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“How Many Days A Week Do I Need To Workout To Get In Great Shape?”

sportsfit3Let’s jump into this by first examining who you are and the primary reason why you work out. Are you training to simply look good, to improve your physicality, to feel good or perhaps a little of each?

According the The American College Of Sports Medicine, it is recommended that you’re getting approximately 2.5 hours of cardio exercise per week and about 3 full-body resistance training sessions a week. These however are minimums. Your specific goals will better determine how much exercise you require. Let’s get to the point here though…The most effective results producing thing you can do today, is focus more on the quality of the exercise you are performing versus simply being focused on the quantity of exercise. Of course the amount of exercise you’re getting is important, but way too many people get caught up in the logistics and lose sight of keeping things simple. Focus on the quality of your exercise and watch your results compound over!

*Top Tip: You must understand that it’s not simply a matter of how many days nearly as much as it is the quality of each and every workout that you partake in.

If you have 3 days a week to train, make those 3 days worth of exercise exciting, challenging and intense. Now, maybe you think that 3 days a week isn’t enough, but if that’s all you have, you can quite certainly make it enough. Stop getting caught up worrying about things like this and just get moving!

80% (if not more) of your fellow gym goers waste their precious time socializing or winging their workouts.

You’re not spending time in the gym to waste time, are you?

Unless you joined your gym to socialize, you’re there to get the greatest return (results) on your investment of time, sweat and intensity!

SportsFit style training is geared around higher intensity based workouts (intensity defined by us as intense focus, intense output, intense tabs on time).

sportsfitn6We simply do not waste time and we make sure that the muscles we train are trained properly and most effectively. As for the training 3-days-a-week, if that’s how many days we have to train, we train using a higher intensity based metabolic resistance training style of training. Because we’re working so intensely, we typically advise taking a next day off from weight training to recover. If rathe than totally recover the next day, you choose to do some other type of cardio based exercise, we applaud you!

No matter what, we always suggest that people add a cardio program to their workout regimen. You can either do this like we typically do, by integrating the cardio training right into your resistance training workout or you can do your cardio session right after your resistance training workout. You can also perform it later in the day or on any of your off-days from weight training.

*Top Tip: You can get in even better shape when you’re outside of the gym: You can and should absolutely make the most out of your daily activities. This could mean playing with your kids and actually doing more than just watching or lazily interacting with them. It simply means joining in on the fun! Get up and run around with them, let them chase you…you chase them…get up and have fun! This is also exercise people! If you’re having sex (I know, this is touchy…Literally!) give it your all! If you’re used to being the loved one, why not become more of the lover and put some oomph into it! Talk about exercise…WOW!

There are countless ways that you can add cardio exercise to your daily activities. Get in a creative mood and you’ll find that by simply boosting your output, you’ll compound your exercise results.

In summary, you can create an amazing looking body by only spending 3 days a week in the gym. To most effectively accomplish this, you need a direct plan of action; specifics in all areas of your overall fitness routine, including, your weight training workout, cardio workout, nutrition plan, sports supplement stack, rest/recovery time, etc.

*Top Tip: Please note: We have expressed how you can exercise during your daily activities. You may wonder how you’ll find the time to rest and the ability to recover if you’re always active. Recovery can take place even when you’re active – Follow here for a second: If you trained legs yesterday, you may want to avoid activities that overly involve excessive leg muscle stimulation; things like intentionally climbing stairs or squatting up and down. If you trained shoulders today, you’ll want to be conscious of post/tomorrow’s activities that may involve overuse of the shoulder muscles, such as pushing overhead, etc. Think like this and you’ll be fine!

Over the next month, we will be launching our Sports Fit Training System to our members. These metabolic resistance training workouts will be all about getting you in the greatest shape of your life. Stay Tuned!

Wishing you a body to live for…

Keep Going!

Team SportsFit