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MPG Launches its Spring 2015 ‘I AM, WE ARE’ Collection and Campaign

(PRWEB) February 19, 2015

Canadian activewear apparel label, MPG – Mondetta Performance Gear, has launched its Spring 2015 ‘I Am, We Are’ Collection that represents the next step in the company’s ever evolving approach to activewear apparel that seamlessly blends fashion-forward and cutting edge design with technical advances in fabrication and construction.

Updates to the women’s collection for Spring 2015 include striking new additions to the print story with patterns such as an abstracted geometric block, two watercolor variations, oversized ribbon, gothic lace and vintage baroque. Like previous seasons, the collection has been divided into a number of different capsules each reflecting the aesthetic and functional approach to the garments in each but has also been expanded with MPG’s first foray into swim and cycling wear:

Run/Fitness         Studio

Yoga                     Core

Seamless             Club – Tennis & Golf

Commuter            Swim


MPG’s men’s collection, reflecting market trends, continues to adhere closely to the performance side yet still remains much more stylish and fashionable than comparable brands in the activewear segment. The capsules therein are Core, Run-Fitness, Lifestyle and Club.

Taking the ‘My Performance, My Lifestyle’ philosophy to the next level, the Spring 2015 ‘I am, We are’ campaign expresses the MPG ethos in a simple statement to reflect the core values of our brand as expressed by our Messengers.

Each individual who appears in the editorial videos and images is on a personal journey, a relentless pursuit of athletic and artistic excellence for which there is no discernible zenith: Every accomplishment is a mere stepping stone to the next pinnacle to be reached, the next record to be broken. Resting on one’s laurels is never an option.

Along that path, the MPG apparel they wear not only forms a part of their athletic odyssey but allows them to communicate their personal aesthetic, character and philosophy. When each Messenger states, ‘I am MPG’ he/she is broadcasting to the world: Athletic performance is my life, MPG allows me to share myself.

The ‘We Are’ aspect of the campaign extends the message of the Messengers to every person in pursuit of the same goals.

“The new direction of our ‘I am, We are’ campaign allows us to focus even further on the Messengers appearing in the Spring 2015 images and videos,” said MPG CEO, Ash Modha. “Intrinsically linking the products to the incredible individuals we’ve enlisted this season allows us to illustrate the brand’s continued tradition of melding fashion and function.”

As has been the case every season since the brand’s inception, the Spring 2015 editorial campaign features ‘models’ who are athletes and dancers, chosen for their incredible dedication and discipline in their chosen fields. The images/videos created using MPG Messengers, the brand’s ambassadors, viscerally illustrate not only the technical capabilities of the garments but also their innate versatility to function in both active and casual settings. The MPG Messengers in this season’s campaign are:

Craig Ramsay – Celebrity fitness expert, TV personality and Motivator to Move

Brittany Trubridge – Yoga Instructor and Creator of B.Tru Yoga

Isabella Boylston – Principal Dancer with the American Ballet Theatre

Michelle Mehnert – Team USA Triathlete

Ella Magers – Personal Trainer

Sean Jefferson – Team USA Triathlete

The images and video were shot by Seattle-based Marc von Borstel, who has garnered extensive experience shooting our Messengers, and Sam Graydon, respectively. The editorial materials capture the diverse individuals in an active iteration, which are shot in color, and a lifestyle one, shot in black and white.

About MPG:

Founded in 2004 as a division of Mondetta Clothing, MPG, in its continuing efforts to create fashion forward active apparel, bridges the gap between performance and lifestyle to create entire collections that transition from one to the other with an innate versatility absent from other brands in the market. And although much of the original inspiration for the brand and its aesthetic was shaped by dance and dancers, MPG has found fans across a wide spectrum of individuals in pursuit of athletic excellence, including a large segment practicing yoga. From a handful of retail outlets in 2004 and 2005, the brand is now carried in over 450 outlets across North America including some of the most prestigious sports retailers, gyms/spas and yoga studios in the US and Canada. Looking forward, the company plans on continuing opening more doors to both big box retailers as well as smaller locations.

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