases dramatically. Once you return to regular eating, the physique would try to compensate for the malnourishment mode and you’ll pile up more kilos at an accelerated rate.

That’s why experts insist that you support fitness exercises with sufficient meals, so as to get energy and maintain the metabolic process going.

If you study the ABC of diet plan and fitness, you should don’t have any troubles transforming your excess weight loss diet plan in to a lifestyle, because this ought to be the regular final result of any body weight loss program.

For people who suffer from advanced obesity, diet plan and bodily exercises might not be sufficient. The same concern holds accurate for those who suffer from EMOTIONAL Consuming. This means that you eat to compensate for some worries that you possess: whether you feel depressed or stressed, you’re most likely to overeat.

Psychological support within the type of behavioral treatment and team job would be essential for such cases, as portion of complicated excess weight loss programs that cover diet plan, health and fitness, lifestyle and emotional stability. Only when the vicious circle food-emotion is broken, would you be absolutely free to get back the body at its best! With out psychological support, probabilities are that your effort to shed excess weight would stumble across an obstacle and come to a stop with out too much good results.

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Best Abs Workout Guide

Are you tired of searching for accurate information on the best abs workout?If you have been through numerous sites and found different information I maybe able to help! I would like to give you no nonsense drop down what of the best abs workout.

Belly fat is made up primarily of poor dietary habits and low or no exercise routines at all. I have news for those who think that going to the gym and doing mundane workouts such as weights and cardio will help their cause. The fact is that not all these types of exercises will get you to your goal.

3 of the best abs workout – Guaranteed to Help!!

High Intensity Interval Training- This is basically mixing high intensity bursts with moderate recovery periods. For instance depending on your fitness level, if you are a beginner you could start yourself by brisk walking.

After a good 15 minutes, increase this brisk walking and move towards slow jogging for 10mins. Now that you properly warmed up I suggest short 25-50 meter dashes, brisk walk to recovery for 30 seconds and repeat.

Repeating this for a good 3 x 10 reps should suffice. If you are more on an advanced level I would suggest that you increase you distance and shorten your recovery period. Also instead of brisk walking for active recovery you could slow jog.

Turbulence Training- This is the most recognized type of training due to its intensity, duration and effectiveness. This involves fast circuit movements using either gym weights or you own body weights.

Duration of exercise is normally short and intense moving from one equipment to another. For example, you could use 3 different machines simultaneously. Bench press 1 set, quickly move to legs 1 set then dumbbells another set then repeat from start.

This is done to give a 30 seconds rest in between exercises and allow for a fast shift between movements. Once you have completed2 whole sets you could choose another 3 machines and work the same routine through that.

Full Body Workouts- This is also one of the best abs workout, and it includes women as well. A full body workout burns more calories then a 40 minute cardio. To lose belly fat fast and effectively I suggest exercises such as dead lifts, dumbbell rows, step- ups, pull downs, bench press, front squats.

Look to incorporate these best abs workout routines in your workout and you will see the difference.

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Best Couples Workouts

Getting in shape can be a difficult task even at the best of times. But, if your partner doesn’t support you or isn’t into making healthy lifestyle choices it can be even harder. If however you and your partner are both motivated to get moving and work off a few pounds or just get a little harder, then you are certainly in luck as below is a list of some of the best workouts to do as a couple. These ideas will not only strengthen your bods but also your bonds.

Tennis: There is simply no better couple workout than a game of tennis. You can choose to play either one on one or as a couple against another team. In the first case, you’ll be running a lot and will certainly be up for a good workout challenge. In the second instance, you’ll have time to work as a team which can improve your relationship overall. If you are new to the game, taking some lessons together can also be a great experience. You’ll watch each other grow as players and you can practice together outside the lessons, helping to support each other as you each learn.

Jogging: Although some people insist that running or jogging is an individual pursuit, there are no shortages of couples strutting their stuff together in matching suits as they race through the nearest park. While the matching outfits might make you cringe, the activity itself is worthy of consideration. Couples running can be a great way to build stamina and to improve your relationship. If you are just starting out try a walk/run combo that is comfortable to you both. This will help you build your endurance and help you both sync up in terms of rhythm.

Cycling: Cycling, unlike running, can allow for more conversation and interaction between partners thereby giving you more of a verbal connection. Taking a nice trail that has periods of hills and flat areas will allow you an intense workout and periods of gentle exercise in which you can communicate if you so desire. Even leisurely bike rides, assuming they are long enough, are a great way to get in a moderate workout. Choosing a beautiful trail or path can also be a very romantic way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Whatever exercise you choose, couples workouts will ensure a healthier and happier relationship between the two of you and with yourself. Getting fit doesn’t have to be a terrible experience and sharing the challenge with someone you love can actually make it quite pleasant. Picking some activities that you can enjoy together will have you both on your way to a better physique and a more harmonious union.

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Best Ab Workout For Men

This ab workout routine can be done simply! The single thing is, I have spotted from my experience in the gymnasium that men have a clearer experience of the workings and the way to engage their muscles over women.The first ab workout that will make your abs feel the burn is called the mountain climber. This exercise doesn’t require the use of any weights but you can always add ankle weights to make it more difficult.Bench Press. This is perhaps the favorite of a so many bodybuilders. You can choose to do this with dumbbells or with a barbell while lying on the floor. But it would be best if you get a bench and lie there.You need to have good balance in order to perform this routine. Start by lying down on a bench, with both your legs raised up perpendicular to your bench.

To maintain balance, you can hold the bench for stability.So if you want a different approach to your arm workouts then try the two routines below. They mix both body weight and free weight exercises as I have found this combination to develop and shape the muscle very effectively.So I’ve established the push portion of the workout so what do you think comes next? Thats right, the pull. Remember the kettlebell swing that I spoke about at the beginning of this article. Well this is going to be your pulling movement. To begin, place the bell right between your feet. Work On One Group Of Muscles Each Day: When you focus on working one muscle group each day you will develop those muscles quicker.

You should aim to perform about 3 exercises for each muscle group. Fat around the belly is the prime reason for not having great abs despite doing every crunch and leg raise you can remember from the high school gym sessions. Intense high endurance activities such as kick boxing or rope jumping are powerful.The secret to getting quality resistance band workouts is in setting up a specific time to train. Many resistance band workouts include a circuit training program. By following a circuit training program you can get in your strength training as well as your cardio. All at the same time.Assume the press up position, but with your elbows bent and your forearms resting on the floor. Keep your back straight and tense those abs. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds. Do this twice. So, you have to address both of these issues: exercise, and body fat reduction. Now, if your exercise program not only strengthens your abs, but also promotes fat burning, you are killing both of these birds with the one stone.Weight lifting will result to more lean muscles mass and stronger, more stable muscles. This is essential in ab workouts for men. In fact, they’re also very helpful in improving your abdominals and lower back.

If you haven’t taken the time to include kettlebell ladders or other great at home kettlebell strategies into your own workouts then you are missing out. With the right attitude, lots of creativity, and loads of determination — you can build a super fit and healthy body right in the comfort of your very own home with home workouts for men.

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Select The Best Fitness Boot Camp

Reasons to start working out, taking care of your body, and joining a good, professional fitness boot camp. If you are unsure about working out by yourself, or need an additional push or if you have made a break in your fitness regime and need to go back in the swing of things- boot camps are a perfect solution. Fitness boot camps are created and focused to fit the needs of the individual in a small group setting or for certain goals members want to achieve.

As more and more people become more health-conscious and become conscious of their body shapes, it is no surprise that the fitness industry is having a boom due to the increased demand. Now, there are more fitness centers, gyms, personal trainers and boot camps than ever before. Obviously, most people who works out would want to be doing the right training and get the best results they can. Unfortunately, you cannot get results just by turning up in the gym. You have to know the exact program and best technique to get the best results.

Decide on how best to organize your initial team cells and appoint team leaders or coordinators (one for each cell). Then, assign one individual to support all team coordinators of all the cells and to track the programs. That individual could be the wellness coordinator, supervisor, manager or some other employee. That individual should already possess a heightened level of enthusiasm for fitness and have a desire to help others.

Even with the booming popularity of boot camp programs, many fitness instructors are still not offering a boot camp program to their clients. For those on the fence about boot camp style fitness programs, remember this: Fitness boot camp market research shows that fitness centers that do NOT offer these programs are really lagging behind market demand….and are short-changing their bottom-line. Adding a fitness bootcamp program or two to your current list of services is a smart business move in the current exercise market.

As many workout trainings provide, fitness boot camps also have various health benefits. Since an hour of boot camp training can already pack an innumerable amount of exercise, the health benefits abound, too. The strength of the muscles and their definition will surely be improved. Cardiovascular health will be augmented, too. Flexibility will also be improved, thus less injury for boot camp trainees, in the long run, of course.

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