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Diabetic Diet

If you are one of the many people who are affected by any kind of diabetes, you know that you cannot eat just like a normal person does and stay healthy. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy great food like everyone else, though!

It is important to consult a doctor or a nutritionist to help you plan out your diet, especially if you have diabetes. There is no “One size fits all” solution, so there is no way you can just read an article and get all the information you need to construct a diet. When you go to a doctor or a nutritionist, they will make you a whole diet, based on your weight, insulin intake, and other requirements. It will be broken down into calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat. This breakdown is called your macros.

Now, there are two main schools of thought about the optimal diet for a person with diabetes. Some say that you should have a diet of about 75% carbohydrates, where others believe that a lower carbohydrate diet, like 40%, will yield better results. The jury is still out on this issue, and no definitive answer has been given. Ask your doctor about what style of diet they recommend.

The other components of the diet are not as important as carbohydrate intake. They still make a difference, but carbohydrates are the main thing that should be taken care of on a diabetic diet.

Eating the right types of foods when you have diabetes is also important. Just because it fits into your macros, that does not mean that it will not effect you. For example, if one of your meals is around 300 calories, and you need 50g of carbohydrates in it (this is just an example), what do you think would be better; A large sweet potato, or a bunch of ice cream. Both may fit into the requirements of your diet, but generally speaking, it would be healthier and make you feel better if you chose the healthier option. But remember, this is not just for the diabetic diet, this pretty much applies to anyone’s diet. If you want to feel good and stay healthy, eat good food.

It is important to also plan the timing of your meals. Now, there are many different theories to how long before or after an insulin shot you should have your meals. This also depends on what kind of insulin your doctor gives you and what the dosage is. Because of this, it is usually a good idea to talk to your doctor about your meal timing. Not only will he or she know about you personally, but they will know what intervals work best with the medicine they have given you.

If you are diabetic, you can still eat great foods. You just have to plan things out a little more. If you visit your doctor, and follow the meal plan that they give you, you will be able to live a long, happy and healthy life.

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Protein Diet Shakes

All of us have known for years the importance of a balance nutritious diet and the benefits of exercise, but what if we just do not have the time to prepare that balanced meal or even the time to sit down and eat it. These days in our society, everyone seems to have so many places to go and people to see, that even though we may know it’s not the best for us, we may end up grabbing some fast food just to hold us over or to make through our busy day. Then later, we may regret all that fast food when we do not feel as good as we want to. If you want to eat a nutritious balanced meal but do not seem to have the time, a protein diet shake, may be right for you.

Protein diet shakes include essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients we need every day. They also come in five delicious flavors that can not only help us to stay healthy but help us maintain and manage a healthy weight as well. They contain protein and healthy fiber. Protein diet shake powders also contain soy fiber, protein and nutrients that can help support a healthy metabolism, and also promote cellular growth, repair and production.

According to and an article entitled, “Foods to Boost Your Metabolism- Burn fat and Lose Weight”, vitamin C has fat burning quality, so eating foods such as: lemons, oranges, grapefruit and limes may help boost metabolism. Also, soybeans and soy containing Lecithin may help break down fats and help block fats from depositing in the body. Finally, other foods that help burn metabolism include such foods as: garlic, essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 fatty acids, natural diuretics and peppers also help boost metabolism.

Sitting down and eating a meal with your family and exercising daily is very important but when you just cannot seem to find the time to cook and eat a balanced meal and these foods,  A a protein diet shake may help you to get the nutrients you need and want without going to that fast food place. You will not only be healthier but feel better about yourself and your body in the future as well.

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Free Diet Tips

So you’ve tried all the diets and on numerous occasions starved yourself in the hope of losing weight…… and excuse me for being to the point. You no better off than when you started!! Correct me if I am wrong!
Below I have listed a number of points as to why your diets have not worked. Avoid the mistakes and really start losing weight:

• When dieting, your body believes it is starving and therefore starts to save fat, as this is the way it stores energy.

• Guilt, low Self-esteem and despair is normally accompanied when you ‘break’ your diet, and is often followed by ‘comfort eating’.

• Our bodies require proteins and vitamins to function to its optimal level, lowering our calorie intake per day therefore has an adverse effect on your body, making it more challenging for your body to attain its daily requirements.

• When dieting, you are easily irritated and living with you, becomes un-pleasant.

• Your base metabolic rate is lowered when dieting, which in essence means you can eat less to keep you satisfied ( for the time period which you dieting ), however, when you do return to eating ‘normally’, the rate at which you put on weight is extremely fast, thus your weight being greater after you diet, than before.

• Eating Healthy does not mean starving!

• Your body chemistry changes when you diet, bad breath can be one of the side effects.

• Are you a smoker? If so, you probably ended up smoking more as a result of your diet…. And I’m sure we do not need to go into the effects of that.

• Muscle loss can be as a result of severe dieting… if this does occur from your heart, it can have severe consequences.

• Constipation is often accompanied by dieting. Therefore toxins and carcinogens are present longer within the bowels. Fruit and vegetables has a positive effect on the digestive system.

It’s time you stop wasting your valuable money on diet programs that do more harm than good. Join us on we review, what works… And what don’t.

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The Rainbow Diet

I am not a big fan of the mono-type diets, for example, the all you can eat cabbage diet, the watermelon diet or even the ice cream diet. Doctors and health experts all agree you can’t have too much fresh vegetables in your diet. Couple that with some servings of fresh fruit and you are on your way to a healthy start. People who eat the recommended serving of fresh fruit and vegetables have a reduced risk of cardiac disease as well as reduced risk of chronic diseases such as stroke, diabetes, many different cancers and high blood pressure. Think of it as adding a rainbow to your diet. Each different color food grouping bring a different assortment of vitamins and minerals into your diet, plus adding many different colors to your meal makes it more visually stimulating and tasty. Let’s break it down:


Fruits and vegetables that are red colored have either “lycopene” or “anthocyanins”. Lycopene is said to reduce the chances of some types of cancer including prostate cancer. It is found in tomatoes, watermelon and pink grapefruit. Anthocyanins contain powerful antioxidants that protect your heart and cells from damage. It is found in strawberries, raspberries, and red grapes.


These fruits and vegetables are colored with pigments called “carotenoids”. Carotenoid-rich foods like sweet potatoes, pumpkins and carrots can help reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease as well as improve overall immune function. The Beta-carotene in these foods convert to vitamin-A which helps maintain healthy eyes as we age.

Citrus based yellow and orange fruits are an excellent source of vitamin-C and folate (a B-vitamin) that helps reduce risk of birth defects.


Green fruits and vegetables like green peppers, peas, cucumber, and celery are pigmented with “chlorophyll” and many contain “lutein”. Lutein when combined with other chemicals likes those found in corn and red peppers help keep eyes healthy. Leafy green vegetables are well known as an excellent source of folate (a B-vitamin) that helps reduce risk of birth defects. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli may help protect against some types of cancer.


Like the red varieties these fruits and vegetables are pigmented with called “anthocyanins”. Fruits like blueberries, grapes and raisins all have the powerful antioxidants that are known to protect our cells from damage and risk of cancer, stroke and heart disease. Blueberries in particular are known as brain food, linked with memory function and healthy aging. 


Pigments called “anthoxanthins” are what color bananas and potatoes. They may contain allicin which claims to lower cholesterol and blood pressure and may help reduce the risk of heart disease and stomach cancer.

Try to increase your daily intake of fruits and vegetables and colorfully eat your way to health. All that fiber, vitamins and minerals will help you to slim down for summer. Using an all natural metabolism booster made with herbs can kick start your way to flatter abs and weight loss. Try MetaboSpeed formulated with Guarana, Bitter Orange and Garcinia, Green tea, Korean Ginseng, Bee Pollen and White Willow Bark – designed to increase energy and control your appetite.

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Atkins Diet

Having a well shaped body has become a necessity in today’s fitness conscious world. Every person desires to look their best, and for that people go on various kinds of diets, which are often quite unhealthy and makes a person unfit during the process of weight loss as most diets require you to cut down on your eating habits excessively, depriving you of your favorite foods. However, we all wish to go on a diet in which we can eat as much as we want, and it is only possible with an ‘Atkins diet’

The three step diet allows you to lose weight reasonably without much sacrifice on your eating habits. In this diet you are allowed to intake as many proteins as you wish to, however, it strictly instructs to quit the consumption of carbohydrates, which includes food articles such as fruits, vegetables and items like bread. The most distinguished trait of this particular diet is that unlike other diets there is no concept of calories calculation. Many people who have followed this diet claimed to have lost approximately 10-25 and often 30 pounds within the very first week.

The procedure of the diet is such that in the preliminary 1-2 weeks you are supposed to intake just 15-20 grams of carbohydrates strictly each day, though it is highly recommended not to have carbohydrates during the initial phase of this diet but still you are allowed to have vegetables with extremely low carbohydrates . However, there is no restriction on the consumption of eggs, chicken or meat in ay form. Also you are allowed to freely eat foods like cheese, sausages, butter and so forth. As you precede with the diet you, a few weeks later, you can increase your intake by approximately 25 grams per day. The essential idea is of this diet is that you eat healthy and lose weight simultaneously.

Several persons who have been on the Atkins diet have confirmed that this diet may well initially help you lose weight reasonably but during the process you might face a few tribulations such as deficiency of power and liveliness in your body. Also, as the diet suggests that once you have met your weight loss purpose you can increase the intake of carbohydrates that are healthy in nature; this according to some persons makes the diet futile as in the long run it makes you go back to your original weight once again.

However, which ever diet you plan to go for, you should always consult your dietitian/ doctor for the best advice as they can guide you best as to which diet will help you attain your ultimate weight loss goals without inflicting any serious or harmful side effects on your health.

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The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

You have probably heard about the Mediterranean Diet and the benefit this diet plan can have on your health and lifestyle. But, like so many other people, you have probably just heard about it, you don’t know the details and probably think Mediterranean meal plan is difficult to follow.

The Mediterranean Diet, or Mediterranean cuisines which would be more accurate, describes a delicious way of drinking and eating based on plentiful of fruits, vegetables, abundance of rice, pasta, beans and grain foods, poultry and lean mean, and moderate amount of red wine and dairy products. It is important to emphasize that Mediterranean Diet isn’t a single, homogeneous diet. Still, all the eating habits of the population that lives around Mediterranean Sea share same fundamental elements.

The beauty of Mediterranean cuisine is that anyone, at any given time can follow this simple diet and can enjoy all the health benefits from Mediterranean life style. For Americans, northern and eastern Europeans and others who want to improve their eating habits and lose weight, Mediterranean recipes provide a healthful framework for change. The easiest way to explain Mediterranean Diet is with Diet Pyramid. The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid is a graphical guide which explains the pattern of eating, suggesting the types and the frequency of food that should be enjoyed daily, weekly and monthly. That is way the pyramid is divided into 4 parts.

At the bottom of the pyramid we have the group of foods that should be eaten very often (daily). This group contains carbohydrates like pasta, bread, potatoes, rice, grains, seasonal fruits and vegetables, legumes and olive oil. Herbs and spices also are in this group. All of these foods should be eaten daily, in moderate portions.

In the second group we have proteins like poultry, fish and seafood, dairy products (yogurt and cheese), nuts and beans. If you don’t like or are allergic to seafood and fish, exclude them from your diet! Foods from this group should be consumed at least two times a week.

The third group from the bottom of the pyramid represents the food groups that should be consumed max two times a week. In this group we find lean meat (like lamb, cuts of pork) and eggs. At the top of the pyramid we have food groups that should be consumed just a few times every month, red meat and sweets.

As you can see, following Mediterranean Diet is actually quite easy, and literally anyone who follows Mediterranean diet plan will enjoy health benefits and weight loss. Many generations of Mediterranean people have proven that the Mediterranean diet is not only a weight loss and diet; it’s also one of the healthiest ways of eating in the world.

Alessia Rossi is a nutritionist, passionate about Mediterranean food, diet and culture. Do you want to lose some extra weight? Look at this amazing Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Plan.

Mediterranean Diet Menu

Mediterranean Diet originated from the Mediterranean Region with some 21 countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. It is located between Europe, Africa and Asia and is the largest inland sea in the world. Countries include Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Greece and the countries of North Africa – they all are called Mediterranean Region.

Because of huge differences between cultures, mentalities and living habits of the population of this countries, Mediterranean diet vary greatly from country to country. Still, there are some eating patters that are same or similar throughout Mediterranean Region. People in this area eat:

Olives and olive oil is the main source of fat and it replaces almost all other oils
Lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grain fresh bread
Lots of cereals, potatoes, rice, beans, nuts
Fewer dairy products and eggs
Little read meat (few times a month)
Red meat is substituted with fish and poultry
Low to moderate amounts of wine

Overall, a typical Mediterranean diet plan consist of legumes and beans, huge variety of fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits, seafood and fish (in some parts of the region), fresh herbs, wine, yogurt and extra virgin olive oil.  It is impossible to come up with an exact definition of Mediterranean diet because the population in this region consumes a diverse set of foods. It is interesting to note that Mediterranean diet plan is really an eating pattern followed by people in the Mediterranean region for thousands of years. It consists of around 10% carbohydrates, 10% fats, 20% meats (fish and poultry) and 60% of vegetables. It is not so much a diet, but more a “way of life” with balanced eating habits which lead to healthier life and weight loss.

Large amounts of fruits and vegetables, and moderate amounts of seafood, fish and wine, provide anti-oxidants which even help the anti-aging method. And the fibers from rice, fresh bread, potatoes and pasta (all hugely popular food on the Mediterranean menu) are natural fillers which after a meal give a nice sense of fulfillment and prevent a person from periodically reaching for snacks. Mediterranean style diet is all about select foods that satisfy your hunger, supply your body with energy and provide important nutrients, which make it a perfect diet plan for healthier life and weight loss.

If your goals are to lose weight and maintain the new weight, to improve your longevity and to eat healthier, you should consider switching to Mediterranean diet menu.

Alessia Rossi is a nutritionist, passionate about Mediterranean food, diet and culture. Join the thousands of happy people who’ve been able to lose extra weight and eat healthier by following Mediterranean Diet Plan.

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Zotrim Diet Pills

The safest and best way to lose weight and slim down will always be to combine regular exercise with a balanced diet. A healthy, balanced diet should always include all the essential nutrients coming from a wide variety of foods. A balanced diet likewise means that we eat plenty of different kinds of foods from the four main or basic food groups while limiting the amount of food we eat from that smaller yet fattening fifth group. It all boils down to simply eating more fruits, vegetables, starchy and fiber-rich foods and fresh products, while consuming lesser fatty, sweet or sugary, and salty processed foods.

Of the four main groups, carbohydrates would provide us with a source of energy, while proteins provide us materials for growth and for repair. Fats provide us with a source of reserve energy and fat-soluble vitamins, while vitamins and minerals provide us with healthy bones and teeth, skin and muscles.

No single food will provide all the nutrients which we need in order to stay healthy. Neither will an excess of calories make us stronger and healthier. A well-balanced diet entails just the right amount of nutrients in a daily intake for the calories we need to burn to do all our activities.

This is also why even special fresh-fruit diet and other slimming regimen have to be reinforced with certain food supplements to create the balanced diet which every person needs. There are also certain nutrients our body cannot store or produce, such as essential fatty acids, which it can only acquire through the diet.

When we are in the stage of dieting or cutting down on our calories through lessening our food intake, we are in need food supplements. Zotrim is an ideal food supplement during this dieting stage because:

• It is specially formulated and tested for a weight and diet management program. It is classified as a slimming or dieting pill.

• It is derived from plant herbs, the extracts of which are all-natural, organic, and healthy.

• It has the added benefit of lowering appetite and lessening intake while boosting energy levels for the necessary activities. This does not leave the dieter drained or depleted.

• Zotrim works at a change in eating habits and patterns as part of a healthy diet management plan.

• It helps lose weight gradually and weight loss remains stable and constant with its regular use.

• It has no side effects when used as recommended. It does not speed up the heart rate or interfere with metabolism activities like digestion or circulation.

These are only some of the benefits to be gained from Zotrim as a food supplement during the dieting stage. This diet pill strikes a balance between our desire to diet in order to effectively lose weight and the need to supplement our food with the proper nutrients while dieting.

The benefits of using Zotrim compared to other diet pills include: no side effects, 100% naturally organic and clinically proven.

3 Day Cardiac Diet

The 3 day cardiac Diet originated from a hospital in Birmingham, Alabama which is also known as the Birmingham Hospital Diet. The system was developed for patients who needed to lose 10 kg of weight quickly.

This diet became known under different names, such as the diet of tuna,the Baptist Hospital 3 Day Diet, the Navy 3 day Diet, the Army Diet, the Alabama 3 Day Diet and more.

In summary, the program has heart monitoring devices for breakfast, lunch and dinner for three consecutive days. Daily calorie intake is around 1,000 calories, so weight loss is probably caused by the reduction of calories, although some argue that the weight loss is due to the other chemical reactions involved.

For the plan to achieve results, it is important that the level of hydration is maintained by drinking plenty of water. This supports digestion as well.

An important source of protein is needed for the 3 days as well as a cardiovascular monitoring equipment. Half a cup of tuna is consumed in the first two days which is increased to 1 cup in the last day. Bread, small portions of vegetables, grapefruit, banana, cheese, eggs, biscuits and toast could be variations in their meals. Coffee or tea is allowed as well.

Enough food is given to the participants so they they would not feel extreme pangs of hunger and reduced energy levels, although they might feel a tinge of fatigue. Vitamins and minerals are also recommended as an additional source of supplement.

With only three small meals a day, your body may begin to recognize that only a small supply of food is available and begin to compensate through the reduction of fat to create enough energy to maintain the body’s system. Therefore, it is easier to lose weight but it comes with a little feeling of hunger.

It is a program that offers more variety in protein, fats, carbohydrates and other nutrients which your body needs. It is also easy to follow the plan, which makes it more enjoyable.

It is suitable as a quick weight loss plan that offers a balanced and healthy diet using a unique technique called calorie shifting.

After 3 days, heart monitoring devices are used to check the duration of benefits and weight loss with a number of risks to health and physical stress. The diet is not a long-term weight loss plan, which may be offset by food binging results when you go back to normal. A better method would be to attach to it a diet that is more likely to enhance its fat loss program which allows for sustained long term weight loss, allowing you to have a thinner, trimmer and more attractive body.

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Truth About Diets

It is hard to find a person that has not been on the diet roller coaster a time or two before. It seems as though everyone is always looking to achieve better physical health and fitness and is apt to try anything to lose a few pounds. Because of this urge to be thin and attractive, many people turn to diets to ease their weight loss efforts. The problem is that not one diet is right for everyone. Every person has a unique metabolism and what works for one person, may not work for another. Diets that target the mass public are usually not going to be as successful for individual dieters. What is the real truth about diets?

First, you need to understand that even saying the word diet implies that you are going to be depriving yourself of something that you enjoy – food. A lot of the reason why so many people fail with their diets is because they are too restrictive. They think that they need to get rid of every kind of food that they enjoy. While dieting does need to reduce the amount of unhealthy food we eat, there still needs to be a little bit of an allowance for treating ourselves.

The truth about diets is that most of them fail. If they do not fail, and the person loses weight at first, after the diet ends and they have met their weight loss goals, they are likely to gain weight right back, and in some cases they even gain more weight than before they went on the diet. So how do you know which diets work for you and which ones you should not try? In order to find the diet that works best for you and your lifestyle, you need to identify clear goals, and identify what steps you are going to take to stick to the diet.

This means that you need to decide what kinds of foods you are going to eat, which foods you are going to avoid, what types of exercise you are going to incorporate into your plan, and what goals you are going to set for yourself. Try to stick to a plan that is going to work for you. Don’t try to go on a fad diet if you do not like the kind of food that you would have to eat on it, and don’t try something too restrictive that is going to leave you hungry and making unhealthy food choices later on. Find a good diet plan and stick with it that is the key to losing weight and keeping the weight off.

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