Great Ab Workouts for Women

These are great ab workouts that perfectly suits women aging 18 years old and above. These exercises will help developing the abdominal part of the body with the use of bands or an exercise ball.

•  Wood Chops – Tie a stretchable band onto a pole or something hard and immovable object and wrap the other end around the hands. Hold the band with both hands with the body reaching towards the place where the band is attached. Slowly rotate the arms to the left without bending the elbow. Return to the starting position and rotate to the other side. Repeat this exercise up to 12 times.

•  Ball Traps – This is one of the great ab workouts that must be done while sitting on a huge exercise ball. Sit up straight, contract the abs and place the hands behind the head. Place one foot over the medicine ball on the floor and then lower the foot and place the other one. Maintain the balance by the contraction of abs.

•  Hip Extension – Lie on the floor. Place the heels of the feet over the ball. Lay the hands flat on both sides. Keep the abs tight and slowly lift the hips off the floor until the body is straight. Hold to the position up to 5 seconds and lower back the hips. Repeat up to 12 times.

•  Arm Sweep – Sit on a flat surface with bended knees. Stretch the arms in front of the body. Lean back until the abs is contracting without straining the back or hunching. Rotate the arms in a circular motion. Sit back up and then move the arms to the other side. Repeat these ab workouts for 12 times.

•  Side Plank – Lie on the side, lifting the body with one arm, palm down. Lower the hips to the floor for a few seconds while holding up the torso steadily. Lift back the hip again. Repeat this up to 12 times then do it on the other side.

•  Reverse Crunch – Lie down on the floor with arms on both sides. Cross the feet together while the knees are bended to 90%. Curl the hips with contracted abs until the legs are positioned into reaching the ceiling. Repeat this up to 16 times.

•  Crunches – Lie on the floor with bended knees. Insert the medicine ball between the knees. Hold the ball with squeezed thighs. Place the hands at the back of the head. Slowly lift the shoulder blades and the hips off the floor. Lower back again and repeat.

Things to remember:

•  These suggested exercises are effective when done 3 times a week, non-consecutively.
•  Do 1-3 sets for each exercises with 12-16 repetitions each.
•  Make sure that the exercises are done properly to avoid straining the muscles and overdoing the exercises.
•  Exercises that aren’t properly done will have a poor result or may lead to extreme body pain.
•  Drink lots of water to keep the body hydrated.
•  Lastly, as advised by any physical instructors, before performing any kind of these ab workouts, it is important consult the physician first to know the limits of the body.

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