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New Childhood Obesity Op-Ed co-written by Bill Clinton Correctly Emphasizes Prevention in Kids, but Omits the Adult Solution, says Dr. Feiz and Associates

Changes to school lunches will help fight obesity in the long-run, but many currently obese adults need immediate solutions.

A June 30 CNN opinion piece written by former president Bill Clinton and American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown argues for a variety of ongoing programs aimed at lowering childhood obesity. Los Angeles based weight loss surgery center Dr. Feiz and Associates agrees that initiatives aimed at encouraging more nutritionally sound school lunches and increased fitness are extremely important for lowering the terrifying rates of childhood obesity. However, the center also notes such procedures as the gastric sleeve may be the only way to deal with severe obesity when it comes to individuals for whom preventive efforts have come too late.

Dr. Feiz and Associates agrees that prevention is always preferable to a safe but admittedly aggressive treatment such as a weight loss procedure. At the same time, the clinic adds, the emphasis on prevention and relatively small lifestyle changes such as the #Commit2Ten campaign, encouraging children and adults to add 10 minutes of daily activity to their daily routine, can create a false sense that severely overweight individuals can overcome their obesity simply by taking up a few modest lifestyle changes.

The struggles of a person trying to lose 10 or 20 pounds can be difficult enough, but should not be compared with the battle to lose as much as 100 pounds or more that many severely obese people must wage, notes Dr. Feiz and Associates. Specifically, bariatric surgeon Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. has often discussed the importance of the hormonal aspects of obesity. Dr. Feiz often notes that ghrelin, a powerful hunger hormone, appears to be more present in the bodies of obese people, and its presence increases the more weight a patient loses. The doctor adds that procedures such as the sleeve gastrectomy, which significantly reduces the production of ghrelin by removing approximately 80 percent of the stomach, make it far easier for severely obese people to unlearn the bad eating habits they learned in childhood.

People who may have only struggled with a few additional pounds often have a hard time understanding the nature of severe obesity, says Dr. Feiz and Associates. While efforts to encourage children and adults to trim unnecessary calories and exercise are important and extremely laudable, more proactive efforts are needed once preventive efforts have failed and severe obesity has set in, says the weight loss clinic.

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Spacemaker Cots and Sheets USA Launches New Line of Adult and Emergency Cot and Sheets

Dallas, Georgia (PRWEB) November 24, 2014

Spacemaker Cots and Sheets USA, a 45-year old, family-owned American manufacturing company known for its quality childcare cots and sheets, today celebrated the grand opening of its new manufacturing facility in Dallas, Georgia by launching several new lines of cots and sheets at the most competitive prices around.

For emergency, shelter and facilities management professionals, Spacemaker has introduced a new line of adult sleeping and emergency services (EMS) cots and sheets.

“Spacemaker is thrilled to make the Atlanta area our new home where we’re creating jobs and economic opportunity for our friends and neighbors,” said Michael Carway, President of RCS Enterprises Georgia LLC, dba Spacemaker Cots and Sheets USA. “As important is our commitment to sourcing products made here in America. Because we make everything right here at our factory, we offer industry professionals and consumers alike the best pricing available.”

Spacemaker’s new adult folding cots offer an excellent alternative to traditional heavy, steel cots made overseas. Its new EMS cot, made rugged for use at the scene of virtually any emergency, can hold up to two IV poles.

All Spacemaker cots are made of ultra-lightweight structured aluminum and the same type of durable polyester fabric used to construct military tents – not nylon. They are available in blue and camouflage.

“This winter has come earlier than expected and so the need for warm, dry, safe places for people who are stranded or without permanent shelter has also begun to rise,” said Carway. “Spacemaker is on duty and ready to serve industry professionals in charge of dealing with these human needs.”

Spacemaker also offers custom, fitted sheets for all of its cot and many of its competitors.

“At Spacemaker, we like to say ‘If you’ve got a cot, we’ve got it covered,” said Carway.

The 45-year old, family-owned American manufacturing company, which recently relocated its factory to the Atlanta area from Staunton, Virigina, produces all of its products in Dallas, Ga. Its cots are made using American materials and its sheets are sown from cotton/poly fabric produced at American textile mills.

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