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Enchanting Rust Rapture Art Exhibition Opens in Austin

Austin, TX (PRWEB) May 15, 2015

Artist and Photographer Johnny Stevens reveals hidden art in the bold designs, textures and colors on “rat rod” cars in his Rust Rapture collection. Large art prints will be exhibited for the very first time in Austin from June 1st through June 29th at the O2 Gallery and Project Space (Flatbed building) in Austin. A special “Meet the Artist” reception will be held on Friday, June 12th from 6-8 p.m. at the gallery, and is open to the public. Stevens’ exceptional artwork is a must see for anyone interested in experiencing dynamic imagery derived from the exterior finishes of vintage rat rods ranging from a 1924 Ford Model T to a 1966 Chevy sedan. All images are available for purchase.

The idea for the Rust Rapture series began five years ago when Stevens first attended the Lonestar Rod and Kustom Car Round-up in Austin, Texas. A “rat rod” is a style of custom car that imitates the early hot rods of the 1930s through the early 1960s. “Rat Rods” however, have not been restored, and their exteriors have been subjected to the exquisite demise of Mother Nature. Stevens was absolutely blown away by the spectacular beauty he discovered in the organic finishes of “rat rods.” His photography exhibition features works that are each a unique amalgamation of textures and colors, creating bold movement and intense mystery.

“These cars are hot rods whose exterior finish has been subjected to harsh weather elements – – rain, heat, sun and occasionally an owner’s belt sander. The blend of old paint and rust produces a stunning patina which I capture through my photography to create this special collection of work called Rust Rapture,” adds photographer Johnny Stevens.

In Stevens’ abstract work, he strives to “reveal simplicity within the chaos”. He starts by following the rules, but only in anticipation of breaking them. “Rules are made to be broken, and Abstract is the perfect genre to exercise that right,” says Stevens. His philosophy is to do whatever works best for the image, often tossing the photographic mores of composition out the window. Stevens is driven to reveal new perspectives of ordinary images that are normally overlooked. The collection continues to gain international notoriety, as many of Stevens’ pieces grace the walls of boardrooms, living rooms and art galleries across the nation. The project has been six years in the making. This abstract art form is perfect for large print display in any office, conference room, hotel, or residence.

Stevens recently shot new work in April during the LoneStar Rod and Kustom Car Round-Up, one of the largest hot rod and custom car shows in the country. The show hosts hundreds of hot rod owners in what has become virtually an annual pilgrimage to Austin.

Rust Rapture was also recently featured in Austin’s Vetta Homes magazine February 2015 issue and the April 2015 issue of Austin Way. He will also appear on a Time Warner Cable News special segment, Local Wonders, which will air in May.

Past Gallery exhibits include:

Caldwell Arts Council Gallery, Lenoir, NC – April, 2015

Dell Jewish Community Center Art Gallery, Austin – June 2014

Artist Haven Gallery, Boca Raton, Fl. – March 2013

For more information about purchasing any of the various Rust Rapture images, visit

About Rust Rapture

Rust Rapture is the latest art exhibition of photographer and artist Johnny Stevens, which showcases the mysterious beauty he captures from the exterior finishes of vintage “hot rod” or “rat rod” cars. These vintage cars span 40 years and range from a 1924 Ford Model T to a 1966 Chevy sedan, with hundreds of models in between. Five years ago while photographing at the Lonestar Rod and Kustom Car Round-up, he discovered stunning imagery hidden in the rust of rat rods. These images gave rise to the Rust Rapture series. The art exhibit will be on display at the O2 Gallery and Project Space in Austin, Texas and will run June 1 through June 29, 2015.

About Johnny Stevens

Johnny Stevens was born and raised in North Carolina in a small town in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. As a child he was exposed to all forms of art – theater, opera, painting and music. Stevens attended Fleming College in Florence, Italy, to study art history, photography and painting. It was in Florence where he drew inspiration from Salvador Dali’s abstract representations of the world around him. Today, he still honors the lessons learned while attending college in Italy, looking for patterns that are disrupted, while trying to maintain balance in the composition. It is precisely this theme that fed his passion for revealing the inherent beauty of the rhythms, texture and color captured from the finish (or lack thereof) of rat rods and inspired the creation of his most popular art series, Rust Rapture.

In 1983, Stevens founded HORIZON Film & Video where he produced thousands of media products in all genres until 2005. Today he focuses on commercial and fine art photography, and is highly skilled in architectural, interior design and portrait photography. Another of his notable photography series includes “Cow Parade” – 72 images that were featured at The Austin Cow Parade, hosted by Jay Leno, which was a live auction to support the Dell Children’s Hospital “Superhero Kids” program in Austin, TX. Stevens currently works and resides in Austin, Texas. Along with being a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP), Stevens is also a respected member of National Association of Photoshop Professionals, Professional Photographers of America, Texas PPA, Austin Guild PPA, and Interior Design Society. For more information, go to

Gallery Information

O2 Gallery and Project Space (Flatbed building)

2832 East MLK Jr. Blvd.

Austin, Texas 78702


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National Nutrition Month

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) March 05, 2015

March is National Nutrition Month®, an annual nutrition education and information campaign sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The 2015 theme is “Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle,” which promotes the consumption of fewer calories, informed food decisions, and daily exercise for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, reducing risks of chronic diseases and promoting overall wellness.

Whether a person is new to physical fitness activities or a pro, nutrition can seem complicated. Many nutritionists create intense and detailed food regimens for their clients, but a solid nutrition program can be simple and still very beneficial. For those wanting the most from a diet and fitness routine, the following tips may help:

1.    Daily balanced diet. For consistent performance at the gym or with a sport, the body needs a regular supply of quality energy for the muscles. A few daily essentials for meeting the body’s needs include: a balanced breakfast; carbohydrates for fuel; and proteins and fats appropriate for a person’s individual body-type and fitness goals.

2.    Day of the workout. For those tackling a workout first thing in the morning, be sure to have a light breakfast like fruit, toast, and/or an egg. For those who workout in the evenings, have a lunch that easily digestible but includes complex carbs. Pasta, fruits, vegetables or a salad with lean meat (chicken or fish) are good examples.

3.    Immediately prior to workout. About 30 minutes before an intense workout, eat a light to moderate snack and drink some water. The amount of food a person should ingest depends on the length and intensity of their upcoming workout. Longer, harder activities may require the individual to eat an energy bar or large banana.

4.    During workout. Necessary hydration varies from person to person, but a good rule of thumb is to intake 8 to 10 fl oz of water every 15 minutes while exercising. For those working out longer than 90 minutes, carbohydrates will likely need to be replenished as well, making a sports drink more of an ideal choice.

5.    Post-workout hydration. After a workout, water needs to be replaced in the body according to how much a person has sweated. The more perspiration, the more hydration required. To be absolutely precise, check body weight before and after the physical activity. For every pound decrease, a person should drink about 3 cups of water.

6.    Post-workout food. Glycogen stores should be replenished within two hours after an intense workout. Research shows that a 4-to-1 ratio of carbs to proteins is the ideal post-workout nutrition combination. The nourishment can come in the form of solid food, a liquid shake, or a combination of the two.

Medicine in Motion (MIM) specializes in providing top quality sports medicine in Austin, Texas, for athletic individuals of all ages and levels. The staff at MIM believes active bodies are healthy bodies, therefore it is the office’s goal to keep patients energetic and fit. To that end, MIM provides treatment of injuries and illnesses, including the use of physical rehabilitation; promotes healthy living with personal training and nutrition coaching; and offers comprehensive sports medicine evaluations to optimize health, activity level and sports performance. For more information or for questions regarding sports medicine in Austin, contact Medicine in Motion at 512-257-2500 or visit the website at

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Pediatric Research Conference on Food, Environment, and Childrens Health Set to Convene in Austin, TX

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) February 03, 2015

The Children’s Environmental Health Network (CEHN) is hosting a research conference titled: “Children: Food and Environment” in Austin, Texas from February 4th-6th, 2015. This conference will begin with a welcome address from the newly elected Austin Mayor, Mr. Steve Adler. CEHN is honored to have Mayor Adler, an advocate for the environment and for children, welcome conference participants to this exciting conference. Following the Mayor’s welcome will be an opening keynote address by Dr. Bruce Lanphear of Simon Fraser University and BC Children’s Hospital titled “Food in the Industrial Era: Is Backward the Way Forward?”

CEHN will also screen the documentary “Food Chains” as part of the conference opening, a film focusing on a group of tomato pickers from Southern Florida who are working to revolutionize farm labor. While focusing on farm worker injustices, the film provides an excellent bridge to the conference program by reflecting on how our entire food production system, from farm to table, touches the health of children, whether children of farm workers or consumers. Cutting edge research on topics ranging from how the interactions of food and the environment impact children’s health and development, including childhood obesity, neurodevelopment, and respiratory development will be presented over the following two days. There will be eight concurrent sessions with a total of 28 speakers, as well as two poster presentation sessions. CEHN’s Executive Director, Nsedu Obot Witherspoon, stated: “CEHN is thrilled to bring our latest pediatric research conference to Austin, TX and we look forward to over two days of science discussions around how the intersections of food and environmental factors affect the development of our children. The public health and policy implications to the related science will also be discussed in this unique forum.” To see the full conference schedule, visit:

Keynote speakers include Dr. Erin Hager from the University of Maryland on how home and school environments predict children’s dietary choices; Dr. Lita Proctor, the director of the NIH Human Microbiome Project, who will speak on what the human microbiome is and its importance; Dr. Susan Smith from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who will address the challenges of food, toxicants, and perinatal influences; and Dr. Gregory Diette from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health on the prevention and treatment of asthma with diet. Expert panelists will discuss the policy and regulatory implications of this research. David Wallinga from Healthy Food Action will moderate a panel including Dr. William Dietz and Dr. Lance Price from George Washington University on how to navigate science and policy in a complex food environment, and Nsedu Obot Witherspoon from CEHN will moderate a panel on how to overcome barriers to promoting healthy development, which is comprised of Dr. Ruth Etzel, Director of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Children’s Health Protection, Dr. William Suk from the National Institute of Environmental of Health Sciences, and Erik Olson from the Natural Resources Defense Council.

To showcase two programs doing excellent work with youth, food, and environmental sustainability in Austin, conference attendees will be visiting two Austin-based sustainable food programs as part of the conference, Urban Roots and the Sustainable Food Center.

To find out more about the conference and to register, visit:

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