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Exercise Tips – Back Pain Management

Exercise is an easy method to treat back pain. For many patients, the last thing they wish to try to to risk increasing the number of pain they feel. Strenuous work-outs are not the best idea for patients full of back pain. Mild work-out routines, however, will convince be quite beneficial. Remember to consult a physician before starting any kind of exercise program. It’s additionally necessary to understand your individual injury and your personal limits. Many patients are involved that exercise will only increase their pain. It’s true, you will experience some initial pain. When muscles are initial put to figure, it takes time for them to adapt and gain strength. These aches and pains will prove to be useful in the long term. As long as you consult your doctor and keep within your limits, there’s nothing to worry about. Basic movements help to tone and build up the core muscles that support the spine. By strengthening your core, flexibility will increase and posture improves. Core exercises forestall future pain and will reduce overall discomfort. A sturdy spine and core help you to avoid a number of injuries. Exercise improves balance and suppleness; two skills necessary to avoid injury, particularly in older patients. Exercise helps you to be told to manage your own pain. Patients full of chronic pain may realize this hard to believe, but it’s been proven to be true. Exercise teaches patients the way to manage, and generally overcome, their pain. Back pain sufferers who exercise can still experience some pain. Exercise provides tools for pain management, not pain removal. In addition to improving physical fitness, exercise will offer psychological benefits. Oftentimes, a patient who begins a piece-out routine can feel better about themselves when a brief amount of time. Getting up and getting active can be a great approach to spice up the self-esteem. Once a patient receives this positive feedback, they are possible to feel additional inclined to stay to their routine. A clear loss of weight or drop in clothing size could offer further motivation. Exercising will be a nice means to meet alternative people who share your interest in personal fitness. You’ll meet folks at the neighbourhood gym or on a walk down the street. Meeting others can make exercise additional interesting. Many people choose to figure-out with a friend. Having a piece-out partner helps remove the monotony from exercise. Friends will also facilitate to stay you on target and committed to your fitness routine. Oftentimes, patients just don’t grasp how to induce started. Walking can be a nice method to get active. It’s free and will be done virtually anywhere. A little bit of sun and recent air can do a world of good. Walking will also facilitate your to realize confidence and motivate you to increase the intensity of your workout over time. Remember not to move too quickly. Learning to manage your back pain could be a slow process that needs lots of patience and time.

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The Best Exercise to Relieve Back Pain

As a back pain sufferer and someone who has tried all kinds of treatments from yoga to surgery I’m sometimes asked:” What are the best exercises to relieve back pain”? The correct answer is it depends. To accurately answer this question one needs to know the type of back pain. Is it lower or upper back? Is it a result of an injury or deterioration? Is it a muscle pull or a herniated disc. Of course before beginning any exercise program and especially one dealing with the back it’s vital you first check with your doctor.

Be aware that not all exercises are beneficial, some can do more harm than good. What works for one person may not work for you.  The best exercise are going to be the ones that are designed specifically for you by a trained professional. That being said here are some general exercises and methods that may help.

1. Stretching: Slow steady stretching can bring relief to back pain. Again not all stretching is good your doctor or physical therapist can show you which ones you should try.

2. Walking: This is one that anybody should be able to handle. Get a good pair of walking shoes and find a level area to walk. Walk with your head up and shoulders back. Start slowly and increase your pace as you loosen up.

3. Swimming: A great exercise because the water takes the weight off your back and you use all your muscles. Be sure to take it easy and use strokes that don’t involve a lot of twisting.

Of course maintain an exercise program though out your life can help prevent back problems and speed recovery if you are injured. The best back pain exercises strengthen core muscles. It also important to have balance when you exercise so all the major muscle groups are exercised evenly. Muscle imbalance can be a source of numerous back conditions. Remember not all exercises are going to be good for you. The best program of exercises to relieve your back pain are the ones developed just for you. The Healthy Back Institute has developed a program called Lose The Back Pain System. This system designs a program of movements and exercise to address your specific needs.

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The Best Upper Back Workout

Though a big chest, shoulders, or arms are all nice to have, it’s a monstrous upper back that makes your upper body truly stand out and look thick and powerful. If you want to boost your physique to the next level, you’re going to have to invest some serious effort into your lats, rhomboids and traps. Here is the best upper back workout for accomplishing this goal:

1. Deadlifts

Though it is also a lower body exercise, and though it doesn’t actually involve any pulling with the arms the deadlift is the BEST possible exercise for the upper back. It allows you to use more weight than any other movement in the gym, and the stretch and contraction it requires from your traps and lats make it the best movement you can put into your upper back workout.

When performing the deadlift, you should focus on very heavy weights and low reps. For building my back, I like to stick with the 4-6 rep range for my main work set, and then drop the weight a little bit to do a down-set of 8-10 reps.

2. Barbell Rows

This is the second-best exercise for the upper back workout, and probably the best rowing movement that you can do. Like the bench press and other heavy pressing exercises, the barbell row allows you to use very heavy weights to stimulate muscle in your upper body.

You should use pretty low reps with this movement, as well. Using straps and a belt if necessary, work up to a top set of 8-10 reps. Don’t be afraid to put a little bit of body English into the exercise, as well. As long as you still feel your back doing most of the work, you’re good.

3. Parallel-Grip Pull-Ups

Most people like to focus on wide-grip pull-ups, but I find that a close, parallel grip builds the widest lats possible. Put these in your upper back workout to build the widest lats possible.

Use straps if you need to, but try relying only on your own grip to keep hold of the pull-ups bars. Once you can do around 10-15 bodyweight pull-ups with decent form, starting adding external weight via a pull-up belt.

Like the previous two exercises, work your way up to one top set, this time doing around 6-8 reps. After this set, drop the weight and do a high-rep set with just your body weight.

4. Chest-Supported Rows

Your back should be pretty fatigued by this point in the upper back workout, but you’ve still got two exercises left! Head on over to your favorite chest-supported row machine. In case you don’t know, these are machines that allow you to row with your chest against a pad, so that the movement is strict and your lower back is uninvolved.

My favorite is the Hammer Strength variety, but you can use whatever machine you want. Do 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps, and try to keep your form strict and controlled. Really feel your back working. Also, try not to use straps. You need to get some good grip work in somewhere.

5. Underhand Pull-Down Machine

Most gyms have a machine pull-down that allows you to use an underhand grip. If yours doesn’t do either under-hand grip chin-ups or pull-downs. The goal here is to do another vertical pulling exercise, but this time with an underhand grip.

Load up a decent amount of weight, and do 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps, just like with the chest-supported row. This is your last back exercise, so make sure to get a good contraction and burn going in your lats. When you are done, aggressively stretch your lats for a few minutes to get some good blood flow in there.

Work Your Whole Body For Huge Gains

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Back Acne: Tips for Clearer Summer Skin

Albertson, NY (PRWEB) June 03, 2015

Acne is the same wherever it appears. But acne on the back (“bacne”) can be particularly stubborn to eliminate and hard to prevent. As with acne on the face, back acne is most common in teens and young adults, in the years when the sebaceous glands are most active. “The sebaceous glands produce sebum, or oil,” says Jayme Bashian, director and lead medical aesthetician of Simply Posh Aesthetic Spa. “The characteristic pimples, blackheads and cysts of acne are caused by oil and dead skin clogging the pores and attracting bacteria that can cause an infection. Back acne is more difficult to treat and prevent than facial acne because the pores on the back are larger and become clogged more easily. It is also harder to keep the skin free of irritating fabrics and, especially in the summertime, long hair.”

“Back acne is a source of considerable embarrassment and self-consciousness, especially among young people,” says Ms. Bashian. “We can provide immediate relief with TheraClearTM, an FDA-approved acne treatment that combines a gentle vacuum with a painless broadband light. TheraClear treatments work on all skin types, on mild to moderate inflammatory acne, and on pustular acne. There is little to no downtime and patients can resume activities immediately.”

Ms. Bashian provide their top tips for treating and preventing breakouts of mild to moderate back acne. More severe cases may require the care of a dermatologist.

Tips for Clearing and Preventing Back Acne

Keep your back clean: Poor hygiene won’t cause back acne but good hygiene will help prevent it and clear blemishes. Shower daily and especially right after exercise or any activity that generates perspiration. But don’t overdo it: Don’t clean the skin more than twice a day, don’t scrub hard, don’t use very hot water, and don’t use harsh anti-bacterial soaps. Shower or bathe in warm water, using a gentle body wash or cleanser that is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores; look for one with acne-fighting ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Exfoliate – gently – to remove pore-clogging dead skin cells no more than twice a week using a soft sponge and a mild scrub.
Keep clean fabric next to the skin: Always change into clean underwear and clothes before and after exercising, and put a clean towel on exercise machines and mats at the gym. Exercise increases circulation and generates heat, which causes increased production of sebum, and perspiration and bacteria will aggravate acne. Avoid synthetic fabrics; choose lightweight, loose-fitting clothes that allow the skin to breathe and perspiration to evaporate. Change bed linens twice a week to keep sloughed-off skin cells and oil away from your back.
Avoid excessive sun exposure: Contrary to popular wisdom, the sun will not dry pimples or clear up acne. In fact, the sun damages cells and weakens the skin, making it more vulnerable to blemishes. And while perspiration cools the body and cleanses the skin of dirt, dead cells and excess oil, if those materials are left on the skin as perspiration dries, they will clog the pores and cause breakouts. Use facial sunscreen, which is formulated to avoid clogging pores, on any part of the body that is prone to breakouts; sunscreens intended for the body lack that protection.
Keep wet hair off your back: Conditioner and hair-styling products left on the hair are a frequent cause of blemishes on the back. After shampooing and conditioning in the shower, pull long hair forward and wash your back last to keep the residue of hair products off your back. Similarly, don’t leave wet hair on your back after swimming. Don’t use on your body a towel that has been used on your hair.
What about diet? Many people believe that certain foods – most notably, chocolates and fatty or oily foods – cause or exacerbate breakouts. While there is no scientific evidence that this is the case, Ms. Bashian suggests that you avoid any food that you think makes your acne worse. “A healthy, well-balanced diet is as good for your skin as it is for your overall well-being,” she says. “You shouldn’t have to make major changes to your diet to clear up acne.”

“Back acne is troublesome, especially at this time of year,” says Ms.Bashian. “But there are many effective treatments that, along with good personal habits, can eliminate or reduce its occurrence. Everyone can enjoy the skin-baring joys of summer!”

TheraClear is a trademark of the Theravant Corporation.

Simply Posh Aesthetic Spa offers personal care to address a wide array of skin care concerns including skin rejuvenation, body contouring, cellulite reduction therapy, anti-aging, and laser hair removal. Simply Posh is under the medical guidance of Advanced Dermatology’s board-certified dermatologists, cosmetic, laser, and plastic surgeons.,

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BACK IN ACTION Tri-Zone Movement Therapy Founder Bruce Farmer M.D. Certifies Back to Basics Chiropractic P.C. for Pain Relief Program for Chronic Low Back Pain

Hillsboro, Oregon (PRWEB) June 03, 2015

Dr. Bruce Farmer, M.D., President and Founder of Fitness Therapeutics Inc and creator of BACK IN ACTION Tri-Zone Movement Therapy, a new treatment for musculoskeletal pain relief announces that Back to Basics Chiropractic P.C. is now using Dr. Famer’s ‘Back in Action’ pain relief program for chronic back pain.

Dr. Farmer developed BACK IN ACTION after a personal recurring injury to his lower back. This approach offers pain relief, rehabilitation, restores functioning, posture, aligns joints, and is entirely movement based without pain medications or surgical intervention. It is currently under study at the Oregon Health & Sciences University Department of Rehabilitation Services. Many post-operative patients with continued pain improve significantly with this program, increasing their daily activities and range of motion.

Founder of Back to Basics Chiropractic, Dr. Brian Rueben, D.C., had a total hip replacement in 2014 and credits the techniques of Dr. Farmer for restoring him to health. “These methods really work, and got me back to functioning at a normal level better than any other methods that I tried. My experience with these techniques led me to pursue certification so I can help other people. We now use the Back in Action program in our clinic. It is the movement piece we’ve been looking for.”

Dr. Rueben has been practicing chiropractic medicine for twenty-three years. The clinic now offers individual and group classes using the Back in Action1 Back Pain program, instructional DVD and color brochure.

Dr. Bruce Farmer assists people suffering from back pain individually, in groups, and offers the BACK IN ACTION Tri-Zone Movement therapy to health practitioners for their patients suffering from chronic pain. For further info visit For media inquiries contact Inspired Media Diane at dianeden(at)centurytel(dot)net.

About Bruce Farmer

Dr. Bruce Farmer, MD is Founder and President of Fitness Therapeutics Inc. and creator of BACK IN ACTION Trizone Movement Therapy™. He is a certified personal trainer (ACSM), certified corrective exercise specialist (NASM), and Wellcoach (Wellcoaches Corporation). Since suffering a severe back injury ten years ago, he has devoted his career to developing solutions for back pain relief and the restoration of fitness and wellbeing.

Dr. Farmer is the Founder and President, Fitness Therapeutics Inc., Portland, OR; 2013-present. Dr. Farmer is a Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist and has a Masters in Theology from Western Seminary and was Associate Professor of Science and Theology at Life Pacific College in San Dimas California. He was owner and medical director of the Scappoose Family Medical Center in Scappoose Oregon and practiced Emergency Medicine through Spectrum Emergency Services throughout Oregon from 1987-1994.

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Exercising With the Diamond Back Exercise Bike

If you own a television set then you will almost certainly be familiar with the constant promotional programs that tell you how to develop your muscles and how to live a healthier lifestyle. They have models that are impossibly good looking and they tell you of weight loss targets that are just too fantastic. If you do not have a very strong mental disposition you might end up feeling inadequate. For practical purposes some people find it extremely difficult to manage the different tasks in their lives without compromising on their priorities. You may be a working mum with very little time to go to the gym. The diamond back exercise bike will help you to achieve your targets.

Any instrument or tool that makes it easier for people to live healthy lives is very welcome especially if you consider that until a few years back physical activity was taken to be a matter of course in the family. As we increase the number of gadgets that we have in the home the rate of activity that we can enjoy has significantly gone done. Meanwhile the obesity levels continue to take hold of the developed world. The innovative strategies such as the diamond back exercise bike are very useful when it comes to delivering on the promise of easy access to some sort of physical activity. They may not have the same effect as a marathon run but they will help the user enormously.

Safety issues are obvious a concern when anyone is using a new piece of equipment. The body is delicate and if there is any hint of stress then it might collapse with very significant damage. There are people that worry about their backs when they use the diamond back exercise bike. We all know that the excruciating pain that arises from an accident in that area can be life changing. However the general consensus amongst the industry experts is that the bike has been created with the utmost care and the latest technological developments so that it does not cause significant health risks to the users. This has been an ongoing process to improve the functionality and practicality of this piece of equipment.

With the development of technology and the other enhancements it has become clear that the pricing structure for the diamond back exercise bike would change. The impressive thing is that they have done this in such a way that it is still affordable to the majority of the intended public. Therefore the people that have been working with the bike will find that they can get a replacement if the need arises. The increased popularity will also mean that there will come a time when a lower price will also be possible. Apart from the practical features that are quite impressive, the diamond back exercise bike is also a stylish item that you can give to your family on a special occasion or just as a gesture.

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Weekend Warriors: Watch Your Back

West Orange, NJ (PRWEB) March 25, 2015

Spring’s imminent arrival – despite frigid temperatures over much of the United States – undoubtedly has many “weekend warriors” itching to return to outdoor exercise and activities. But weekend warriors – who take part in strenuous bursts of activity only on weekends or certain times of the year – need to be especially cautious of how an abrupt return to vigorous movement can injure their spine, according to Pain Management Specialist Brian Bannister, MD, with Atlantic Spine Center.

Despite minimal activity during the week, weekend warriors often plunge into recreational sports at week’s end, sometimes with perilous results. A 2014 study in the Canadian Journal of Surgery ( found that significantly more weekend warriors sustained injuries than everyday athletes during mishaps while hiking or rock-climbing (15.4% of accidents), skateboarding or rollerblading (12.3%), hockey/ice skating (10.3%) and water-related (7.7%) activities. About 35% of the 351 patients analyzed in the research sustained a spinal injury, and more than 8% required spinal surgery.

“Overall, a weekend warrior’s commitment to demanding exercise is a good thing, health-wise,” says Dr. Bannister. “But it can also place their backs, in particular, at risk since their bodies are no longer as flexible or quick to recover as when they were younger.”

Common spine injuries for weekend warriors

What types of back injuries are prevalent among weekend warriors? Depending on how they get hurt, these injuries can run the gamut from mild to severe, Dr. Bannister says, including:

Muscle strain or sprain: This type of soft tissue damage – whether to muscles, tendons or ligaments – often occurs in the lower spine, known as the lumbar region. Muscle spasms may accompany pain and can be severe, but most strains and sprains just need time and rest to heal.
Disc herniation: Athletes engaging in activities requiring a lot of spine flexing and rotating – such as weight lifting, collision sports and bowling – have a higher chance of disc herniation, in which the soft center of a vertebral disc pushes through the disc’s outer shell. Pain can be intense and the condition may require surgery.
Spondylolistheses: When one bone in the back slides forward over the bone beneath it, that’s called spondylolistheses. Some sports, such as weight lifting and gymnastics, confer a higher risk of this problem by causing stress fractures in vertebrae. Pain relievers, physical therapy or surgery may be used to treat spondylolistheses.
Minor or major fracture: Major spinal fractures are uncommon except in high-speed collision sports such as skiing or motocross and typically require surgery. But small fractures, which can happen during a variety of activities, are usually managed with “conservative” measures such as rest, physical therapy and pain medication.

Tips for back injury prevention

What’s the best way for weekend warriors to prevent back injuries? “That’s easy,” Dr. Bannister says. “Stop exercising only on the weekend! Moderate-to-vigorous physical exercise should be something we take part in at least several times per week, spread throughout the week.”

But for those committed to their weekend warrior ways, Dr. Bannister offers these tips to help prevent spine injury:

Start slowly: Stretch and walk for 7 to 10 minutes to allow muscles and joints to warm up. Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds, and be sure to stretch the opposing muscle group on the other side of your body.
Ramp up gradually: Increase the time or intensity of workouts, but not both at the same time.
Mix it up: Try cross-training, which involves participating in more than one type of sport or activity. Research suggests this approach results in fewer injuries than doing only one specific activity.
Listen to your body: If you feel pain or soreness, stop what you’re doing and take a rest. If the discomfort doesn’t gradually improve – or gets worse – see your doctor.
Remember the right gear: Depending on the sport, you may need a helmet, wrist pads or knee pads. Well-fitting athletic shoes that provide sufficient shock absorption are a must.

“Here’s what I propose to weekend warriors: Make physical activity an every-other-day habit instead,” says Dr. Bannister. “Not only will short workouts during the week help you enjoy your weekend workouts even more, but your back will thank you.”

Atlantic Spine Center is a nationally recognized leader for endoscopic spine surgery with three locations in New Jersey in West Orange, Edison and Union.

Brian Bannister, M.D., is an anesthesiologist and pain management specialist. He works with both surgical and chronic care patients, performing evaluations of new patients and implementing follow-up care and continued therapy for patients with acute or chronic pain using effective interventional pain therapy and procedures.

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