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Ohio State Newark’s Student Research Forum Winners Announced

Newark, Ohio (PRWEB) March 26, 2015

In its 11th year at The Ohio State University at Newark, the Student Research Forum showcased oral and poster presentations from 25 students in the John Gilbert Reese Center.

“This was a wonderful opportunity for the campus and the community to see some of our best and brightest,” says Dr. Nathaniel Swigger, Assistant Professor and co-organizer of the event. Adding, “In the end it’s all about our hard-working students presenting their research accomplishments.”

Student participants gave poster presentations as well oral presentations followed by question and answer sessions. Both were judged in separate categories divided between students presenting completed research and students who are proposing research topics.

The full list of winners and participants follows.

Oral Presentation, Completed Research:

Wesley Barnhart and Samuel Rivera, “Auditory Stimuli Slow Down Responses and First Fixations: Support for Auditory Dominance”

Carolyn Dunifon, “Heart Rate Variability Associated with Attentional Control in High-Load Flanker Tasks” (1st place)

Chelsea Hinshaw, “Mysterious Bones: The Key to Unlocking New Orleans’ Odd Fellows Rest”

Amanda Hunt, “Adolescent Literature for Young Adults vs. for Adults” (2nd place)

Bryce Jones, “Intellectuals and Zombies in Star Wars: Death Troopers”

Oral Presentation, Proposed Research:

Torah Silvera, “Mardi Gras Indians: Exploring the Intersection of History, Community, and Culture in a Unique Tradition” (2nd place)

Lenise Sunnenberg, “New Orleans’ Mardi Gras Indian Queens: Exploring the Intersection of Race, Gender and Culture in a Unique Tradition”

Ashley Theodore, “Maintaining Black Culture through Mardi Gras Indian Suits” (1st place)

Poster Presentation, Completed Research:

Wesley Barnhart, “The Effects of Math Anxiety on Behavioral Decision Making Tasks”

Wyatt Bowman, “The Perception of Research Quality Based on Institutional Esteem”

Robert Burkhart, “Testing the Utility of Stable Isotopes for Analyzing Bee Foraging Across Habitats”

Krysten R. Chadwick, “Prosodic Processing by Individuals with Williams Syndrome” (1st place)

Rebekah Clark, “The Effects of Simulated ADHD Symptoms on Cognition”

Carolyn Dunifon, “Pay Attention to the Pictures: Auditory Dominance Not Under Attentional Control”

Max Frankenberry, “Utility of Carbon 13 Isotopes for Determining Adult Bumblebee Diets”

Kayla Palmiter, “Cross-Domain Priming of Language and Music in Children”

Lindsey Rike, “The Cross-Domain Priming of Language and Motor Rate” (2nd place)

Andrew Sabula, “An Archaic Ungulate of Middle Paleocene Age from Southeast Montana”

Poster Presentation, Proposed Research:

Emily Fischer, “Is it a Bat or a Bat? How Preschoolers Use Prosody to Disambiguate Nouns”

Steven Foley, “Pre-Katrina vs. After Katrina: N’awlins Does Matter”

Austin Hulse, “Spectral Lags of Swift Gamma-Ray Bursts with Precursor Emission” (2nd place)

Ashley Luu and Cody Price, “Providing Unique Information May Lead to Being Ostracized”

Michael Madson, “Spectral Lags of Swift GRBs with Prompt Optical Emission” (1st place)

Brandon Porter, “The Effect of Prosody on Decision Making”

K’ree Wright, “Using Prosody to Predict a Credible Source”

To learn more about the Student Research Forum or about student research at Ohio State Newark, contact Nathaniel Swigger, Assistant Professor, Political Science at swigger.1(at)osu(dot)edu.


PHOTO Attached – Dr. Robert Cook congratulates a student winner at the 2015 Student Research Forum

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eMetrics Summit San Francisco Agenda Announced – It’s All About You

Santa Barbara, California (PRWEB) December 13, 2014

The full agenda for the eMetrics Summit in San Francisco (March 29 – April 2, 2015) has been released, marking a significant shift in format toward professional development and interactivity for the audience.

The eMetrics Summit, the original event about gleaning marketing insight from data, is becoming much more interactive. Major brands and top industry experts will still present, but there will be fewer keynotes and PowerPoints in favor of group activities. Attendees will have more time to discuss their business challenges and grow their network of business acquaintances, mentors and colleagues.

“If the Internet has taught us anything, it’s that people really want to learn from people,” said eMetrics Summit Founder, Jim Sterne. “Lectures and presentations are great, but you can read blogs and watch videos all day long. The real value of gathering in person has always been in the hallways and the receptions and the meals where you meet your peers and share your story. The value of going to a conference is overwhelming when the audience is respected.”

The eMetrics Summit now includes multiple opportunities to meet fellow marketing analytics professionals in a variety of undertakings: roundtable discussions, analytics exercises, speed dating, receptions and meals have been designed to make the most of gathering in person.

A powerful lineup of relevant brands to introduce important topics for discussion includes American Eagle Outfitters, AT&T, Autodesk, CVS, Electronic Arts, Ernst & Young, Facebook, Ford, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Nestle and Prudential.

Additionally, top industry specialists will be providing sage advice on how to increase sales, lower costs and improve customer satisfaction with data. Experts like these will inform and be on hand to answer questions:

    Feras Alhlou (visualization)
    Gary Angel (the truth about Big Data)
    Ole Bahlmann (mobile app metrics)
    Jim Cain (analytics project management)
    João Correia (visualization)
    Tammy Everts (brain imaging)
    Adam Greco (web analytics)
    Gregory Kaminski (visualization)
    Kayden Kelly (change management)
    Ronny Kohavi (experimentation)
    Russell McAthy (online branding)
    Kelle O’Neal (data governance)
    Laura Patterson (executive communication)
    Eric Siegel (predictive analytics)
    Jennefer Veesenmeyer (dashboards)
    Monica Wheat (social media)

Sterne’s advice is, “Bring business cards! Yes, they sound old fashioned, but the ability to reach out to the people you meet at the conference is the most significant outcome of all.”

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View the full agenda and see all of the in-depth tracks and sessions available.

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About the eMetrics Summit

The eMetrics Summit dates back to 2002 as the leading conference covering the impact of data & technology on marketing for professionals in marketing and IT. From early adopters leading the effort to those still in discovery mode, the eMetrics Summit is the only comprehensive event dedicated to digital analytics and marketing optimization.

About Rising Media Events

Rising Media events provide cutting-edge, practical knowledge for business professionals to improve their day-to-day effectiveness and drive higher returns for their organizations. Attendees learn from leading experts and share knowledge with each other, as well as interact with innovative vendors. Each event brings together the best and the brightest, creating a forum for insight, energetic exchange and informed purchasing.

About Rising Media

Rising Media is a global events producer excelling in Internet and technology-related conferences and exhibitions. Rising Media-produced events include Data Driven Business, the eMetrics Summit, Conversion Conference, Predictive Analytics World (PAW) Business, PAW Workforce, PAW Healthcare, PAW Government, PAW Manufacturing, Text Analytics World, Affiliate Management Days, Evolve with Google Analytics, Media Analytics Summit, Marketing Operations & Technology Summit, Building Business Capability, Social Media Economy Days, Web Effectiveness Conference, Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo, Inside BitCoins, AllFacebook Marketing Conference, Digital Analytics Hub, Search Marketing Expo, SemTech and Social Gaming Summit in the US, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Finland and Australia.

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