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Life Fitness 9100 Review

Life Fitness 9100 HR is considered as a classic treadmill in the market. The users have already taken this product as their favorite workout products available at this moment. A 2 HP motor powering the unit can change and set the speed between 1 and 10 miles per hour. The inclination is between 0 and 15 percent. The price of this machine is definitely a bit higher. You can get a brand new Life Fitness 9100 at $ 5.8K and when you are looking forward to a reconditioned machine, you are getting this only at $ 1.8K. That’s why you should take a look on the features associated with this treadmill and learn if it is going to fulfill your needs. You have to make sure how to use this machine to maintain your routine and daily lifestyle with this wonderful fitness machine.

The width of Life Fitness 9100 is 31 inches with a length of 80 inches and height 48 inches. This treadmill is heavy and this 370 pounds machine offers a 350 pounds weight capacity. In case you are trying to use this product for running, you should have your weight under 300 pounds. Even if you are overweight and weighing more than 300 pounds, you can use this machine for yourself. There is a shock absorber installed into this machine. The surface area of this machine is comfortable for the user. The belt installed in this machine is situated on the 2.5 inches roller. The easiness of maintaining the machine Life Fitness 9100 has also turned this into a popular instrument among the people. The self-waxing system installed and equipped inside this machine has made a in-house self-decorating machine. There might be a few more designs of the same health company. But, you have to learn about the features in Life Fitness 9100 that have made this product exclusive among all other products around.

The heart rate monitor integrated inside this Life Fitness 9100 HR can be the best equipment for a heart patient. While working out, you should have a clear idea of what is happening inside your body. This Life Fitness 9100 machine also shows some vital informations. These informations include burnt fat, cardio and hill at the same time. The total amount of calories burnt can also be figured out with this machine. That’s why, the health associates and the health concerns are very interested in this particular product.

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