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Exploration of Creative Pediatric Aquatic Therapy Techniques Topic of HydroWorx Sponsored Webinar

Middletown, PA (PRWEB) March 10, 2015

Children who require physical therapy in response to chronic conditions, accidents or progressive diseases represent a unique patient segment. Unlike their older counterparts, they possess very specific needs. These include, but are not limited to: being smaller in stature than adult patients; having shorter attention spans than older clientele; possessing less inherent strength than adults; and having fewer life experiences from which to draw upon in a rehab setting. Additionally, pediatric clients’ bodies are still developing. These realities must be kept in mind when instituting physical therapy processes with younger patients; they are also part of the reason that many pediatric physical therapists choose aquatic therapy as one of their preferred rehabilitation modalities.

Warm water therapy pools with integrated variable-depth treadmill floors, resistance jets, deep tissue massage capabilities and safety bars provide a safe environment in which pediatric patients can work on meeting functional milestones. Reaching prescribed aquatic therapy goals may then help younger clients transition to land-based activities and even heighten mental functioning, as in the case of pediatric patients who are trying to achieve augmented focus and intellectual stamina. However, the key to working with the pediatric population is to encourage patients using age-appropriate, innovative exercises that stimulate learning and promote enthusiasm.

Amy Arruda, DPT, ATRIC, is the Director of Aquatics at Leg Up Farm, a Pennsylvania-based non-profit therapy center specializing in assisting special needs children. Arruda will be sharing her experiences as a leader in the emerging field of innovative pediatric aquatics during a one-hour webinar sponsored by HydroWorx on Thursday, March 12, 2015, from 1:00-2:00 p.m. E.D.T. The webinar, “Pediatric Aquatic Therapy: Improving Outcomes by Integrating Play and Creativity,” will provide participants with a unique look into the methods utilized by Arruda and her team at Leg Up Farm.

Participants of “Pediatric Aquatic Therapy: Improving Outcomes by Integrating Play and Creativity” will benefit from learning:

    Effective, creative aquatic therapy protocols that keep children engaged in their pool therapy sessions from beginning to end.
    How to customize programs to meet the individual needs of children with a wide variety of conditions.
    How to make land-to-water and water-to-land transitions for pediatric patients.
    Case studies from Leg Up Farm in which aquatic therapy has been successfully used to increase the progress for pediatric clientele.

Arruda brings a wealth of expertise to this event. After Arruda received her MSPT and DPT, she began working in the physical therapy field. She joined the Leg Up Farm team in 2011 and has since achieved an Aquatic Therapy Certification from the Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute in 2013. Arruda appreciates opportunities such as this webinar, as they allow her to share her experiences with others in an effort to help all pediatric patients.

Registration for ““Pediatric Aquatic Therapy: Improving Outcomes by Integrating Play and Creativity” is free. Interested attendees can register at

About HydroWorx®

Since the late 1990s, HydroWorx has manufactured aquatic therapy pools with built-in underwater treadmills to enable physical therapists to more effectively offer their patients the opportunity to increase range of motion, decrease risk of falls and joint stress, and remain motivated through the rehab process.

Products such as the HydroWorx 2000 and 500 Series therapy pools have revolutionized the face of aquatic therapy; in fact, HydroWorx technology is used by world-class facilities like the renowned Kennedy Krieger Institute and The Andrews Institute, as well as physical therapy clinics across the country.

HydroWorx offers a wide range of underwater treadmill pools and peripheral products and services. Every day, more than 23,000 athletes and patients use HydroWorx technology to recover from injuries and health conditions.

More information about HydroWorx upcoming and past webinars can be found at

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MMI Launches Aquatic Exercise Classes at Frederick Kids First Swim School

Frederick, Maryland (PRWEB) January 24, 2015

The Mid-Maryland Musculoskeletal Institute (MMI), local experts for things related to muscle, bone and joint care, has a unique way to help succeed with New Year’s resolution to get into shape in 2015.

In conjunction with the Kids First Swim School located in the FSK Mall, MMI now offers Aquatic Exercise Classes. This marks the first endeavor of its kind for the orthopaedic practice as it joins forces with a local sport facility to offer a fast growing and popular exercise option to residents of the Frederick area.

All exercise has a range of health benefits, but water-based work-outs can be a fun way to bring variety into exercise routine while taking full advantage of the benefits that the buoyancy of exercising in water provides. MMI’s Aquatic Exercise Classes build cardiovascular fitness and strength. Just like swimming, water exercise classes are easy on joints, yet challenging enough to help reach new levels of fitness.

Instructor, Jennilee Ambush, Occupational Therapist with MMI, teaches the classes Monday and Wednesday mornings. The 10:00 AM class Low-Impact Water Exercise is designed for those with limited mobility or injuries, while the 11:00 AM Cardio Fitness class is designed for those looking for a low impact, high cardio exercise option. When asked, Ambush said “Because of their low-impact format, our Aquatic Exercise Classes are ideal for those who have pain when doing most land based exercise such as people suffering from low back pain, arthritis, or injuries to the lower extremities. It’s also beneficial for those preparing for, or recovering from hip, knee, or back surgery. Without the limitations of gravity, the water helps you to become stronger, reduce pain, and provides the ability to do more in the pool than on land, resulting in a faster recovery.”

The association for the two organizations began in 2014 with the launch of an Aquatic Therapy Program for patients at MMI. Ambush works with many developmentally delayed children and found that the benefits of therapy in a warm water pool allowed for increased participation, range of motion, strength, endurance, and balance. The idea to expand to exercise classes for the general public seemed to be the next logical step for the energetic Ambush who is a former swimmer and lifeguard. Ali Fox, manager of the Frederick location noted that “Kids First Swim Schools offer these classes at most of their locations but they are operated by staff of the swim school. The opportunity to have an occupational therapist like Jennilee managing and teaching the classes is a real bonus for our Frederick patrons.”

The Aquatic Exercise Association reports that one can expect to burn 400 to 500 calories per hour when exercising in the water. Additionally, water offers 12 times the resistance of air, which helps to improve muscle strength. Ambush utilizes simple devices such as hand-held paddles, foam noodles and kickboards in the classes to add further resistance increasing the intensity of the aquatic workout.

The Mid-Maryland Musculoskeletal Institute offers a full range of services for muscle, bone and joint problems and is ocated at 86 Thomas Johnson Court in Frederick, Maryland as well as 1829 Howell Road in Hagerstown, MD and 3280 Urbana Pike in Ijamsville, MD. Contact Barbara Hiller at 301-694-8311 x1178 for further information. Visit us online at

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