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Exercise helps beat the Winter Blahs

 Spring just won’t get here!  Sunrise is deceiving as the gloriously warm sunshine fades into a gloomy, cold, clinging-to-the-doldrums-of-winter day.  Now is the time of year when a fitness program like a women’s boot camp can really pay off.  Studies have shown that when Winter comes around, one in four of us will experience some form of Winter doldrums.  Even those of us who make it through Winter okay start to feel a bit gloomy as Spring doesn’t seem to take dominion of the calendar.  Winter is fading, and as Spring begins popping its blooms through the thawing soil, the sun rises earlier every day.  5:30 doesn’t seem so dark, dreary, and painful.  The idea of exercise is more and more attractive, and one reason that jog looks so good: exercise delivers the best natural solution to the Winter Blahs: endorphins.

Endorphins are the brain chemicals that decrease stress hormones like cortisol and boost your mood.  They’re the “feel good hormones.”  Regular exercise is an excellent way to release endorphins and beat the Winter Blahs.  You can get a jump start on an exercise regimen with a ramped-up program like a fitness boot camp.  When you give your body the care and attention it needs, it rewards you for it.  A thirty-minute jog can increase your heart rate and step up your metabolism.  It fights the fat that can accumulate during the holiday season.  More importantly, exercise also releases endorphins in your brain.  


If the secret to fitness success is mind over matter, then maybe endorphins can be used to make Spring get here faster.  Start that workout regimen you’ve been considering.  Start feeling the endorphin rush.  Feel good and radiate those “feel-good” vibes.  Before you know it, the sun shines a bit brighter.  The air is a bit fresher.  Your clothes from last spring are a bit looser.  Before you know it, you’ll be hooked on this feeling good thing.  


Challenge yourself to one month of feeling good.  Maybe a boot camp doesn’t fit into your schedule this month.  Take a walk.  A brisk, 30-minute walk will make you a believer in the power of endorphins to make you feel good.  If you’re looking for a motivator, commit to doing a charity walk.  Do something good for the world while doing something good for you.  Challenge a friend to participate with you.  Share the good feelings.  It’s Spring!



David Krainiak – Program Director and Head Coach

David Krainiak is the Head Trainer of Southern Oakland County’s Adventure Boot Camps.

Also, David is Program Director and Owner of all the Adventure Boot Camp locations.

David is a highly qualified and multi-level fitness instructor. He attended college for Exercise Science and Business. He continuously educates himself and is currently a NESTA Certified Adventure BootCamp Instructor and has acquired 15 certifications. David K was born and raised right here in Detroit. He has over 15 yrs of health and fitness experience starting back in his earliest years playing sports and competing in martial arts as a kid. He grew up in a very athletic environment and always had a passion for health and fitness. David is very active physically as well as in the community. He trains regularly and is active in fitness events and charity runs. His company (David K Enterprises Inc) is working with other professionals in Michigan to innovate new fitness and health programs for adults as well as our kids to make Michigan a healthier and leaner state. David is also a published free lance writer and co-author and continues to write articles for various publications. He frequently does public speaking engagements as well and is available for bookings. He has appeared in dozens of magazines, newspapers, the local tv news, on the radio, and is available for media opportunities.

Why a women’s only camp at 5:30am? Funny…but the inspiration came from being surrounded by amazing women in my life starting with both of my grandmothers who have passed away, my amazing mom, and my older sister that used to kick my butt a lot when I was very young! lol… I saw the struggles they went through with trying to stay fit at all ages, and wanted to create an environment that any of them could join and feel comfortable in..unlike the typical gym atmoshere experience where they were left intimidated, confused, and at some points… even felt taken advantage of by high pressured, sales people (I mean trainers).

I am proud to say Michigans Adventure Boot Camp is rapidly expanding throughout Southeast Michigan as I continue with my vision of attracting professionally like-minded women, moms, and housewives to our boot camps which is ultimately a comfortable community where women can connect and make friends, receive support and motivation, while receiving premium fitness training that is safe, fun, and effective for all fitness levels.  This is all part of a much bigger vision we have to be a major component and catalyst in helping the women of Michigan become the healthiest and most fit women in the country.

There is so much fallacy and fiction when it comes to exercise and diets. This site will provide information that is true, safe and also practical. The demands placed on women today are more than ever as your days are becoming more like a juggling act with so much to do….the life of a mother! Our website will provide information to make your life easier as I provide real useful information that will get you better fitness results in less time and easy eating tips that are practical and not going to leave you drained and confused.

David was nominated as best personal trainer in Hour Magazines “2010 BEST OF DETROIT”

“Hi, I want to give a friendly welcome to the ladies of Michigan. I look forward to seeing you in our next Adventure Camp. Besides wonderful results you can easily look forward to a lot of fun, variety and a great network of supportive friends. I cant wait to meet you soon!” – David K

David Krainiak teaches the Southern Oakland County Boot Camps.

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Dance Pizazzs Top 3 Tips on How Dancing Can Help Beat Social Anxiety

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) April 20, 2015

Everyone gets nervous from time to time, especially in social situations. For those who are naturally shy, gatherings can be tricky to navigate. As per Psychology Today, (, being part of a physically engaging experience can actually serve as the perfect antidote for many types of social unease.

Dance Pizazz, greater St. Louis’ funnest, friendliest ballroom dance studio, is aware of these social and health issues and wants to be part of a dancer’s strategy to overcome them. Ballroom dance lessons can offer many opportunities for personal growth and can be an excellent tool for overcoming social anxiety. (Check out our students’ individual progress checks at In that vein, here are three ways in which Dance Pizazz’s Private and Group Lessons can help a dancer’s social progress and overall health:

1. Dancing = exercise. Ballroom dancing is an excellent –and fun! – workout for the mind and the body. Dancing engages our cognitive and spatial ability: both key components in developing a stronger social skill-set. Therefore, the more the dancer dances, the less anxious and more social he/she can become thanks to this workout.

2. Dancing, especially without a constant partner = increased confidence. Dance Pizazz recognizes this and encourages its dancers to learn with and through others in a safe and relaxed environment. Because practice makes perfect, both Private and Group Lessons present great opportunities for a dancer of any level to improve their craft through repetition. It’s a fact: feeling more confident in any activity can considerably reduce anxiety.

3. Social dancing = improved communication. Anyone attending a Group Lesson already has at least one thing in common: they are interested in ballroom dance. This presents a perfect icebreaker for safe mingling. Just having a basic conversation about the shared joys of dance can help anyone with their communication skills and, eventually, with their overall social competence.

Dance Pizazz is proud of its dancers’ growth on and off the dance floor! In dancing, many have developed and surpassed not only their ballroom goals, but also their social acuity. Go to to see how dancers of various levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), have improved their social aptitude and overall health.

Fresh Fruit Can Help Beat Disease in the Workplace

Seattle, Washington (PRWEB) May 19, 2015

Do employers know that office fruit boosts engagement and retention by giving the brain the fuel it needs for top performance? Research shows fruits have a “halo” effect and help protect against sedentary lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer according to Tom O’Connor, owner of Market Fresh Fruit in Seattle, Washington. No matter one’s job description, the benefits are equal when choosing to eat fresh and delicious fruit at work.

“Everyone is motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. Fruit at work is the opportunity to take that healthy step,” said O’Connor, author of the new book, “The Business Advantage for Fruit at Work: How to Boost Engagement and Retention” (Amazon Digital Services, Inc., 5.0 out of 5 stars, 2015, B00T8JL28I, $ 2.99). “The trigger can be an office-wide email that fresh morning fruit is now available. Or it can be staging the office fruit under a bright light, which can increase fruit consumption by 28%. It can also be the act of placing fruit baskets on top of office credenzas and/or file cabinets for easy dispersal.”

O’Connor’s book explains that “a greater number of sick days, increased health insurance costs and the high cost of fast food and processed snacks are just a few of the symptoms organizations face when they don’t have effective wellness programs.”

Tips from the book include:

Why offering fresh fruit at work is beneficial – A healthy workforce means more productive employees, especially with the large number of sick days, higher insurance costs, and the increasing rise of fast food and snack items.
How to move in the right direction – Employers can encourage healthier eating habits for workers in simple, cost-effective methods.
What does it mean to adopt good nutrition? – The theory of healthier eating is explained along with statistics on the effects of fresh fruit on the body.
Is it possible start a fruit delivery program at the office? The author provides several tips on how to get started on offering healthier food choices to workers at an affordable cost.

“If you have an employee population with a high BMI or high level of bad cholesterol, rather than doing exercise programs, you may want to talk to your employees about nutrition, diet and how to shop for vegetables and fruit, as basic as that is,” states Bruce Elliott, manager of compensation and benefits at the Society of Human Resources Management in Virginia, in a recent article on Elliot points out that more employers are offering wellness programs as an incentive for their workers.

Market Fresh Fruit is a Seattle, WA based company that delivers premium quality, local fruit to the workplace. Since 2010, Market Fresh Fruit is Seattle’s only taste-tested office fruit delivery service and is recommended by clients at Fisher Radio, Creative Circle Staffing, and Crane Aerospace. Market Fresh Fruit is owned by Tom O’Connor. Every week, their Fruit-at-Work program delivers just delicious fruit to over 8,000 Seattle area workers helping employers increase productivity and morale, while lowering employee benefit costs by offering workers a healthy snack over candy or empty white carbs like muffins or bagels.

For more information on Market Fresh Fruit and for a free fruit tasting, please contact Tom O’Connor at 206-304-2464. Also visit the website at for more information.

Improve Your Golf Beat With The Advice Of A Golf Exercise Program

Improve Your Golf Beat With The Advice Of A Golf Exercise Program

There is no agnosticism that golf is a actual accepted action and one of the affidavit for that is because about everyone, behindhand of their age or concrete condition, can get out on the advance and beating a few assurance down the fairway. Even the aged and those with some handicaps can participate acknowledgment to golf cars and aids. However, if you wish to be a champ at the game, again it ability be accessible if you undertake a golf exercise program.

A exercise affairs for it is advised to be a must-have for those who are austere about the game, whether they are amateurs or professionals. The demands of the bold of golf are rather basal if you are just arena for fun and for the amusement of getting out of doors on a approved basis; yet, if you are at all absorbed in getting competitive, again your golf advance will depend to a ample amount on your concrete akin of fitness.

Oftentimes, even accomplished golfers acquisition that they are larboard with assorted aches, anguish and acerbity afterwards they play a annular of it. This happens because of the accent and ache that is placed on the physique as the being goes through the motion of the swing, centralizing in the aback in a lot of cases. A acceptable golf exercise affairs helps strengthen the anatomy in the aback and this, in turn, can advice abate the affliction while aswell allowance to advance your golf swing.

Regular exercise is important for blockage in appearance and for arena it to your best abilities, abnormally if it is a aggressive bold with a accumulation of golf buddies who like to yield bets on the round. A acceptable exercise affairs advised for golfers will advice assure your anatomy and joints artlessly by authoritative them stronger and bigger able to handle the rigors of a active annular of it.

The best affair about these golf advance programs is that they advice you to advance the all-important concrete mechanics that abutment the swing, which is the a lot of important aspect of the game. By accomplishing golf addition movements and contest that are allotment of golf training videos for fitness, you will be able to actualize and body the actual anatomy and aswell access collective attrition and flexibility. Combined, this helps to accumulate you able and agile at the aforementioned time, which will advice you to assassinate the bare moves.

As golfers age, they aswell charge to break in the best appearance accessible if they wish to feel that their bold is consistently convalescent rather than diminishing. However, it is simple to atom those earlier golfers who acutely chase a golf exercise adviser because you can see them walking the fairways with a bounce in their step. Age does not accept to baffle with arena a abundant annular of it that you can blow about all week, but it does crave the accomplishment of accomplishing golf contest on a approved basis.

For the a lot of allotment it does not crave a massive time charge in adjustment to chase a acceptable golf exercise program. A lot of humans even amalgamate a golf exercise accepted with added accustomed activities, such as walking. Often, humans will aboriginal yield a brief, active airing and again go through the golf addition routine. You will ascertain that accomplishing this on a approved base will bear amazing after-effects that will accomplish you feel bigger all-embracing and will advance your bold as well.

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Weight Loss Program for Kids from Kurbo Health Helps Local Teen Beat Childhood Obesity Odds

Gainesville, Florida (PRWEB) March 09, 2015

Childhood obesity is an undeniable epidemic in the US today, with recent statistics showing at least one in three children in America are severely overweight or obese – and that number is rising. However, there’s at least one local Gainesville teen who is bucking these odds with the help of an innovative new weight loss program for kids called Kurbo.

Twelve-year-old Meg McDermott, who was afflicted by an intestinal illness last year that kept her from exercising and led to weight gain, has turned her health and body image around over the past year with use of the Kurbo app and digital coaching program. Not only did Meg reduce her BMI (body mass index) by more than seven percent, she has gained confidence and also inspired her mom, Carol, to get fit and lose weight herself.

Kurbo is the first mobile weight loss program for kids and teens designed specifically to help kids, teens and their parents learn to eat healthier and lose weight if needed. It’s based on Stanford University’s renowned pediatric weight control program, and follows the well-known “Traffic Light Diet” food classification system, which encourages users to consume fewer “red foods” (i.e., processed foods high in sugar and fat), more “greens” (most fruits and vegetables) and “yellows” (e.g., whole grain breads, dairy products, lean meats, etc.) in moderation. In addition, Kurbo users receive feedback and encouragement via text messages and weekly phone or video chats with a personal coach.

Within the Kurbo app itself, features include the food and exercise tracker, as well as fun games, budgeting tools, helpful videos, weekly challenges and progress screens. Users also receive virtual coaching (SMS text messages and notifications providing feedback and recommendations based on tracker entries), as well as personal coaching in the form of weekly phone calls or video chats with a live coach.

Kurbo Works: 90% Success Rate by Users

Meg McDermott is not the only child to find success using Kurbo. In fact, in the first pilot program for 65 children ages 8-17 years old who completed the Kurbo program between March and July 2014, users experienced a significant reduction (0.26) in their body mass index by (BMI). Of this group, 90% of the children either maintained or reduced their weight, and of those who reduced their weight, 58% reduced their BMI by over 3% and 20% of these reduced their BMI by over 7%.

In addition to weight loss and BMI reduction, at the end of the Kurbo program, kids reported higher levels of self-confidence and self-esteem, improved feelings of self-control, more physically active lifestyle, and reduced conflict between kids and parents over food and exercise. (For more on Kurbo’s outcomes, visit

About Kurbo

Kurbo is the first mobile weight loss program for kids and teens. Based on Stanford University’s renowned and research-based Pediatric Weight Control Program, Kurbo is the only system combining personalized coaching and expert advice with mobile apps for food and activity tracking to promote healthier eating and exercise habits for children and their families. Kurbo Health is part of Rock Health, a full-service seed fund for digital health startups. The company has offices in San Francisco and Palo Alto. For more information, please visit

Zumba fitness My heart in the beat

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