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Fitness through balanced diet

It is said what you eat is what you are. So true, nature and activities of people is dominated by the food they eat. People having balanced diet and square meal with regular intervals tend to lead a healthy life and stay away from diseases. Whereas people leading unhealthy food habits like eating junk food, taking irregular food items at irrelevant timings. Hitting the gym regularly is another healthy habit which works wonders in keeping your mind and body healthy and productive.

Having a weight which corresponds to one’s height is a healthy sign, but the otherwise condition is not desired, like being underweight or overweight. Earlier people have pronounced that health is wealth. So we much strive to earn this wealth by following good habits and regular conditioning. Life today is full of stress, professional deadlines, cut throat competition and many more tough factors. All these factors take their toll on our mind and body. With time, these tensions and stress create a vacuum in our mind and body. People succumb to eating unhealthy food at wrong timings to overcome the stress. This food habit leads to piling on pounds. Being overweight is another issue today’s generation struggles with. Merely cutting down on oily and high carb foods may not serve the purpose.

It should be combined with proper intake of vitamins and other supplements. Some fats are essential for our body such as omega 3 fish oil. This oil cannot be produced by our body, so it should be taken in through the food we eat. This is one of the essential fatty acids, which are required for producing hormones that are responsible for regulating the major body functions, including digestion, insulin production and the storage of fat. It is also proven that this fatty acid helps us in loosing fat and help in weight loss. One of the studies conducted ,on two different sets of individuals with supply and no- supply of this oil, has proven that this oil helped burning fat. This oil can be advised by clinical practitioners as a herbal weight loss supplements. It is one of the win- win situations; one gets to eat oily food as well as gets help in reducing fat.

This oil can be obtained by consuming following foods: oily fish and vegetable sources such as flax seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts, olive oil and canola oil. These foods can be included in the regular diet for healthy dose of this incredibly helpful fatty acid.

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A Balanced Diet

A Balanced Diet

To most of us, our understanding of a balanced diet means that we need to consume a bit of everything in order to obtain proteins, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates.  Therefore a balance diet may need to consist such foods as eggs, meat, rice or bread, milk and vegetables.

However, since ancient times, the Chinese physicians have always advocated consuming beans, grains, vegetables and fruits.  Eggs, meat and dairy products should not be taken as the main items to feed on and instead should only be used to flavor dishes.  There were many long years of doubts and disbelief in this concept by most people but they are now beginning to notice the wisdom of consuming such foods.

The ancient Chinese says that we have to eat intelligently to make sure that the food will create harmony in our body.  If our body conditions become disharmonious or unbalanced, illnesses can occur.  The correct diet plan is an important aspect of natural healing.

Hence, to the ancient Chinese, a balanced diet has different meanings:

A balanced diet of different flavours

Our food consumption should consists of food with different flavours, energies and organic actions.  Our diet must contain varieties of flavours – sour, pungent and bitter. For example, we must not consume only sweet and sour flavours and exclude the other types of flavours as we will end up courting trouble for our body.
A balanced diet conforming to our needs and physical constitution

The food that we choose and consume must conform to our needs and physical constitution.  If our body is a yin, the recommendation is to consume more warming food.  If it is a yang, then more cooling food should be taken.
A balanced diet to maintain the harmonious balance of our internal organs

We should consume food that can help us in maintaining the harmonious balance of our internal organs.  Having a good appetite does not really mean that our heart is strong.  If we experience a feeling of burning sensation inside the stomach, it basically means that we have excessive heat in that area.  In this condition, it would be detrimental  if we were to consume spicy food or liquor.  However consumption of cooling food can help in cooling down a hot stomach.

Diet and Cancer

Just like drugs alone cannot heal cancer, a correct and balanced diet alone may also not really help much in the healing.  However, a correct and balanced diet is crucial as it can help in determining the direction and progress of healing.  Unfortunately, the role of nutrition becomes only that of improving comfort and pretty much nothing can be done for  advanced stages of cancer.  The correct and balanced diet for cancer patients are similar to the ancient Chinese concept of a balanced diet which is:

Whole grains, nuts, seeds and cereals – a much as possible in an unprocessed form
Fresh fruits and vegetables
Fruit juices
Avoid dairy products and meat
Avoid white sugar, table salt and cooking oil
Avoid all canned, preserved and processed food.

Look for cancer-fighting recipes to help guide you on how to prepare and cook the right food if you are not sure what to do.

I am a strong advocate of natural healing remedies and healthy recipes as I really believe we can use food, herbs, fruits and vegetables as a natural medicine rather than to go for toxic drugs that brings with them serious side effects.  Do check out my websites for the natural healing way –, &

Home Care Assistance’s Balanced Care Method Improves Quality of Life for Montreal Clients

Montréal, QC (PRWEB) February 20, 2015

Home Care Assistance of Montreal, a leading provider of in-home care, continues to offer a higher quality of care with its proprietary Balanced Care Method. Not content with the existing in-home care paradigms, which tend to focus solely on assistance with activities of daily living, Home Care Assistance designed the Method to promote healthy mind, body and spirit. The company has received overwhelming, positive feedback from medical and senior care professionals, praising the holistic and innovative approach to care.

Based on scientific studies of the world’s healthiest seniors, the Balanced Care Method captures five key behaviours correlated with healthy longevity: healthy diet, physical exercise, active social ties, mental stimulation and a sense of purpose and calm. Caregivers are professionally trained to incorporate each area of the Method in daily care to ensure that the same caliber of care is provided to clients across the globe. For example, caregivers have access to healthy meal preparation training through the company’s online Home Care Assistance University. Home Care Assistance also recently published a cookbook, Comfort Foods: A Healthy Twist on Classic Favourites, which provides healthy, tasty alternatives to traditional dishes, such as a “fried chicken” baked with a corn flake crust.

“To truly fulfill our mission to change the way the world ages, it’s important to not only educate our staff and clients on healthy aging and wellness, but to also provide this knowledge to our communities,” said Tim Thomas, owner of Home Care Assistance of Montreal. “We believe that empowering people to be proactive and informed when it comes to their health will lead to them making better health decisions, ultimately improving their quality of life.”

In addition to education around nutrition, Home Care Assistance caregivers are also trained to promote physical activity among their clients, tailored to client mobility and preference. Consistent exercise has been shown to delay memory loss, slow cognitive decline and muscle atrophy and boost mood and mental wellbeing. Home Care Assistance clients tend to not only maintain their physical statuses, but to improve and thrive through the program.

A thorough intake and continued client monitoring enable care managers to develop personalized care programs that incorporate client preferences, personality and history. For example if a client expresses a love of music and values active membership in community groups, a care manager would format a care plan with a dedicated focus on facilitating social ties and active engagement with music (creating, listening, discussing, etc.).

The Balanced Care Method is unlike any other care program in its tailored and research-based approach to longevity. The focus on overall wellbeing results in clients and caregivers reporting higher degrees of satisfaction and fulfillment, and is sure to continue setting the benchmark for excellence in the industry.

For more information on Home Care Assistance’s Balanced Care Method and our expertly trained caregivers, please visit or call 514-907-5065. The office is located at 4464 Ste-Catherine West, Montreal, H3Z 1R7.


Home Care Assistance Montreal is the leading provider of home care for seniors in the Greater Montreal Area. Our mission is to change the way the world ages. We provide older adults with quality care that enables them to live happier, healthier lives at home. Our services are distinguished by the caliber of our caregivers, the responsiveness of our staff and our expertise in Live-In care. We also specialize in Alzheimer’s and dementia care, palliative care, stroke care, Parkinson care and companion care. For more information, visit

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