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Having a well shaped body has become a necessity in today’s fitness conscious world. Every person desires to look their best, and for that people go on various kinds of diets, which are often quite unhealthy and makes a person unfit during the process of weight loss as most diets require you to cut down on your eating habits excessively, depriving you of your favorite foods. However, we all wish to go on a diet in which we can eat as much as we want, and it is only possible with an ‘Atkins diet’

The three step diet allows you to lose weight reasonably without much sacrifice on your eating habits. In this diet you are allowed to intake as many proteins as you wish to, however, it strictly instructs to quit the consumption of carbohydrates, which includes food articles such as fruits, vegetables and items like bread. The most distinguished trait of this particular diet is that unlike other diets there is no concept of calories calculation. Many people who have followed this diet claimed to have lost approximately 10-25 and often 30 pounds within the very first week.

The procedure of the diet is such that in the preliminary 1-2 weeks you are supposed to intake just 15-20 grams of carbohydrates strictly each day, though it is highly recommended not to have carbohydrates during the initial phase of this diet but still you are allowed to have vegetables with extremely low carbohydrates . However, there is no restriction on the consumption of eggs, chicken or meat in ay form. Also you are allowed to freely eat foods like cheese, sausages, butter and so forth. As you precede with the diet you, a few weeks later, you can increase your intake by approximately 25 grams per day. The essential idea is of this diet is that you eat healthy and lose weight simultaneously.

Several persons who have been on the Atkins diet have confirmed that this diet may well initially help you lose weight reasonably but during the process you might face a few tribulations such as deficiency of power and liveliness in your body. Also, as the diet suggests that once you have met your weight loss purpose you can increase the intake of carbohydrates that are healthy in nature; this according to some persons makes the diet futile as in the long run it makes you go back to your original weight once again.

However, which ever diet you plan to go for, you should always consult your dietitian/ doctor for the best advice as they can guide you best as to which diet will help you attain your ultimate weight loss goals without inflicting any serious or harmful side effects on your health.

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Atkins Diet Plan

One of the great features of the Atkins Diet Plan is that you’re not eating the same menu repeatedly. First off, drink about 64 oz of clean water throughout a 24 hour period. You can also drink decaf coffee, herbal tea or diet soda, As a sweetener for the coffee or tea use stevia which can be purchased at health food stores and some super markets. You can also use Splenda as a sweetener. You can eat meat, eggs and cheese either as main meals or as snacks.

Here are some sample meals. You can eat more or less than these examples. They are geared for a hearty eater.

1) 3 eggs, 4 strips of bacon and coffee or tea with cream and sweetener.
2) double serving of Atkins hot cereal, 4 sausage patties, decaf cinnamon tea with cream and sweetener.
3)  Spiced turkey and egg scramble: 3oz/85g turkey mince with 2 scrambled eggs. Season with salt, red pepper flakes and hot pepper sauce

1)  8oz/225g turkey burger with 1 tbsp ketchup, 2 cups lettuce (2), 1 oz/28g crumbled feta cheese and vinaigrette. (77)
2)  Chicken salad: 8oz/225g chicken mixed with 1/2 cup sliced cucumber, 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes , dill, 2 tbsp mayo, 2 cups mixed leaves, vinaigrette.
3) Chef salad (Turkey strips, ham strips, chopped egg, and grated cheese over 2 cups salad greens) and 2 tbs of dressing

1)  8oz/225g lamb chops, grilled, 1 cup steamed cauliflower ; 1 cup mixed salad, ranch dressing ; 1/2 avocado.
2) Fish fajita: 8oz/225g pan-fried cod and 1 slice cheddar wrapped in a low-carb tortilla, 2 cups mixed salad leaves  with 1/2 cup button mushrooms, chopped, and vinaigrette.
3) Fish Fry (fish fillets dipped in egg and coated in whey protein and fried in vegetable oil). 1 cup salad greens. 1/4 medium tomato. 1 thin sliced red onion. 1 cup broccoli rabe with butter.

For 100’s of recipes that follow Atkins guidelines, you can order their cookbook which you can find on line at
Keep in mind, if you’re not a cook, you can have Atkins pre packaged meals delivered to your door.
If you are unsure if you’re overweight is by looking at your Body Mass index (BMI). This tells you your healthy weight range for your height. Ask your doctor what your BMI is or you can figure it out yourself by taking your weight in pounds and divide it by your height in inches squared X 703.

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There you have the Adkins Diet Plan.

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